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Esn't know is that Jewel is a woman not a stone But once he meets this precious gem destroying her is the last thing on his mind Jewel part goddess part prophet is a pawn in Atlantis's constant power struggles She needs Gray's help to win freedom and. 45 starsI can't believe I haven't read this book before now It's old news now but Gena Showalter is one of my favorite author of all time I've said it a thousand times before but I'll say it again I will read anything she writes and probably love it I don't know if it's the way she writes her vivid and endless imagination or her awesome characters but I'm always stunned by her workJewel of Atlantis was so damn good I read the first book in the Atlantis series a few months ago and wasn't completely taken by the story but this one felt like Showalter's current style These books were before her Lords of the Underworld series some of her first work and you can tell her writing style has changed and grown since then but I genuinely loved Jewel of Atlantis and read it in one goI love the universe she created in this series it's intriguing and it has so much potential in Heart of the Dragon Showalter wrote about a shapeshifting dragon hero and a human heroine in Jewel of Atlantis she went with a human hero and an exceptional heroine extremely powerful and definitely not human Gray is a human working for the OBI the FBI of all things supernaturals He is sent to Atlantis through a secret portal to retrieve the Jewel of Dunamis a powerful object able to predict the future detect lies from truths and conuer anything and anyone What he doesn't know is that this Jewel is actually a woman a woman being used for her powers unable to lie and always under guard she longs for freedom When Gray steps foot in Atlantis he's immediately thrown into danger creatures can smell his human blood and give chase While trapped by a demon he hears a voice in his head guiding and helping him turns out that voice is Jewel In exchange for her help she asks him to free her from her captors Both main characters were amazing Gray is a cocky smart and strong male lead while his counterpart Jewel is sweet shy but definitely powerful and far from stupid From the start I loved their connection it felt natural and didn't feel forced by the writer to make the story work like she wanted The story has no real big twists or surprises since from the beginning we know that Jewel is what Gray is actually looking for but I liked it I think Gena made it work and I loved the fact that she didn't create any unnecessary drama However there's plenty of action in this book A lot of fighting vampires demons mermen and other terrible creatures I liked Gray's uick mind it was very obvious since the beginning that she was the Jewel of Dunamis and while she didn't tell him outright throughout the story he started having suspicions and wasn't really surprised when he discovered the real truth and I loved thatI thoroughly enjoyed seeing their relationship develop no slow burn here but it's understandable when you read the story things uickly fall into place and while not always my favorite way to go with a romance I can honestly say I liked it in this case It worked I fell in love with both of them and could have greedily read However the ending was a little rushed for my taste It all ended so abruptly and easily I would've liked closure but it was such a small part I can't really say it ruined anything other than the fact that it was a tad frustrating We also get to revisit Darius and Grace from the first book and we also meet Valerian and Layel the heroes of the third and fourth book I am looking forward to reading their respective stories and learning about this magical world Showalter created

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Jewel of AtlantisUncover the secrets of her mysterious origins Gray needs her wisdom to navigate monster ridden Atlantis But need blossoms into passionate love as they fight demons dragons vampires and a prophecy that says the bond between them could destroy them both. Once again I would recommend this book if you enjoy paranormal romance; particularly a bit of sultry soppy romance I really love the world of Atlantis and would rate the world a 45 but ultimately the romance was the focus and I a bit mediocre for me Mind you I don't usually read romance and really have to be in the mood soooo it makes me a little sad that this is a romance book than a fantasy because it would be sickkkkk Overall a nice and easy read though I'm gonna leave the rest of the Atlantis books for a while but keen to get back to them when I'm in the right mood

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Jewel of Atlantis Read » PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é [Ebook] ➧ Jewel of Atlantis By Gena Showalter – All Atlantis seeks the Jewel of Dunamis which legend claims can overcome any enemy Grayson James human agent of the ultra secret Otherworld Bureau of Investigation has orders to keep it from the wrong AAll Atlantis seeks the Jewel of Dunamis which legend claims can overcome any enemy Grayson James human agent of the ultra secret Otherworld Bureau of Investigation Jewel of PDFEPUB or has orders to keep it from the wrong hands or destroy it What he do. SPOILERS NOT HIDDEN IN THIS REVIEWWHY VAMPIRES SUCK AS ROMANTIC LEADS BY CARMEN1 They're cold And dead This is not sexy2 I don't want to hurt my lover and I don't want to be hurt by my lover Pain during sex is not appealing to me3 Someone kissing your neck yum Someone nibblingbiting your neck yum Getting hickeys yum Someone taking their razor sharp teeth and plunging them into your carotid artery yuck Your blood gushing out into someone's mouth yuck The taste of blood yuck The temperature of blood yuck How blood feels in your stomach nauseating Even people who enjoy the taste of blood can only handle a lick or two It's not ingested easily or well 4 Also opening your veins to someone's wet filthy bacteria infested mouth is a great way to spread disease Both the donor and the recipient are just asking for sickness Bloodborne pathogens people BLOODBORNE PATHOGENSI understand the concept Scrunching arousal Or if you're not a Buffy fan it goes unsheathing your fangs getting an erection Just listen to this She felt his teeth elongating readying for insertion Uh huh I'm sure rolls eyesThen Showalter tries to tell us that Jewel isn't afraid