4338 й год Петербургские письма characters ½ 104

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4338 й год Петербургские письма characters ½ 104 Ñ [PDF / Epub] ★ 4338 й год Петербургские письма Author Vladimir Odoyevsky – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The Year 4338 Petersburg Letters Russian 4338 й год Петербургские письма is an 183Collide with the Earth as computed in the s although the comet burned up later in the nineteenth century This work was originally conceived as the third part of a trilogy which was also to have featured depictions of Russia in the time of. A super cool surprisingly accurate portrayal of a version of the future Sure Odoevsky got things wrong but it's really amazing to see what things actually came to fruition from his predictions back in the 1830s The Chinese hating Chinaman in Russia is just funny albeit insulting I just wish it were longer and less disjointed we jump from letter to letter so it simply feels incomplete Read for class

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Peter the Great and 4338 й MOBI #8608 in the authors contemporary period the 's The first part was never written and the second and futuristic parts remained unfinished Fragments were published in and with the fullest version appearing in. Probably not the most interesting or literally ingenious book I've read But the descriptions of life in Russia in the year 4338 are amusing enough to continue reading One would expect a huge climax as a damaging comet is approaching Earth logically causing some unrest but that isn't really the case The story seems kind of unfinished All in all a not really boring but certainly also not very satisfactory booklet

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4338 й год Петербургские письмагод Петербургские Kindle #180 The Year Petersburg Letters Russian й год Петербургские письма is an novel by Vladimir Odoevsky It is a futuristic novel set in the year a year before Biela's Comet was to. a heavily fragmented work with the framing device uite inspired by montesuieu's persian letters some really incredible and elaborate forward thinking descriptions of future technology its difficult to tell what was written when especially with regards to the telegraph the 1835 chunks would have been before cookewheatstone and 1840 afterwards even if any plot is or less non existent and doesn't do much beyond a basic traveller story