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Vurt AUTHOR Jeff Noon characters ´ 6 Ä ❰Read❯ ➵ Vurt Author Jeff Noon – Vurt is a feather a drug a dimension a dream state a virtual reality It comes in many colors legal Blues for lullaby dreams Blacks filled with tenderness and pain just beyond the law Pink Pornovurts d Vurt is a feather a druD open new dimensions And Yellows the feathers from which there is no escapeThe beautiful young Desdemona is trapped in Curious Yellow the ultimate Metavurt a feather few have ever seen and fewer still have dared ingest Her brother Scribble will risk everything to rescue his. Vurt started with a cool premise A future Manchester UK filled with an assortment of new species of human a new social structure and the central feature of the book a new druggameescape from reality called vurt One of the problems with the book is that vurt is vurt Through the entire plot we're left kind of fuzzy as to what it actually is People take feathers and well we're not exactly sure what happens They see things differently but sometimes act parts out in the real world Sometimes the others they are with in the real world are there sometimes they are each experiencing their own thing Is it a drug Is it a game Is it real These things are never really addressed and as a result a lot going on in the book is confusing The author plunges us into the middle of a futuristic cyberpunk world and never explains any of it to us It's assumed that we're caught up on what's going on While parts of it reveal themselves to us bit by bit much of it is a mish mash of future sounding words and images that don't really make sense That however is not the major flaw in the book While the setting could have used some explaining here and there the plot of the story was still clear enough to follow I got what was going on even if I didn't understand everything in the world The book's fatal flaw was in the characters While they were certainly vivid outgoing and memorable they were also flat and acting without sensible motivation As the plot progresses and secondary characters are risking their lives helping or loving the main character there is no expiation as to why the go out of the way to help him Even when character motivation is attempted it's done poorly One character claims to be aiding Scribble the lead for his brother While we know his brother and their story there is no link between what he does for Scribble and the brother A new character is brought into the group at the beginning of the story Scribble treats her poorly and she puts her life on the line to help him be reunited with his sister The character interactions remind me of a table top role playing game You all are in a group it doesn't matter why but you have to help each other Even if it goes against what you think you're character is in the end you help because that's what keeps the game and my plot moving forwardSpeaking of lacking development the main love story is dull The only thing it has going for it is the incest factor That makes it moderately interesting but only in a socially deviant sort of way There's no warmth between them we don't know WHY he loves her so much other than that she's hot and there is little growth between the two of them Even though it's central to the story we no little about her other than that she's the main character's sister and she's hot I'm sad I didn't like this book I love the genre and I liked the premise Unfortunately the book is like a fireworks display than anything approaching a good read Some flash and bang pretty pictures but little logic from one scene to the next If you'd like your home game of shadowrunner to be a book this may be alright for you If you want exciting scene after exciting encounter with no rhythm reason or rational you may like the book If you're looking for a good story a well constructed world and dynamic characters you can care about stay away

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Beloved sister Helped by his gang the Stash Riders hindered by shadowcops robos rock and roll dogmen and his own dread Scribble searches along the edges of civilization for a feather that if it exists at all must be bought with the one thing no sane person would willingly giv. This is such a smart book but for some reason doesn't have the recognition that it deserves at least not in literary circles It speaks intelligently on hybridity drug culture game culture created communities fantasy spaces writing as escapeit's just crazy good I had a prof who called this a game narrative one of the first novels to use the conventions of video games as part of its narrative strucure which is trust me extremely cool I have a big love for this novel and recommend it heartily

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Vurt AUTHOR Jeff NoVurt is a feather a drug a dimension a dream state a virtual reality It comes in many colors legal Blues for lullaby dreams Blacks filled with tenderness and pain just beyond the law Pink Pornovurts doorways to bliss Silver feathers for techies who know how to remix colors an. Dear GodsThis isn't a book It's an A1 tip top clubbing jam fair It's sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudgeSeriously It's a technicolour concept album existing somewhere between Alice in Wonderland Akira and Trainspotting It's sex and drugs and incest and feathers and dog fucking; it's a fractal reality that I really really wish I'd writtenI guess you have to have been there If you have the right past and if you've come past it far enough you can identify with everything this book reveals We've all known a Beetle we've all known a Game Cat We've been on the ride and we know how it eventually rings hollow and we know how it feels when it ends If you've had the experiences you can follow every loop as it goes roundAnd as it stopsFrom fractal bullets to the icecream van in the middle of the post Ramadan party this is evocative powerfully visual and leaves you pressed against the back of your chair hanging on for dear lifeParticularly on audiobook and with a masterful narrator it's not something to be missed