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SUMMARY î Fibber in the Heat Ó ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Fibber in the Heat Author Miles Jupp – Fanatical about cricket since he was a boy MILES JUPP would do anything to see his heroes play But perhaps deciding to bluff his way into the press corps during England's Test series in India wasn't h Fanatical about criFanatical about cricket since he was a boy MILES JUPP Fibber in PDFEPUBwould do anything to see his heroes play But perhaps deciding to bluff his way into the press corps during England's Test series in India wasn't his best ideaBy claiming to be the cricket correspondent for BBC Scotland and getting a job wit. Miles Jupp is becoming an increasingly visible presence on British TV these days He shows up on ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘Would I Lie To You’ – and I thought he was very authoritative on the entertaining documentary Andy Hamilton made about Satan However when I first saw him he wasn’t a mid ranked comedian at all – he was Archie the inventor on bizarre Scottish kids’ programme ‘Balamory’ I have young nieces and so a certain level of exposure to these things And it’s in the period between him being on kids TV and him starting to make an impression as comedian that this memoir beginsOne day Miles a great cricket fan decided that the best career to have if you want to watch lots of cricket is a cricket journalist You can’t fault the logic Armed with a story British film critic Barry Norman apparently used to tell that when things weren’t going well for him he used to hang out in bars in Fleet Street pretending to be hard at work until people started beginning conversations with “Barry I know you’re busy but could you possibly do something for us” Miles blagged himself credentials from BBC Scotland and Wales’s The Western Mail to go cover the English cricket team’s tour to IndiaWhat follows is a genial and humorous guide to how he tried to fit in with the other ’journalists’ when basically having the heart of a fan The book is an almost laugh out loud funny travelogue with anecdotes of misunderstanding placed on top of misunderstanding Sometimes it’s clear that it was based on a stand up comedy show but that’s maybe why the reflective parts work so well – they give the book an extra level of depth It doesn’t hold its momentum throughout as when Miles starts to get disillusioned with what he’s doing and even with cricket itself the tone does sink a little but for the most part this is a highly amusing read and one can’t help admire the author for having the gumption to have gone through with such an elaborate – and simultaneously seat of the pants – facade Of course though if you are going to read it it does help to like cricket


H the Welsh Western Mail Miles lands the press pass that will surely be the ticket to his dreams Soon he finds himself in cricket heaven drinking with David Gower and Beefy sharing bar room banter with Nasser Hussain and swapping diarrhoea stories with the Test Match Special team AmazingBut struggling in the he. I knew Miles Jupp the comedian but here I learned of Miles Jupp the cricket enthusiast and author His clever concise turn of phase lulls you in so you're almost unaware of the sharpened blade of pithy wit that sneaks between your rib cage until you reflect and feel your chuckle muscle twitching I found Miles' adventure interesting revealing and enjoyable

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Fibber in the HeatAt under the burden of his own fibs reality soon catches up with Miles as like a cricket obsessed Boot from Evelyn Waugh's Scoop he bumbles from one disaster to the next A joyous charming yet cautionary tale Fibber in the Heat is for anyone who's ever dreamt about doing nothing but watching cricket all day long. National Treasure on a Pooteresue jape Hilarious and one for non cricket lovers too Fully inhabits his bumbling persona