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Determined to find and Collar eBook #9734 the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands’ submissives Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction Once informed the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction To Raoul’s shock one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub Sh. Warning This was a DNFOh my goodness what happened to my Shadowlands I was SO excited about this book and it lived up to its promise for a short short while And then suddenly the impossible plot points are just stacking up and KILLING meSo this girl has been kidnapped and used as a sex slave and is finally free But to help the FBI she needs to be able to perform in a scene with this Dom she's terrified of The FBI's solution Make her live as a 247 slave to a dom she's terrified of What No not necessary He can train her in sessions at his home But of course that is not as great for the plotAnd then this is the part that has me fuming right now So the girl who's been raped and beaten the Dom's ie the hero bright idea is to do those same activities over and over again until she stops freaking out about them And she is like hmm OKAY so long as we skip the dog cage REALLY That is NOT a valid therapy techniue especially as performed by some random dude and not say a LICENSED THERAPISTOh she actually WAS seeing a therapist but I guess that's gone out the window in favor of BDSM Not BDSM because she needs pain by the way like The Reluctant Dom which I know some people had a problem with but I was okay with In this case he's going to use BDSM to actually fix her Yes he's going to tell her what to do thereby FORCING her to get over it Oh and also he insists she tells him every sick detail of what the guys did to her This helps the plot since we weren't sure exactly what happened to her and now we know but the fact is it wasn't necessary and forcing her to tell him so soon after it happened may be harmful to her than helpful Further the fact that he was so insistent actually made him creepy to me like he was getting off on the perverted details of her abuse Similar situations happened in previous books Breaking Free and Make Me Sir but a very big difference was the amount of time that had elapsed between their trauma and the time the Dom stepped in It was kind of like look you've had years to sort this out on your own but it hasn't worked so can I try to help you This was NOT like that because only a week or so has passed since her enslavement Her body is literally still bruised and broken she's nightmare screaming nightly she is barely a functioning human being at all and he's basically bullying her I don't care that it may be for her own good which I take leave to doubt anyways because now I don't even like themAt this point I'm not finished but I don't think I can stomach reading any of her training wherein she presumably gets fixed through the magic of doing what our hero says bangs headI also hated that her friend Gabi kept saying things like Of COURSE you're still crying girl It takes awhile to heal I should know referring to the time she got kidnapped Except Gabi got kidnapped and rescued in a matter of hours and was not beaten or raped or anything Her friend the heroine of this book got beaten repeatedly to the point of almost death raped by a bunch of guys for SEVEN WEEKS Kinda different ya know so you can stop acting like a smart ass already

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To Command and Collar Masters of the Shadowlands #6E has a scarred bodyand an unbroken To Command Kindle spirit He can’t leave her behind Ruining the FBI’s carefully laid plans he buys herKimberly’s freedom has come at a devastating price the other women are still slaves An FBI raid is their only hope for rescue Desperate to help the Feds locate the big auction she agrees to pose as Master Raoul’. 35 stars

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To Command and Collar Masters of the Shadowlands #6 Free read ´ 2 ☆ ➸ [Read] ➳ To Command and Collar Masters of the Shadowlands #6 By Cherise Sinclair ➽ – Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands’ submissives Master Raoul gets himself invitedS slave Wearing a collar again is terrifying but under the powerful Command and Collar ePUB #9734 dominant’s care Kim starts to heal and then to blossom This is what she’s been drawn to and fled from her Command and Collar Masters of ePUB #8608 entire lifeShe escaped the slavers who captured her body can she escape the master who’s captured her heart. Since this book was actually my favorite in the series so far I will try to make this a decent review The book begins were the previous one left off with Raoul invited at a mini slave auction were there are only three damaged women at a lower price and three buyers Raoul goes to this auction with instructions from the FBI not to buy any woman so he will be invited to the larger auction later But when Raoul spots Kim Gabi's friend among the women he can't resist buying her After that Kim is forced to play the slave role so the slavers won't suspect Raoul's cooperation with the feds so that they will be able to catch themKnowing this it's easy to understand that the book comes heavy with emotion Kim is scarred inside and out from her time in captivity and Raoul is a Dom who sparks her worst fears as a PTSD case and her most secret desires as a subKim is a very strong womanokay fictional woman Although the idea of even pretending to be a slave wakes her worst nightmares she does the brave and honourable thing and does what it takes to free the other women I don't thing there was a moment that I didn't like Kim Most times there is an instant when you say wish this wasn't here about fictional characters but Kim didn't have one She was brave and loving even after all the things she went through She has a lot of fear which only emphasises her courage even Just the fact that she was brave enough to admit that even after all she went through she still craved someone to dominate her was enough to earn my respectRaoul was very different than I thought he'd be from reading the previous books I thought he'd be easy going and less demanding than the other masters but that wasn't the case Raoul liked the rules to be clear He knew what he wanted and went for it even when he had to sacrifice things to get it He has the usual traits we've seen in the Dom's in the series protectiveness determination affection for those who needed it and a mean punch for those who deserved it He also came with some emotional baggage from previous failed relationshipsThe book was great My favourite in the series so far It has emotional depth and you could actually see the bond forming between Raoul and Kim It was obvious how Raoul soothed Kim's hurt by caring for her and treating her as a person who didn't need just cuddling but a motivation to try harder too He pushed her to expand her limits in both her day to day life and her love life I have to admit that if I had gone through what Kim went I would probably be a uivering mess afterwards so I can't say how much of this I find believable enough The fact that not only she moved on but she actually decided to view spoilerbecome Raoul's slave hide spoiler