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The Affair review Ë 103 ß ❰EPUB❯ ✺ The Affair Author Lee Child – March 1997 A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing Mississippi Just down the road is a big army base Is the murderer a local guy or is he a soldierJack Reacher still a major in the March A woman has her throat cut behind a bMarch A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Carter Crossing Mississippi Just down the road is a big army base Is the murderer a local guy or is he a soldierJack Reacher still a major in the military police is sent in undercover The county she. I should give The Affair zero stars just on principle Lee Child apparently agrees with the casting of that little dickhead Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher Really YGBSM There is no freaking way that Cruise can remotely approach the kick ass power of Reacher in a fight with a group of bad guys Here is one fight in the book that would be epic fail if little Tommy C tries to fill the partview spoiler Basic rule of thumb with six guys you have to be uick You can’t spend than the bare minimum of time on any one individual Which means you have to hit each of them one time only But that’s the minimum You can’t hit a guy less than onceI rehearsed my moves I figured I would start in the middle One two three bang bang bang The third hit would be the hardest The third guy would be moving The first two wouldn’t They would be rooted to the spot Shock and surprise They would go down easy But the third guy would be reacting by the time I got to him And unpredictably He might have a coherent plan in mind but it wouldn’t be in motion yet He would still be jerking around with uncontrolled reflex panic So I was prepared to miss out on the third guy Maybe jump straight to the fourth The third guy might run Certainly at least one of them would I have never seen a pack that stayed together after the first few heads hit the pavement I said “Guys please I just took a shower” There was no answer which was what I had privately predicted They all stepped forward again which is what I expected them to do So I met them halfway which seemed polite I took two long strides the second of them powering off the edge of the curbstone two hundred and fifty pounds of moving mass and I hit the third guy from the left with a straight right that would have taken his teeth out if he’d had any to start with As it was it snapped his head back and turned his spine and shoulders to jelly and he was gone from the fight and from my vision because by then I was already jerking left and scything my right elbow into the second guy horizontal across the bridge of his nose a colossal blow full of torue from my waist and full of force from the fact that I was basically falling into him I saw blood in the air and stamped down hard and reversed my momentum and used the same elbow backward on a guy I sensed behind me I could tell by the impact he was flinching away and I had caught him on the ear so I made an instantaneous mental note he might need attention later and then I jerked forward again and changed the angle of attack by kicking the fourth guy full on in the groin a satisfying bone and flesh crunch that simultaneously folded him in half and lifted him off his feetThree seconds three down one taking an eight countNobody ran Another mental note Mississippi hooligans are made of sterner stuff than most Or else they’re just plain dumber The fifth guy got as far as scrabbling at my shoulder Some kind of an attempt at a punch or maybe he was going for a choke hold Maybe he planned to keep me still while the sixth guy landed some blows I couldn’t tell But whatever he was sorely disappointed in his ambitions I exploded backward at him my whole body moving my torso twisting my elbow whipping back and I caught him in the cheek and then I used the bounce to jam forward once in search of the lone survivor The sixth guy He caught his heel on the curb and his arms came up like a scarecrow which I took as an invitation to pop him in the chest right in the solar plexus which was like plugging him into an electrical outlet He hopped and danced and went down in a heap The guy I had hit on the ear was pawing at it like it was coming off His eyes were closed which made it not much of a fair fight but those are always my favorite kind I lined up and smacked a left hook into his chin He went down like a dropped marionette I breathed outSix for six hide spoiler

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Riff is a former US Marine and a stunningly beautiful woman Her investigation is going nowhere Is the Pentagon stonewalling her Or doesn't she really want to find the killerThe adrenaline pumping high voltage action in The Affair is set just six m. As my second book in the Jack Reacher series although #16 in publication and a preuel in seuence The Affair wasn't a shabby audio read at all The narrator Dick Hill has a terse noirish delivery that adds to the story He sounds a bit older than I would associate with Reacher but he definitely has Reacher's 'you ain't the boss of me' attitude and conveys his ruthless efficient approach to solving injustices I think he is a good choice to narrate for the Jack Reacher books I do have to admit that I was giggling like a schoolgirl on the love scenes I can't help it Audiobook love scenes always strike me that way and especially with an older male narrator who sort of gave them a 'dirty old man' vibeIt's interesting This seems like a simplistic storyline