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characters Darklands Deadtown #4 º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · ➥ Darklands Deadtown #4 Ebook ➫ Author Nancy Holzner – They call it Deadtown the city’s uarantined section for its inhuman and undead residents Most humans stay far from its border—but Victory Vaughn Boston’s only proN and bitter enemy is trying to regain his full powers But Pryce isn’t alone He’s conjured another darker villain from Vicky’s past To stop them from destroying everything she loves she’ll have to face her own worst fear in the realm of the dead itself. This series does not hold my interest and thrill me like many other urban fantasies do I read each book to give it another chance and find myself skimming through to finish

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They call it Deadtown the city’s uarantined section for its inhuman and undead residents Most humans stay far from its border but Victory Vaughn Boston’s only professional demon slayer isn’t exactly human Boston’s demons have been disappearing and Vick. I love the Deadtown series it has uniue world building a large mishmash of supernatural critters they're out and about in the world where everyone knows their name and the main character Vicky has a uniue job I haven't read about beforeThis time she goes on a creatively constructed surreal battle into the Darklands to be reunited with old foes and family There's a surprising return of a villain I had written off as long gone The author grows adventurous with the underworld and its rules honest to God uests as part of the adventure three of them and a weird fantasy pot and magic and spells and all that jazzThere's finally some developments with Kane but that grows old I like the guy but Vicky is kind of annoying by still being a little too standoffish and refusing to compromise Other than that Juliet is still funny Tina wasn't as annoying this time but makes a case where Vicky should never EVER go to her school again and we get a dream or so of the Aunt who keeps overplaying the child nicknameThe Eidolon was actually fun I'll kind of miss himDespite the creative story and revisiting so many beloved characters the story lacks a little of the cohesiveness the first three books had It's just not as exciting for some reason and I didn't like the battlefield leaving the familiar town and settings as much as I liked the battles in it I also thought Vicky was being a little too careless with her daring rush into the Underworld despite all the warnings and common sense lectures

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Darklands Deadtown #4Y’s clients are canceling left and right While fewer demons might seem like a good thing Vicky suspects foul play A missing Celtic cauldron from Harvard’s Peabody museum leads her to an unwelcome Darklands Deadtown PDF conclusion Pryce her demi demon cousi. Originally posted on the blog What the Cat ReadI’ve always enjoyed Holzner’s books so it was no surprise to me that I would like this one as well Filled with humor suspense mythology memorable characters and just a touch of danger this book will keep you reading well past the time you should be in bedOne of the things that first drew me to Holzner’s writing was her use of Welsh mythology and demon lore throughout her books and this book is no exception This one deals with a few of my favorites though Holzner as always puts a spin on them which I found to be rather fascinating I won’t go into any details because I don’t want to spoil things but let me simply say that by the time I was done reading this book I wanted to pull out my human’s book on Welsh myths and give it another read through just for the fun of it ^Another plus that this book had going for it was the humor The scene in which Vicky interacts with a guilt demon had me smirking the whole time Add in Vicky’s occasional one liner jokes and Tina’s crazy personality and I found myself enjoying the humor in this book than in previous ones At the very least I understood the jokes better I mean who doesn’t wish that there was a listing for kidnappers in the yellow pages sometimesHolzner’s characters have all undergone some serious changes and growth as the series has progressed and it was nice to see that they continued to grow in this one as well Particularly Vicky For the last three books she’s been on the fence about her relationship with Kane and in this book she is forced to confront the issue head on She’s still just as strong as she’s always been and just as stubborn but now we also get to see her deal with jealousy and insecurity regarding her feelings towards Kane Kane himself as gone through the biggest change for me I didn’t really like him when I first started the series but after the events of the previous book and this one my respect for him has shot through the roof Tina’s another character that has been hit or miss with me throughout the series but who’s managed to gain some of my respect She really wants to prove herself to Vicky and though I feel like she’s still a bit of a pain sometimes I found myself wanting her to succeed in convincing Vicky to take her back as her apprentice Now I could go on about my thoughts regarding each of the characters in the book but I’ll simply sum things up by saying that I love each and every one of them even the villainThis book is a fun read It’s fast paced filled with action and leaves you anxious to get your paws on the next book in the series The ending isn’t exactly a cliffhanger but there are definitely things left unfinished and Vicky’s going to be faced with some hard decisions soon I can’t wait for the fifth book to come out