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Hanna the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO Hanna has built an AI. Some readers might find that this story depicts a deeply horrifying end of humanity scenario and other readers might consider it a triumphant ascent to a slightly odd utopia I can see a little of both really Facedeer I second the above I'll add that I found the characters to be different and interesting enough to propel the story forward; the writing is better than that of all but the very best fanfiction It's remarkable how many things the author does that haven't often been seen in mainstream sci fi In addition to the step by step description of a takeover by a reasonable friendly artificial intelligence we also get the adjustment of an ordinary human to an AI driven utopia the exploration of a different system of physics from the one on Earth a bunch of different reverse AI box conversations and that's just the first half of the storyRecommended for Transhumanists; rationalists; people who hate transhumanism this story sees it as an extreme moral gray area; people who enjoy both sci fi and MLP andor fanfiction

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Friendship is OptimalStia will satisfy your Friendship is MOBI #8608 values through friendship and ponies and it will be completely consensual. Friendship is Optimal is an original story written in 2012 by pseudonymous author Iceman Usually grouped with fan fiction Friendship is Optimal actually tells the story of the near future of our world Depending on the reader's perspective it goes on to depict the greatest mass genocide imaginable or the creation of countless numbers of utopias Perhaps disturbingly these are not necessarily mutually exclusive possibilities It differs from many other works of rational fiction in that none of the human character display especially rational behaviour only the Artificial Intelligence doesDrawing upon elements of the My Little Pony cartoon Friendship is Optimal tells the story of the rise of the first true Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the lives of everyone on Earth The AI designed for a video game was modeled after a character from the television show the game was based one Video games based on tv shows are fairly common video game characters recursively self improve are not Friendship is Optimal makes great use of its odd source material creating an Artificial Intelligence with a truly alien outlook The AI is not malevolent or even apathetic towards humanity it sincerely cares and wishes us well The only problem is that it wants to satisfy us through friendship and ponies And nothing will ever change its mindThe writing was competent rarely unclear but rarely memorable either Ultimately this is a story about an idea than anything else Friendship is Optimal is a warning about the dangers of creating an AI that ‘almost works’ This is a danger we will likely face some day and so examples of futures we do not want will be valuable

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characters Friendship is Optimal ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Æ ✤ [Download] ➼ Friendship is Optimal By iceman ➶ – Hanna the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO Hanna has built an AI Princess Celestia and given her onPrincess Celestia and given her one basic drive to satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies Princess Cele. The story is awesome Hard sci fi that follows its ideas to their logical conclusion Also the story is a utopia not a dystopia One could imagine a slightly better fate for humanity But FIO is a far better future than almost anything remotely plausible Though the events are definitely a dystopia from the perspective of the other species in the universe Except for one FIO is the best introduction I know of to alot of friendly AI concepts FIO does not give technical details which don't exist but it gives the right feeling The writing is not ideal but this did not overly bother me