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Read royal stuarts a history of the family that shaped britain the ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ royal stuarts a history of the family that shaped britain the Author Allan Massie – CompellingA masterly featA magnificent sweeping authorNoramic history of royal stuarts PDF or the family that acted as a major player in the Scottish Wars of Independence the Union of the Crowns the English Civil War the Restoration and Drawing on the accounts of historians past and present novels and plays this is the complete story of stuarts a history of the PDF or the Stuart family documenting their path from the salt m. The Royal Stuarts is a well written explicitly non academic survey of the family which produced a dynasty of kings and whose blood runs in the veins of the present ruler of Great Britain Indeed when and if the Duke of Cambridge become king it will course even vigorously his mother Diana Princess of wales was a direct descendant of Charles II unlike his father Prince Charles who gets his drop of Stuart blood via a daughter of James IThe Stewarts or Stuarts Mary ueen of Scots changed to the latter spelling to ease pronunciation for her French family arrived in Britain with the Normans and found a place for themselves in Scotland The tale of their rise to the crown is a bloody one proving that for example the Tudors were not the only family killing off their kin to consolidate power An English army in the time of Henry VIII beat the Scots at Flodden Field and killed the King who happened to be Henry's brother in law husband of his sister Margaret Tudor Regent Catherine of Aragon enthusiastically dispatched the king's bloody coat to her husband in France Not many of them died in bed They came to England with the death of Elizabeth I and ruled England Scotland and Ireland until the death of ueen Anne and caused a good deal of trouble thereafter in the shape of the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745 aiming to put the exiled branch of the Stuart family back on the throneAllan Massie has an excellent command of this huge sweep of history and personalities a good thing because I knew very little of the early Stewarts He has provided a handy set of family trees although even these cannot entirely clarify who was what and who did what to whom in the early days of Stewart monarchy They early on established the habit of having large legitimate and simultaneously illegitimate families Brother killed brother; uncle nephew; and so on in a manner that defied my ability to follow especially since most people seemed to be named James or Alexander I do not blame Massie for this but I would have had to get out a pad and pencil to really follow what went on It got easier with the later Jameses after they got to England a piece of cakeLike some other readers I missed having portraits Portraits of the early Stewarts were non existent then primitive but of the later ones we only have the five miniatures on the cover and there are plenty of portraits from that period A map or two might have been nice as wellI found this family biography very readable with the above exception literate and for the most part well balanced Although I am not hostile to Mary Stuart Massie obviously fell in love with her at an early age and is too willing to be her apologist However his explanation of why Darnley's body was found outside in what appeared to be odd circumstances I found entirely credible He writes with humor and compassionI do not find the mere use of Sir Walter Scott's poetry as a commentary inappropriate in the least I expected to find from some other reviews that Massie had relied almost exclusively on literature as source material but a look at his notes as well as reading what literary uotes there were in context put this complaint to rest for me He has used and footnoted sources including contemporary ones appropriate for a historical survey intended for a general audience and as he mentions early on not intended as an academic work I also do not understand the complaint that the book is gossipy unless by the word reviewers mean what contemporaries

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Arshes of Brittany to the stuarts a history PDFEPUB #190 thrones of Scotland and England and eventually to exile The Royal Stuarts brings to life figures like Mary ueens of Scots Charles I and Bonnie Prince Charlie uncovering a family of strong affections and fierce rivalries Told with panache this is the gripping true story of backstabbing betrayal and ambition gone awr. I found the info on the James' lacking in substance as well which is pretty much what I was looking for not particularly interested in the Stuarts after Charles and Mary uite frankly is a pain in the arse Glad to see I was not the only one who couldn't rate it over two stars

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royal stuarts a history of the family that shaped britain theCompellingA masterly a history eBook #8608 featA magnificent sweeping authoritative warm yet wry history The Wall Street JournalIn this fascinating and intimate portrait of the Stuarts author Allan Massie takes us deep into one of history's bloodiest and most tumultuous reigns Exploring the family's lineage from the first Stuart king to the last The Royal Stuarts is a pa. There are times when a book truly sucks and this was one of them Massie uses mostly fictional sources and over glamourizes his subjects focusing on racy stories than anything factual Pity as this one could have been so much I can't honestly recommend this one as I found myself getting annoyed the that I read There are far better books about the Stuarts out there Given that the author is a newspaper tabloid journalist I guess I shouldn't be surprised Not recommended at all Just two stars For the longer review please go here