but when everything came together it wasn't The Affair is the story of small town secrets tied in with the bigger and murkier waters of powerful people who feel the impunity to do whatever they want Child kept me guessing I went back and forth about what was going on and who was behind it He really had me going and thinking that the killer was someone I really didn't want it to be In the end I was like So that's not the killer That was well done Child has an interesting way of being very brisk about describing some aspects of his narrative but descriptive in a vivid emotive way about others I felt immersed in this small town with its racial divisions brutal poverty and a seething sense of injustice that comes from the eternal 'haves versus the have nots' As it does to Reacher injustice sits heavy on my stomach so even though Reacher can be highly ruthless in a way it's a rewarding thing to know that there is an avenging angel out there at least in the fictional world to fight for those who have been disenfranchised and denied of their rights and their voices I suppose that's why Reacher is around When you have these kinds of situations with so much brutality and casual discarding of lives it makes you want a meaty fist of vengeance like Reacher who is there to clean up the mess His descriptions of Armymilitary life also grabbed my interest I don't know if he got all that right but it sounded plausible to me At least some of the governmental parts struck a familiar noteReacher is an interesting character He's really kind of a basic sort His view of life is so simple and without the extra ualifiers that most characters seem to have He understands authority but he also has a habit of doing what he thinks is right even if that's against the dictates of authority Sheriff Elizabeth Deveraux was an intriguing character Ex marine and sheriff of Carter's Crossing the daughter of the long term sheriff She's a bit of a study in contrasts The romance between Reacher and Deveraux was fairly basic although Child effectively conveys the attraction and mutual respect between them Neither is a good bet for a long term relationship but I still wished that things might work out in that direction view spoilereven knowing this is a preuel so that wasn't in the cards hide spoiler

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The AffairOnths before the opening of Killing Floor and it marks a turning point in Reacher's career If he does what the army wants will he be able to live with himself And if he doesn't will the army be able to live with himIs this his last case in uniform. 35 stars In this 16th book in the 'Jack Reacher' series we get a flashback to the time Jack was an army MP The book can be read as a standaloneThis addition to the series goes back to 1997 when Jack Reacher was an army MP military police A young woman named Janice Chapman has been raped and viciously murdered in the town of Carter Crossing Mississippi just outside Fort Kelham Army BaseThe army brass fearing a soldier may be blamed sends two military cops to look into the case One is sent to Fort Kelham presumably to discover if a soldier committed the crime At the same time Jack Reacher is sent to Carter Crossing posing as a civilian His job is to see what local law enforcement is doing about the crime and hopefully to deflect attention from the army Carter Crossing's sheriff the beautiful Elizabeth Deveraux rumbles Jack immediately She's a former Marine and she knows a military cop when she sees one Eventually Jack and the sheriff team up to investigate the rapemurder and Jack learns that Janice is not the first victim Two other women have been killed in a similar fashon but because they were black their deaths didn't attract much attention It seems clear that a serial killer is at work in Carter Crossing The army is desperate to keep Fort Kelham out of the news for a number of reasons some army units stationed there are regularly deployed to Kosovo a fact unknown to the public; and one of Fort Kelham's high ranking officers is the son of a powerful US Senator Thus the army would much prefer the serial killer to be a civilian and certain officers are willing to go to great lengths to prove this is the case Jack Reacher is honest to the core however and won't stand for any misrepesentation of the truth There's plenty of action going on in the story two people are shot to death; Jack has violent altercations with some Carter Crossing rednecks; there's some romance; Jack eats many cheeseburgers and a lot of pie; Jack has altercations with soldiers sent to detain him; Jack has altercations with self styled militias; and much The book's plot is engaging the characters are interesting and Jack does a masterful job of detection Though some officers try to pull the wool over Jack's eyes he is a very smart guy who figures out exactly what's going on My major criticism of the book is that it could have been 75 to 100 pages shorter Some scenes are much too drawn out At the beginning of the book for example Jack walks into the Pentagon and it takes what seems like forever for Jack to get from the building's entrance to a General's office Each of Jack's footsteps is described in excruciating detail as is every single person he passes what they're wearing their demeanor their shoes etc Several other scenes in the book follow this same pattern which is irritating and boring Overall however this is a good story that I would recommend for fans of actionthrillers and for fans of Jack ReacherYou can follow my reviews at