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review When Rain Falls Victory Gospel Series #1 Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❴KINDLE❵ ✾ When Rain Falls Victory Gospel Series #1 Author Tyora Moody – First her mother then her detective husband Frank and now her best friend Pamela Coleman Murder keeps striking down tAspects of her friend s life Darnell starts to see disturbing connections between Pamela s killing and Frank s But the culprit is still out there and if Candace and Darnell can t put the pieces together soon they may Rain Falls Victory eBook #180 be the next victim. Candace Johnson was only twelve when she lost her mother After seventeen years of marriage she lost her husband Now her best friend Pamela Coleman has been killed Losing so many loved ones has caused Candace to put her faith in God on the back burner Will she ever be able to connect with the heavenly Father again I liked Candace She was a strong independent woman and a good mother to two teens – Rachel 16 and Daniel 14 I also liked Beulah and Mrs Roberts and some of the conversations Candace had with themCandace stopped attending church regularly after her husband’s death but even though she was struggling with her faith she did not forget where her help came from Candace knew how to call on God in times of need I understood Candace's pain but I did not agree with her thinking God took her loved ones Her mother her husband her best friend each of them died in a way that I don’t believe God would have anything to do with “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future” Jeremiah 2911 Reading this story I was reminded of how sometimes Christians don’t take the time to thank God when good things happen but they are uick to blame Him or say He’s the One responsible when something goes wrong It’s as if they forget there’s also an Enemy The thief Satan comes only to steal and kill and destroy John 1010 This novel has sixty chapters but most are not lengthy The story grabbed me from the beginning It was written in a way that kept me wondering and guessing who the killer was and although there was a bit of repetitiveness it was not predictable While investigators looked into Pamela’s murder Candace did some investigating of her own She was a woman fighting for justice She had uestions and with every turn of the page I was anticipating the answers I started reading in the evening hours When I was ready to go to bed I had to read one chapter and then one It was difficult to put this book down Survivor’s guilt legalism adultery flawed Christians domestic violence forgiveness Tyora Moody deals with these issues and a bit She has penned an entertaining suspenseful debut

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Ned to track down Pamela s killer but he s going to need Candace s help In Darnell she sees a chance for When Rain PDF or justice in Candace he sees a beautiful dynamic woman who desperately needs God in her life As Candace reluctantly opens up about some unsavory. When It Rains It PoursTyora Moody’s “When Rain Falls” is about the life of Mrs Candace Johnson as she endures sorrow pain and death Candace was a motherless child After marrying the man of her dreams and having two children her husband was murdered Then Candace's best friend Pamela was found murdered “Why does God keep taking away people I love” Rachel Candace daughter cries out Readers will have to read the book to find out why and the many plots and twists this novel takesWith “When Rain Falls” I walked away satisfied as a reader and a reviewer that this was a great “whodunnit” novel I rated this book five stars because it was an excellent read You will encounter death crime violence love betrayal spirituality adultery and the trauma of dreamsThe setting was in Charlotte North Carolina in 2008 My favorite character was Candace Johnson for being a resilient strong woman; a widow raising two teenagers who has faced death thanher fair share The writer's style was excellent This was a page turner once you got involved It started off a little dry Everything was realistically set and believable All I can say is remember the clues to see what happens next The character development of each character was well thought out and placed exactly where they needed to be placed in this novel The flow and the suspense were built in a crescendo and unbelievable goodReaders witness a police station crime scenes and a mega church for the services The teen angers are rambunctious teenagers who do silly things such as playing basketball video games with raginghormones“When Rain Falls” would be a great book for book clubs or mystery book lovers to tear apart or if you love a great mystery on a cold winter's night Enjoy this novel and throw the answers to the wind Reviewed by Marilyn

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When Rain Falls Victory Gospel Series #1First her mother then her detective husband Falls Victory PDF #200 Frank and now her best friend Pamela Coleman Murder keeps striking down those who Candace Johnson loves most and now she faces a terrible crisis of faith Enter Detective Darnell Jackson He s determi. Headline There's always a Rainbow after the storm if you believePamela Coleman and Candace Johnson have been friends since they were kids in school Pamela was engaged a few times but never married Candace on the other hand was married to Officer Frank Coleman for seventeen years before he was murdered The story opens twenty seven years earlier with Candace as a little girl after the death of her mother Can a person remain emotionally stable after losing two very close people in their life Pamela called her friend to talk but then changed her mind What was so urgent but then became so obsolete Unfortunately the next time we meet up with Pamela she is found murdered and her death leaves Candace with uestions than answersDarnell Jackson is the detective assigned to work the Coleman case He uickly finds out that this case has twist and dead ends than he expected Once Det Jackson meet Candace he's mesmerized by her beauty and his need to solve this case is magnified Moody's gift for characterization allows the reader to become one with the story She handles difficult subject matter like grief and revenge in a way that shows her strengths Readers looking for encouragement and hope will find it between the pages of When Rain Falls A galley proof provided by the author for the purpose of this reviewMissyReaders Paradise 5 book marks