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Read & download ✓ Faust's Metropolis A History of Berlin ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ý ☉ Faust's Metropolis A History of Berlin PDF / Epub ❤ Author Alexandra Richie – Berlin called the Schicksal Stadt Deutschlands the City of German Destiny Ks Thoroughgoing and engrossing Peter Gay author of My German uestion Outstanding brilliantly written Michael Howard Times Literary Supplement Magnificent should be reuired reading for anyone with Metropolis A History PDF #8608 any curiosity about where Europe has been and where it is going Piers Paul Read Sunday Telegraph A compelling narrative Philadelphia Inuirer Absorbing Wall Street Journal. This is an excellent biography of a city that reads much faster than its length promises There were some typos in the ebook version I read and a few passages that showed sloppy research but these minor errors do not detract from a book that's well written and highly informative Not visiting Berlin before German reunification is one of my few regrets Happily Ms Ritchie's concluding chapters convinced me there is continuity with Berlin's history to be found there today than was lost in the massive rebuilding following the dismantling of the Wall Berlin fascinates like no other city because it reflects the best and worst of humanity's aspirations and accomplishments channeled through the glorious excesses of Prussian nationalism Adenauer famously stated that de Nazification wasn't his goal but rather de Prussification as one preceded and empowered the other Why German merchants built a trading post on an island in the Spree how it survived repeated invasions to become the seat of Brandenburg whose electors made a Franconian nobleman their Markgraf and how his descendants grew their tiny principality into the Kingdom of Prussia is the core of this book I read the criticism that too much of this book is devoted to a mere twelve years of the Third Reich but I believe that a large section is justified given that the NSDAP regime essentially destroyed the city Ironically Berliners never truly embraced nationalistic dreams after their terrible experiences during the Weimar depression and they remain the least stereo typically German citizens of the Bundesrepublik to this day Berlin beckons to anyone interested in modern history as it's the epicenter of the cataclysm that shaped Post War Europe and it still evokes strong emotions From the Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie Berlin remains the most poignant symbol of the Twentieth Century with its tumultuous mix of scientific progress and technological barbarism If you have any interest in how Western Civilization got to where we are now this book is a great place to start

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Ates on the city during the twentieth century's upheavals the Weimar Republic's Faust's Metropolis Epubdecadent capital Hitler and Goebbels's fascist metropolis the city divided by the Cold War Published to international acclaim Faust's Metropolis is history at its most enthralling Brilliant work the material is all fascinating and Richie is an excellent descriptive writer New York Review of Boo. A very interesting and well informed historyGood for anyone interested in the Weimar period in Germany

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Faust's Metropolis A History of BerlinBerlin called the Schicksal Stadt A History ePUB #9734 Deutschlands the City of German Destiny has been at the heart of the most important events of not only Germany but also modern Europe In this powerful historical narrative Oxford historian Alexandra Richie follows Berlin from its Medieval foundation to the nation building dreams of Frederick the Great and Bismarck Most important she concentr. This book is massive so if you're not totally into Berlin history don't attempt it Assuming you are it's completely readable and a good comprehensive introduction to a lot of lesser publicized historical areas The older history gets off to a somewhat slow start I thought so at least but if you can stick with it until Frederick the Great shows up the rest is completely worth it