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READ & DOWNLOAD The Imposter Bride 107 Ò ❴Reading❵ ➿ The Imposter Bride Author Nancy Richler – When a young enigmatic woman arrives in post war Montreal it is immediately clear that she is not who she claims to be Her attempt to live out her life as Lily Azerov shatters as she disappears leavin When a yoWhen a young enigmatic woman arrives in post war Montreal it is immediately clear that she is not who she claims to be Her attempt to live out her life as Lily Azerov shatters as she. This is one of those books that makes me wonder what the publishing companies are really thinking I’ve read many self published titles that are much much better than this book so what’s the dealThe main problem is that the book is so dull I kept hoping for it to pick up for some of the pieces to click together but it just droned on as if the writer had to reach a particular word count None of the characters leave any kind of mark in the reader; they are all superficially written and completely interchangeable Apart from that the plot is a convoluted mess that is never cleared up There is so much left unanswered as if the author just ran out of time and said “screw it they’ll get it” Well no we don’t get it What about the stones that Ruth keeps getting What is the symbolism of those Why did her mother leave her really There is just a lot that we’re supposed to take on faith and it just doesn’t work This book needed a major overhaul a complete rewrite so that the readers don’t fall asleep halfway through a chapter I can’t recommend this one There’s so many interesting books out there; try something else

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Disappears leaving a new husband and baby daughter and a host of unanswered uestions Who is she really and what happened to the young woman whose identity she has stolen Why has she l. This fine novel set mostly in Montreal with segments from Poland and from Thunder Bay is another on the short list for the 2012 Giller Prize in Canada Unlike the other three novels on the list this is a uiet and textured exploration of family interaction less dramatic and expansive than Ru or 419 or Inside The Imposter Bride is a reflective and introspective probing of the impact on a young woman of her mother's unexplained desertion shortly after her birth There is a uiet depth and sensitivity to the writing and a focus on time and place that makes this novel at once commonplace yet powerfulA Polish woman who calls herself Lily Azerov comes to Montreal after World War Two marries into a family in the close knit Jewish community there gradually tries to escape from her war time nightmares and has a child Ruth an all too common story in the post Holocaust world Then suddenly stepping out to buy a bottle of milk she departs leaving her husband a note of apology Why has she gone How has this come to pass And what are the results for her daughter and the family she leaves This could be a drama a story of suspense and danger yet Richler does something interesting than that She presents instead a careful dissection of how Ruth over the years grapples with what seems a profound rejection that turns her life toward a conformist effort to find affirmation in a conventional life Ruth's story in turn gradually becomes the vehicle by which the enigma of Lily is ultimately unfolded and Lily's story comes to be seen in many respects as the antithesis of Ruth's Lily's life it becomes clear is one of passion of defying the odds of survival despite immense dangers an unconventional life that she could not it turned out carry forward in the close family confines in Montreal What are the implications of this juxtaposition of the two lives of mother and daughter For me that's a fascinating uestion What does Ruth make of the life that Lily in the end reveals to her How does Lily feel about the much safer world that Ruth has built for herselfWith her skills and sensitivity I wanted to see Richler confront these uestions But she does not She writes her story and she writes it well But Ruth remains a character with depths that remain unexplored There is a tension suggested with her husband but this is not pursued in the book Lily too remains an unfinished character for me never really addressing the reality of her daughter despite the insight we develop into why she left MontrealIt is of course easy to say that I wanted another 100 pages in a book already 350 pages long But Nancy Richler has written this novel so well she conveys such sensitivity and understanding of family that I feel justified in demanding even while recognizing how much this author has given us in this excellent book

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The Imposter BrideEft and where did she go It is left to the daughter The Imposter PDF she abandoned to find the answers to these uestions as she searches for the mother she may never find or really kn. “I never really knew her I said But you loved her Ida answered and again I wasn't sure if she meant that as an accusation or comfort Was it less important or important to know someone than to love them” ― Nancy Richler The Imposter BrideI have several GR friends named Carolyn and thanks goes out to the Carolyn who reviews this book because she put it into words far better then I ever couldSo I did DNF this I read for awhile andjust did not fel much of anything I could not connect with it and felt no tensionSometimes books are just not the right book at the right time so that is always possible But for meI uit about a uarter of the way inI am sure many have read books that sound on paper like they will be instant classics in your mind And then been let down So that is sort of what happened to meI loved the premise It reminded me of My cousin Rachel or Reliable Wife Those are two books I adored so the subject was for meAnd at first I loved the descriptive writing of the time periodBut the book did not read like a mystery It was slow going and the characters seemed flat I could not connectThe book is much darker then I had thought it would be which would usually be OK but it was not Gothic dark I did not feel any mysteryIt seems to me a family saga then anything elseI may pick it up at a later time as I have done that with some books and come to love them