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DOWNLOAD Ù A Dangerous Magic ½ [BOOKS] ✭ A Dangerous Magic By Patricia Wilson – The rancher and the librarianHe was wide open spaces solitude and strength the kind of man to set women's hearts aflutterShe was a small town girl who never dreamed she'd end up marrying a rancherBut The rancher and the librarianHe was wiThe rancher and the librarianHe was wide open spaces solitude and strength the kind of man to set women's hearts aflutterShe was a small town girl who never dreamed she'd end up marrying a rancherBut. Maybe Patricia Wilson couldn't make up her mind whether to write an English countryside romance or an American cowboy romance so she decided to blend the two My guess is that she had some notes and a synopsis for two separate stories but she had a deadline to meet so out of other ideas she just mashed her two synopses together with a hope and a prayerShe accomplished this by having her American cowboy hero an English transplant returning to the old English village of his childhood to visit his cousin then promptly falling in lustlove with his cousin's fianceeIf you already hate the two for their cheating don't As soon as the heroine realizes she has fallen for hero she breaks up with the fiance returning his ring In the aftermath she realizes the fiance was a lying cheating scumbag who was just putting on a pleasant face and badgered her into getting married because there was no other way he could get her into bed After the break up he and his vile mother conspire with the entire village to inflict some Scarlet Letter mass shaming on the heroine and he keeps showing up at her house threatening to rape her Nice peopleThe second half of the book has our English heroine moving across the ocean to live in hero's Montana ranch We have the usual fish out of water adjustment period although the really speedy version since by HPlandia rules there are only a few pages left to resolve the conflict H and h have the usual ualms about their marriage of convenience because naturally they are too afraid to reveal to each other how they really feel She thinks he married her only because he was lonely and needed someone anyone to warm his bed and he couldn't find a single willing woman in all of the Rocky Mountains A lie that is obviously debunked as heroine meets a green with envy kind of scary OW in guise of welcome committee to the newlyweds He on the other hand for some absolutely mysterious reason thinks she still loves the ex fiance and would be rapist OoooookayThe story then concludes abruptly with the author tying things up nicely by having the hero confess that he has been in love with the heroine for six years though he did absolutely nothing about it ever since he caught a glimpse of her in the English village on a previous visit there He flew back to warn her against his own scumbag cousin when he received news that the two were engaged If that were true why did he try to put her off when she was obviously falling for him even telling her at one point that he was a lone wolf and that if she decided to fall for him even let him make love to her he would still leave her behind I guess we'll never know because there were just too many threads to this story and PW ran out of space and explanationsI like Patricia Wilson She has written some of the better Harleuins out there but this was a messy miss in my opinion

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Wife would make the ideal companion on his Montana Ranch But he didn't offer her love Catrina loved Zade enough to take a chance on marrying him Now all she had to do was melt his resistance to roman. A Dangerous Magic is the story of Zade and CatrinaFirstly I have to say the blurb was misleading It made it sound like a mail ordermarriage of convinience story when in actualty it was the story of cousin rivalry and discovering the delight of magical attractionAs the book starts we find our h Catrina engaged to a chirpy Gary who has a disapproving mother She finds comfort but no passion in his arms All changes when Gary's cousin Zade comes to visit him and stolen glances expose Catrina to the real truth about what happens when there is instant chemistrySoon Gary's real face is revealed as Cat tries to break the engagement and Zade comes to rescues with his bruising kisses and marriage proposalThere is major OM drama in this one before marriage and OW drama post marriage I am however glad that Cat finds happiness with him and stands up for her rightsEnds rather abruptlySWEUnsafe25

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A Dangerous MagicIf Catrina thought that Zade Mackensie's marriage proposal was the answer to those dreams she was mistaken A Dangerous PDFEPUBOh Zade wanted to marry her all right He made no secret of the fact that a. Cute librarian in a small town falls for her fiancé’s cousin Wilson sneaks in a near rape and a depiction of an abusive man that’s restrained and therefore feels authentic than her usual over the top dramaThat cover though amazing illustration but why is the heroine wearing boring clothes that are several sizes too big for her I mean I know she’s in Montana and it’s the 90s so yes we all had checked shirts and thought they were amazingly great but what is she planning on hiding in those massive crotch foldsAnd yes maybe I could have phrased that to be not uite so dirty but if you are not seeing this cover on anything other than a tiny screen you are not getting the full appreciation of how grossed out I am by it