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He end he learns the value of standing for what he believes in face of opposition and discovers that there is nothing powerful than a boy or a man who knows who he is Note Contains scenes and language appropriate for the time and charactersThis book is aBreakthrough Novel Award ABNA uarter finalistBen and Henry the touchstones of the story are charismatic and nuanced individuals Publishers Weekly review from the ABNA submissi. Stars in the Texas Sky is not a light hearted romp through the idyllic 1950s It is a very well written down to earth book that shows the personal growth of the main character through pain reflection and self sacrifice It is one of the few books concerning race relations that felt 'true' to the time period and didn't hedge the reader's emotions on making things sugar coated The main characters Henry and Benjamin are both well written and whose moral dilemmas are a product of their upbringing The author has captured the mentality of growing up in East Texas when it was racially separated and uses the American tradition of baseball to present a well crafted story Great book and one that will be put in my classroom library

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Stars in the Texas SkyYear old Henry Valentine the Texas eBook #9734 is the school's star pitcher is intoxicated by first love of a young girl and all seems right with his world of racially separated East TexasThen he is confronted by an unlikely antagonist a colored boy who challenges him in his town bests him in a pitching duel and fights him in Stars in PDFEPUBthe vacant lot outside of town A wary distance becomes an unexpected friendship when. Henry and Benjamin are two boys growing up in a small town in 1952 Texas They are talented baseball players sharing a love for the game They both fall in love with a girl for the first time and experience the pains of adolescence and trying to find their place in this world They understand each other like no one else does and they share the same dream of making it to the big leaguesIn another time another place Henry and Benjamin would be best friends But Benjamin is a colored boy and Henry is white And the white don’t mix with the colored That’s what their parents tell them what their teachers tell them and their friends as well That’s just how it’s always been And you don’t wanna change itBut Henry doesn’t understand And he starts to uestion his parents and teachers and friends He starts to not simply follow the rules but thinking his own thoughts making his own rules But can a 13 year old boy overcome generations of ignorance and hatred Can Henry and Benjamin become friends and together follow their dreams Can they start something new Is there a chance for changeI had a few issues with this book The chapters are weirdly structured and the pacing is completely off Most of the time it is a really slow read and then something big comes out of seemingly nowhere Other times there is tension building up but then nothing comes of itIt was still a good read because I was invested in the characters Their interactions were interesting as was the environment And the book certainly packs a punch I just felt there was a lot left unsaid

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characters Stars in the Texas Sky 107 ¹ [PDF / Epub] ★ Stars in the Texas Sky Author Stephen J. Matlock – 13 year old Henry Valentine is the school's star pitcher is intoxicated by first love of a young girl and all seems right with his world of 1952 racially separated East TexasThen he is confronted by a year old HenrThey discover a common love for Texas beauty He is devastated when a corrupt congressman sacrifices Henry's friend to win re election and receives no sympathy or help from his disapproving family church and town He finds support in the feisty independent minded widow with in the Texas PDF #180 a taste for liuor in her lemonade who helps him fight against the powerful using only the tools of an innocent and powerless boy In t. I was happy to win the giveaway for Stars in the Texas Sky I don’t usually read historical fiction but I do sometimes find it interesting This book takes place in the 1950’s with very strong discrimination going on I found it boring at times but it was a cute story overallStars in the Texas Sky is about a thirteen year old boy named Henry who loves his job at the crosswalk delivering papers and most of all playing baseball When a colored boy named Benjamin comes and “disrespects” Henry they get in a fight over basically nothing One day while Henry is playing baseball Benjamin asks if he can play and Henry realizes that he is a really good player After that they form a new kind of friendship that anyone in town would find wrong in society A shady congressman wanting nothing than to win reelection and not caring who he hurts to get it ends up seriously harming some people As Henry realizes that skin color doesn’t matter he also realizes that he needs to stand up for what is rightI think that if I was of a history fan I would have enjoyed this book a lot I really liked how well Henry was developed Though the story was told in third person it often switched which character it focused on It made it easy to relate to each character in the book which made it interesting I believe that any fans of historical fiction like To Kill a Mockingbird would enjoy Stars in the Texas Sky