or disgusted by Gray wanting to drink her blood Instead it makes her feel special and cherished She'd never been bitten before but she wanted to share a deeper part of herself with Gray wanted to be the first and only woman he drank from Perhaps it would link them far stronger than they were already linked See Vampire feeding sex Also this is a way of Showalter giving her womanizing hero a form of virginity that only the heroine is allowed to deflower In the last book she made the hero into someone who'd never allowed a lover to give him a blowjob so that he could get his first one from the heroine and here she's doing the same with blood drinkingExcept not really because Gray feeds on a demon attacking him draining him dry and killing him Are we supposed to believe he's now had sex or blood sex or feeding sex or whatever with the demon he killed Or somehow blood feeding is only sexual if he does it with a woman Or only a human woman Or only if it's a woman he's interested or what I'm really confused hereWhy on earth am I talking about a vampire 'hero' if this is allegedly about a human government agent falling in love with the magical Jewel of Atlantis Well Remember in my previous review when I said that Showalter's Atlantis is populated by nymphs vampires weredragons and Formorians How do you think you can write a romantic hero who is supposed to be tough and able to protect the heroine if he's a wimpy human That's right Have him fight off some vampires demons and Formorians but make sure he's wounded and bitten by them Then voila a humanvampiredemonFormorian mix that allows the hero to stay hot but instantly become a badass who flies drinks blood can see in the dark and whose eyes glow red when angry I thought this was a cop out and too easyAlso this book is ridiculous Now I understand that this is a romance novel and I've said it before I expect romance novels to be silly and sexist I grade them on an extreme curve and as a conseuence they never get than 3 stars from me But even on my lenient scale this book was ridiculous Jewel Gray the hero names her is a slave She can predict the future and she's unable to lie which makes her priceless Anyone who owns her has an amazing advantage over their enemies She's gorgeous GorgeousShe's a virgin WTF I can't believe this As a slave and a really really good looking one at that even if I believed she'd never been in love or had consensual sex it's impossible to believe none of her former owners and she's had a lot took a sexual interest in her Showalter doesn't even TRY to explain this She mentions that people only see her as an object a slave an it and not as a person but she's a gorgeous 20 something woman with no rights and no means of self defense Showalter could have at least put in the my powers will disappear if I have sex trope and I HATE this trope but at least it's an excuse but there's nothingTHEN if that wasn't hard enough to believe we're also supposed to believe that she's not only a virgin but a virgin whose never masturbated in her life Again no explanation is given but it practically made me scream in anger when I had to read the she discovers her clitoris for the first time scene Ridiculous Absolutely ridiculous I'm willing to believe in a hidden alternate dimension of Atlantis populated with the bastard offspring of a dead god but I'm not willing to believe that Jewel is a 20 something virgin who doesn't even realize that touching herself down there feels good ESPECIALLY since she's spied on Gray and his mind since she was a child up to the present which included watching him have sex with A LOT of women women who she specifically told Gray that she'd imagined herself in the place of but yet never touched herself Yeah rightAnother completely ridiculous part of the plot is all the mind reading I don't like mind reading in stories but this is even worse because it's all over the place When Gray goes into Atlantis Jewel can easily read his mind Later she can only read it some of the time Then she can travel INTO his mind and they can interact there as if it's a room or something THEN he develops mind reading powers for a while It's a huge merry go round of who can read whose mind that was dizzying made absolutely no sense followed no logic and appeared and disappeared at the whim of the authorThen there's some kind of weird Jewel is insecure subplot where she gets really worried because every time that Gray has sex with her he fucks her hard and fast and when she watched him have sex with all those women in the past this still creeps me out ugh so creeped out he really took his time and savored them and made love to them This makes her doubt that she's really in love with him but when she finally asks him about it he's just like Oh you silly innocent woman Don't you know that this means I want you than anyone I've ever wanted You just drive me so insane it's impossible to take my time with you And she's like Oh that's a relief Carry on then oO So weirdLastly and this is a major spoiler so if you care skip this paragraph At the end Jewel turns out to be a direct descendent of the gods and a mixture of every single type of blood humanweredragonvampirecentaurminotauretc etc etc Major cop out Super special snowflake to the maxSO Now that I've thoroughly eviscerated this book why is it getting 2 stars and not one Because Gena Showalter is a good author Her writing is not bad or hard to read she makes likeable characters she always makes me laugh a bit nothing as funny as her first two novels though she presents a creative creature filled world and the sex is both good and consensual Trust me there are a LOT of worse romance novels than this oneTl;dr Fluffy beyond ridiculous good consensual sex nonsensical plot even for a romance novel Very Mary Sue and Gary Stu even beyond usual romance parameters Not recommended 2 real stars 3 romance starsI own this in SpanishPS Also Jewel fights and kills four demons after a 1 hour session of self defense lessons with Gray oO And basically the self defense lesson was an excuse for him to grope herPPS Gray is one of the most stubborn egotistical irrational male leads I've ever read in my entire life He often purposefully ignores Jewel and her advice even though he KNOWS she's psychic because he has to be the big man It's beyond stupidPPPS There's a whole scene in which Gray takes Jewel to a bar and teaches her to dirty dance I KNOW THAT MOVIE IS POPULAR BUT COME ON It was strange