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A Nail Through the Heart review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Á ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ A Nail Through the Heart By Timothy Hallinan ✪ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Poke Rafferty was writing offbeat travel guides for the young and terminally bored when Bangkok stole his heart Now the American expat is assembling a newAn's missing uncle and accepts a generous payment to find a blackmailing thief No longer gliding carelessly across the surface of a culture he doesn't really understand suddenly Poke is plodding through dark and unfamiliar terrain and everything and everyone he loves is in terrible danger. First of four in the Poke Rafferty series This is my third re read I thought about moving it down to four stars from five because five is usually reserved for books that have changed how I look at the world and I could no longer remember how this moved or enlightened me Then I realized that every time I read this book I'm compelled to a go to Bangkok b take in a stray kid or foster kid and c save the world Even worse I want to do these things heroically all at once all at the same time possibly while also jumping from an airplane solving a crime and having an epic jungledeserturban adventure Any book which has this great an impact on one's psyche deserves five stars

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The tiny streetwise urchin he wants to adopt But trouble in the guise of good intentions comes calling just when everything is beginning to work out Poke agrees to take in Superman Miaow's troubled and terrifying friend from the gutter Then he agrees to help locate a distraught Aussie wom. Phuket located on coastal Thailand is a popular tourist mecca It was the height of the season when the 2004 tsunami struck devastating the coasts of some dozen countries and killing thousands in Thailand alone Almost a year later the New York Times reported “Tsunami Victims' ID Could Take Three Years” Aug 23 2005 The event is recapped in the introductory chapter of this bookA NAIL THROUGH THE HEART is set in Bangkok a few months after the tsunami When the protagonist begins his missing person inuiry there is a casual mention of checking the “Boards” These are the collections of photographs updated daily of new corpses washed ashore along the coast Hallinan presents a vivid portrayal of geography and recent history in this meditative thriller This is not the Thailand of ancient temples and palaces It is the country overrun by restless waves of refugees displaced by years of terrorism in bordering Cambodia and Laos Legions of street orphans have multiplied another legacy of the tsunami Brothels and bars line Patpong Road Throngs of daytime street vendors selling anything from fake watches to T shirts are replaced at night by crowds of expatriots filling bars and brothels Hallinan immerses the reader in the messy colorful feel of a foreign locale He does so with unapologetic candor The book opens with a night scene of two men digging for a safe on the estate of a secluded mansion Water keeps seeping into the hole Hallinan explains “Bangkok is a river town built around a network of canals radiating off the Chao Phraya the silt saturated River of Kings The city's office towers roads and palaces float ueasily on a tropical flood plain Even in the dry season the water is always there pooled just beneath the dirt just beneath the pavement Waiting for some fool with a shovel” Location 147 The estate the two men and the contents of the safe they exume are tied into the secondary missing person plot The protagonist Poke Rafferty is a specialist in seamy nightlife Until recently he authored a lucrative series of travel guides called “Looking for Trouble” He is uite familiar with the hedonistic longings of his target audience At this point in his life however he is seeking a substantial anchor one involving meaningful connections He is in a serious relationship with Rose an ex prostitute and is hoping to legally adopt a street child named Miaow A friend in the police force refers a young woman to Rafferty She is concerned that her uncle an Australian expatriot named Claus Ulrich has stopped corresponding with her and seems to have vanished Supposedly Ulrich worked with some local charities but as Rafferty begins to dig a far different picture begins to emergeRafferty constantly confronts Thailand's very different world view He is the typical outsider impatient pragmatic and secular “The Thais share the world with a whole pantheon of ghosts a taxonomy of the dead and not only in the less cosmopolitan villages” he observes Location 539 Rose is constantly cautioning him to restrain his emotional outbursts Extract good from a bad situation It is a way to earn merit which will help him in the next life she suggests This outlook is a stark contrast to an aggressive self improvement agenda motivating many Westerners exploring Eastern religionsOn the other hand Rafferty's inclination toward hyperbolic wit makes for an entertaining narration Rafferty gains entry to Ulrich's apartment “He finds a trove of painkillers that taken cumulatively could prepare an elephant for surgery” Location 948 As for the décor not exactly the manly style he might expect from an Australian “you should see the apartment; it looks like he roomed with Ludwig of Bavaria” he reports to his friend Arthit Location 1271Hallinan populates his book with a range of interesting characters At Miaow's insistence he takes in a damaged and possibly dangerous street child whom everyone calls “Superman” The boy reflects the often irreversible trauma inflicted on so many children like him due to poverty and rampant corruption Even Rafferty wonders if “Superman” is a hopeless case That uestion will promote the momentum of the story Another engaging character is Arthit a Thai police officer and close friend to Rafferty Although he is Thai he was educated in England and speaks with the detached ironic understatement of the English When Rafferty discovers Ulrich's maid gave her employment agency a false address the address of a local bank Arthit uips “Maybe she sleeps with her money” Location 1254This was a fast paced book that tied together several plot threads in a surprising way It explored the underside of a foreign city that is both disturbing and yet hopeful The book is the first in what promises to be an entertaining series

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A Nail Through the HeartPoke Rafferty was writing offbeat travel guides for Through the PDFEPUB #232 the young A Nail PDFEPUBand terminally bored when Bangkok stole his heart Now the American Nail Through the PDF #201 expat is assembling a new family with Rose the former go go dancer he wants to marry and Miaow. I don't usually write reviews here just list my books and get suggestions But this book really touched me right time place whatever The main character in Timothy Hallinan's A Nail Through the Heart tells this story to an abused streed kid I hate to give advice so I'll tell you a story instead It's a Tibetan Buddhist story A young monk goes to the wisest man he knows the abbot of his temple and asks the same uestion you've just asked Why is the world so hard and sharp Why does it have to hurt my feet And instead of answering the abbot asks the kid whether it would be better if the world were covered with leather Okay so the young monk says sure it would It'd be a lot better And the abbot asks the kid whether he knows how to cover the world with leather and the kid says no of course he doesn't because he's a smart kid a realistic kid There's no way he can cover the world with leather Fine says the abbot can you cover your feet with leather Although the saying this is based on and was written before I was born it made no impression on me till today In the context of this novel it seems so absolutely significant and clear that I wanted to post it for everyone to see In the novel the main character goes on to explain we're going to get you into a school you're going to hate it sometimes but you're going to stay there because you belong there Nobody's giving you anything You'll earn it And if you screw up you know what There's not going to be a net You're just going to fall We can help you but only if you want it If you don't want it badly enough to pay for it there's nothing anybody can do