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Free download ´ Future Letters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Future Letters By H.R. Willaston ➥ – Three best friends Morgan's name is synonymous with what's hot in the world of fashion as she models for the world's best and most well known designers InThree best friends Morgan's name is synonymous with what's hot in the world of fashion as she models for the world's best and most well known designers Invincible Rising is touring the globe with their multi platinum selling album while lead singer Alaia uses her solo projects to experience music beyond rock While her friends travel around the world Lilianna creates worlds of her own in her bestselling novels Touring is fun but she's much happier being beside of her talente. I received an arc in exchange for a reviewAt first I was totally confused I didn't realise the ENTIRE book was going to be written thru text letters and emails Future letters present day letters past letters etc I really had to pay attention I have never read a book in this format before and am still not sure if I liked it The format that is the story I loved just not sure about how it was toldInstead of being told after the fact he kissed me last night I wanted to experience it in the moment read it as it happened so I could feel it and imagine it That being said I did very much enjoy the story The future letters the girls wrote in high school were pretty typical with how teens think their lives will turn out but as the story progresses their lives and circumstances take them on a completely different journey I especially loved Dylan's letters They were so sweet and lovingAt one point I cried Although I had a suspicion somewhere in the beginning of how certain things were going to happen with a certain someone I was SO not expecting the shocker I gotSo sweet funny cute sad and different I recommend giving it a try

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D photographer and art gallery owner husband Dylan They love their Dream Come True lives Ten years from now Right now they're in high school Morgan is fighting to be cheer captain and juggling boyfriends Alaia is competing for choir solos and wants a bad boy that won't break her heart Lilianna wishes that her long time crush Dylan would see her as than a friend and is bored searching for a creative writing outlet than the school's newspaper She finds that outlet through wri. There are no other reviews of this so i guess I'm the first Not sure how to feel about that hopefully I won't make the author want to kill me So here goesI first started reading this book to past the time before my next book arrived figuring it to be either really bad where I could easily put it down when my book got here or a really uick read I found it to be neither Future Letters is a uniuely written book done through letters e mails and chat rooms surrounding a group of friends who in High School hoped their lives would turn one way and then reality smacked them in the face with a bloody towel I don't want to go into too many details because I think this is a book that a lot of people should read and any little hint of spoilers would do just that Spoil it My two year old got my Kindle and flipped to the middle of the book and I read the page before realizing what had happened While this didn't make me stop reading the book I was very close By then I was invested in the main character Lil and wanted to see how it played outI only have two negative things to say about Future Letters I'll get to those in a moment Reading the letters and chat room logs at first was a little weird There were no descriptions it's all done in dialog I have no idea what these people look like It kinda felt like peeking into someone's diary After the fifth page or so I was highly invested and engrossed in their teenaged drama So if you start this book and it seems a bit unnerving persevere it's well worth it Lil is a very strong character through her letters you can feel exactly what she's going through at the moment even when she's not really saying much Dylan's character is very much the same though I feel he is the stronger of the pair This is where my first negative thought comes in The other characters fall short next to Lil and Dylan In fact they all sound the same Every other letter PM Text whatever is written in the same voice as theirs but just a little muddled There is no defection If it wasn't for the PMs having their names in front of what they were saying I wouldn't have known who was talking In a book where there is pretty much only dialog each character needs a voice of their own and that was missing here While this is a negative thing it's also kinda a positive in it's own way The story is about Lil so much than it is about anyone else I fear if the author had given characterization life to the other characters I would have wanted to follow their lives Now that that's out of the way I have to say the love story aspect of this book was near to the romance of The Time Traveler's Wife in the way I felt about it I felt like I was the one in love or better yet that I was watching a dear friend fall in love and got to be the first one to hear about it It's been a really long time since a book has made me cry so much first in happiness then sadness then happiness again Much better romance than Twilight ever hoped to be Hell as much as I loved Hunger Games this was a better romanceMy other negative thought is simply that it ended I could have gone on reading this until Lil was 60 and still be sad to see it end

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Future LettersTing letters as if they were ten years into the future encouraging her friends to do the same Comparing their teen written letters to their adult lives the girls discover that futures don't always turn out as you plan and your entire world can change in a heartbeat Future Letters filled with friendship love confusion and heartbreak is the story of their lives and dreams told through glimpsing into their private world of note passing emails text messages and private chat roo. 3 starsThis is the story of three best friends told from the time they are in high school until they are 30 It is uniue in that it is told entirely through letters emails chat rooms and text messageswhich also makes it very awkward But about that in a minuteAlthough this story is about all three girls in a way it is really the story of Lilianna How she comes to find love and deal with everything life has to throw at her with the help of her friends and familyI wasn't sure what to think when I first started this book The format made it a really tough read for me and as a result it felt really long I am a really fast reader so for me to say that is saying something Also the spacing is pretty bad and choppy so it take a while to get used to Ilstopped and started again twice before finally sticking with it until the endI liked all of the characters well enough just had a hard time connecting with them because of the way it is told I think this would have been better if there were at least some narrative added in Also this book is classified as a NA romance but for me it was YA Because of the format there is no real passionheat There is talk of kissing and few mentions of sex but that is itThen I hit the middle of the bookor what I like to call the unbelievable tragic heartbreak I DID NOT see coming and had no warning would be happening based on the narrative for this book Let me just say if I had not been given a copy in exchange for an honest review I would have stopped reading at this point I was that angry and in tears I will add I am not going to spoil it but just know before reading this one it is hugeSo I did keep reading and it was painful emotionally I was glad to see Lillianna get her HEA after everything and it ended about how I thought it wouldIn the end this one was just not for me Once the tragedy hit there was no coming back for me and believe me I tried If you have a strong heart and think you can handle it I wish you luck I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review