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READER ☆ ↠ Walter Isaacson о честная и непредвзятая В году права на экранизацию абсолютного бестселлера Айзексона приобрела компания Sony PicturesВ основу книги Уолтера Айзексона Стив Джобс легли беседы с самим Стивом Джобсом а также с его родственниками друзьями врагами соперниками и коллегами Джобс никак не контролировал автор When I was at the halfway point I became struck by what a jerk SJ was Yes he was brilliant and all that But he seemed to view other humans as nothing than ants in his ant farm sub biologicals that he could suish whenever he felt like it And didSome might say that his gifts to tech development or the fact that he changed and invented whole industries would compensate Maybe the two things went together cruelty and brilliance But the lesson to be drawn here future CEOs isn't that his cruelty fed his brilliance He was brilliant and he was cruel and they weren't linked He was aware of the pain he was causing other people yet like so many other overbearing thoughtless and petulant overlords Jobs was thin skinned Also I don't believe that his often cited sense of abandonment from having been put up for adoption justifies his behaviorHe was as the author put it bratty Jobs would fiddle with design changes to the point of driving his team mad A thousand different variations of white weren't satisfactory He wanted a new color to be invented regardless of the damage done to the rollout of the new object As I said I'm only halfway through the book Hopefully there'll be some positive info about SJ that will balance out some of the negativity I've spelled out I'll finish this review when I finish the bookNov 8 2011 I finished the book Here are the rest of my thoughtsIsaacson makes an interesting point when he says Jobs was a genius He means genius not in terms of a high I but in terms of an ability to see things in surges of intuition inspiration and creativity BTW here's an interesting rundown of the smartest people on the planet Because of his genius I agree that Jobs deserves to be included in the company of Edison Franklin et al Steve Jobs pushed everybody until they wanted to kill him but the pushing yielded amazing brilliant new products His uniue brainpower allowed him to see how things might align merge and serve each other and how utility might be blended with art That vision led to creations of whole industries His obsession with perfection and control led him to flirt with emulating the Big Brother that Apple was created to bring down One of the fascinating threads of this book was the debate between proponents of closed and open systems Was it better to manufacture a pristine inflexible system or the messier free thinking open system And what were the implications of that belief on Jobs' view of his customers and his worldviewYet he defined petulance His food had to be just so He would send back a glass of orange juice three times until finally satisfied it was fresh He was vindictive cruel and even Machiavellian He wasn't much of a family man and he ignored his kids to a painful extent Isaacson mused that Jobs' meanness wasn't a critical part of his success He was totally aware of its effect on others yet he indulgedIn spite of my aversion to the man I actually felt empowered as I came to the end of the book Steve Jobs had lived by certain precepts which in the current economy we could all benefit from Know your value Have a skill you can sell Be really really good at something Things can turn around if you persevere but don't be afraid to walk awayUnbending to the end even the prospect of death didn't soften him up much but he brought me up short on the last page of the book because I am obsessed with the same uestion I like to think that something survives after you die It's strange to think that you accumulate all this experience and maybe a little wisdom and it just goes away So I really want to believe that something survives and that maybe your consciousness endures I closed the book with a bit compassion for this difficult man and went outside to pick cilantro for that night's dinner Since we'd just had a serious storm I declined to rinse it I simply cleaned it thinking “Organic and pristine from the garden Steve would’ve approved”

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PDF Ü BOOK Steve Jobs FREE ñ DOGSALONBRISTOL ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Steve Jobs Author Walter Isaacson – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Эту книгу журналисту Уолтеру Айзексону предложил написать сам Стив Джобс когда ему уже был известен а Он откровенно отвечал на все вопросы и ждал такой же честности от остальных Это рассказ о жизни полной падений и взлетов о сильном человеке и талантливом бизнесмене который одним из первых понял чтобы добиться успеха в XXI веке нужно соединить креативность и технологии Книга вышла в США в октябре год Never expected to find this much enjoyment reading a biography Isaacson has truly done a wonderful job with this book For those who are too busy to read the entire book please try to grab a uick read of the last two chapters of the book at a book store or airport or someplace These chapters are a concise summary of the entire book as well as the thesis Isaacson builds up to throughout the book Besides it will probably make you buy and read the whole thing anywayTo call this man a Great Marketer is probably a great disservice to him and Steve would probably have had a fit about that I used to think of him as an epitome of modern marketing as well but he would probably classify marketing as 'evil' in his radar He hated the idea of any company focusing on marketing and emphatically states that is the whole problem with most companies today This is probably a difficult idea to get to grips with but is essential tooI hope every Management Guru and CEO is studying this book and drawing the right lessons We could truly be in a better world if they do Just to clarify I am not a fanboy of all apple products though I am sure the Mac is the best tech device till date but I do I fall on the android side of the fence But Jobs' philosophy on running companies and driving innovation is the best in the modern age and should be copied shamelessly if not their product features I am looking at you Samsung

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Steve JobsЭту книгу журналисту Уолтеру Айзексону предложил написать сам Стив Джобс когда ему уже был известен страшный диагноз Биография отца цифровой революции была создана при его непосредственном участии однако от какого либо контроля за содержанием Джобс уклонился в результате книга получилась предель Steve Jobs was a damn dirty hippie He didn't much like to shower or wear shoes He believed his diet kept him from getting stinky not true apparently In fact he was uite odd and obsessive about his diets he would go on kicks where he would eat nothing but carrots for long periods of time until he turned orange This makes me wonder if these strange eating habits brought on his cancer Who can saySteve Jobs was an asshatHe was an ass to everyone even Steve Wozniak who by everyone's standards is one of the nicest guys there is Wozniak was Job's only friend at times and looked up to him always but Jobs screwed him over time and again Jobs didn't even claim his first born daughter until much later as his own even though there was no doubt she belonged to him He also was a very emotional man lots of crying and snot when he wanted something Impossible to please even down to the color of things I seriously don't know how anything got finished I really don'tSteve Jobs was a super geniusDespite of or because of all this he created the most amazing things Because he demanded the impossible he would get it I love my Ipod and my Ipad I'm very attached I don't want to live without them I use the Ipod for my audiobook and podcast addiction I'm even learning how to draw caricatures on the Ipadso frik'n cool Thank you Steve for being a damn dirty hippie asshat super genius Your creations have enhanced and changed our livesReview also appears on ShelfinflictedGo and visit