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Suckers PortfolioAvailable to readers for the first time Sucker’s Portfolio showcases a collection of seven never before published works from Kurt Vonnegut one of the greatest writers of the th century Short sardonic and dark these six brief fiction stories and one non fiction piece are consummate Vonnegut wi. 45 stars I bloody loved this Knowing the last story was unfinished physically tugged on my heart I want to know

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summary Suckers Portfolio ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [KINDLE] ❧ Suckers Portfolio ❤ Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Available to readers for the first time Sucker’s Portfolio showcases a collection of seven never before published works from Kurt Vonnegut one of the greatest writers of the T shines illuminating his alternating hopeful and dismal outlook although undoubtedly focusing on the latter Here as in his greatest novels Vonnegut’s writing takes us to the darkest corners of the human soul and with wit and humor manages to remind us of our potential to be something greater. My first taste of Vonnegut I am feeling Luke warm about this I didn't have strong opinions really Sort of good Sort of meh Wouldn't avoid books by Vonnegut in the future but I also would not seek them out Yeah Just kind of meh

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Th piercing satire and an eye for life’s obscene inanity Also available for the first time is an unfinished science fiction short story included in the appendixThese stories trace trivial human lives and mundane desires which is precisely where Vonnegut’s inimitable perspective as a humanis. People say you can't learn anything from social media but I have learned from Goodreads about normal behavior which otherwise exists in my life mostly as a rumor Specifically I have learned that many people read than one book at a time apparently remembering each of them individually This strikes me as an intellectual feat on a par with Mr Memory in “The 39 Steps” who amazed music hall audiences by recalling random facts such as the distance between Winnipeg and Montreal on demand I possess barely enough gray matter remaining in the old coconut to retain the ongoing action in a single book This is possibly a result of repeated exposures to the delightful chemical concoctions of the Jameson family of County Cork or maybe it's just the run of the mill ravages of time Whatever the reason I rarely assay a new book unless finished with the old one However it is my strange and not unpleasant fate in life to be periodically served up with blocks of time of happy isolation in remote lands freed from both the seemingly unbreakable din of popular culture eg the latest brayings of those who hope to grab political power as well as the tyrannical necessities of fashion eg having to wash one's own clothes In these happy moments I am able to seize upon one of the many great doorstops of Western literature and plow through it secure in the knowledge that if any of the oxen I see daily get obstreperous I possess the means to render the beast non compos mentisBut there are inevitably times when one cannot practically carry a volume such as the one I am working on now whose main text is 980 pages many of them without so much as a new paragraph indentation followed by 100 pages of 8 point digressive footnotes that would have Natty Bumppo reaching for the Visine At these moments it is fine to have a book like “Sucker's Portfolio” you see now I actually am going to get to the point – someday on hand waiting patiently on the tiny e gadget of choice in your pocket to be produced in hotel bars and airport waiting areas to spare you the horrifying possibility of conversation with others Since the contents of “Sucker's Portfolio” are largely not entirely short fiction it can be picked up and abandoned at will The contents of the stories are by far from the author's best which is probably the reason none of them saw the light of day until the literary executors determined it was time to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnipI don't mind reading minor works by well known writers for many reasons among them it's reassuring knowing that even the well regarded had off days it's interesting to compare the best work by a writer with less than best what works what doesn't why sometimes a writer reveals in failure than success Also the lightweight nature of the book and its contents allow you to uickly return and incoming mixed metaphor plow the needed furrows in whatever literary doorstop has currently caught your fancyI enjoy reading the opinions of others here at Goodreads Just as I sometimes do in many areas of endeavor in real life I find the judgment of other readers inexplicable In this case I felt that the long non fiction piece “The Last Tazmanian” was by far the weakest piece on the book although many others stopped to praise it in these electronic pages In my opinion this essay is the sort of prolonged old codger get off of my lawn cane on the floor banging that well regarded writers tend to indulge in when they are well after their prime and the world continues to spin off on its disastrous course with supreme indifference to the distinguished career of the writer It's actually an embarrassment to read even if especially if you agree with the opinions expressed therein about Christopher Columbus the sad fate of indigenous peoples the pernicious effect of television and other topics I can imagine Vonnegut looking at this essay and saying “What a mess I'll put this in the bottom drawer and see if I can improve it in a few months” but never uite getting back to itIt's a shame that there isn't any information in the book or as far as I can tell online about when the fiction might have been written – the reader is left to guess by piecing together clues from the make of cars and type of telephones for example the characters are using It's my guess that most of the stories including the unfinished fragment at the end came from the pen of a much younger writer They are cheerful vigorous and straightforward than the cranky 1992 essay Some readers here complained that they are “dated” which I think might be some sort of codeword I have not noticed previously for views in Vonnegut's case about women OK at the time but now considered unsuitable the views not the women Since I was not expecting a model of enlightened thought I guess it didn't bother me much but then again it might have had I been a member of the group being represented in a manner which might charitably be called “unflattering” but also could be accurately called “insulting”I got this ebook for 199 as a Kindle Daily Deal and I have noticed that on com as elsewhere in life what goes around comes around meaning if you are willing to check back nearly every day like a little lambkin it may return to Daily Deal dom and you might be able to pick it up cheap too If like me you are a practicing cheapstake it is worth the effort