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review Earthworld 103 ↠ [Ebook] ➣ Earthworld ➩ Jacqueline Rayner – The first settlers of New Jupiter were a handful of humans with androids to help make the planet habitable Many generations down the New Jupitan President John E Hoover faces a challenge to his heredi The first settlers of New Jupiter were a handful of humansThe first settlers of New Jupiter were a handful of humans with androids to help make the planet habitable Many generations down the New Jupitan President John E Hoover faces a challenge to his hereditary role His popularity is threatened by the Association of New Jupitan Independence – ANJI – w. I got this book because the Eighth Doctor is one of my favourite Doctors but I ended up pretty disappointed with it so I think this merits a lengthy review S xD Here goes ANJI 1 Anji A successful Indian stockbroker in her second adventure with the Eighth Doctor is pretty proactive in this adventure even though she has to deal with constrictive high heels the relentless sexism of companion Fitz which ranges from patronizing attitudes to creepy leering and teenaged Nice Guys there's one who crushes on her big time and because she doesn't reciprocate Fitz of course thinks she's broken his heart poor guy 1 While Anji's pretty proactive they also make her plot revolve around the fact that her boyfriend died the day before so she's portrayed as 247 thinking about and writing emails to her dead boyfriend dealing with the trauma with a fair amount of guilt complex going on To experience trauma and mourning after something like this is of course understandable but yeah we have so many female characters whose story basically revolves about romance matters as their main plot points Fitz also ponders about past relationships and has angst going on as well but Anji's inner dialogue is ridden with emotional trauma while Fitz is a textbook example of the flyboy who doesn't really care that much about all his past female conuests at one point he wonders that he must have really loved one of them because he actually felt himself feeling things about it S and in his case the angst revolves about other things 1 Anji wears uncomfortable heels throughout most of the adventure walking and running in what seem to be either stiletto o pump heels as part of her work outfit until she develops blisters and a lot of feet pain After complaining for several chapters about how uncomfortable her heels are and how sore her feet are she vows to wear nothing but trainersflats from now on for her TARDIS adventures and thinks that at least she was lucky she was wearing slacks instead of a constrictive pencil skirt Even though I find a lot of problematic faults in this book I appreciated that the constrictive gendered clothing so many female companions wear as if it was totally a great adventure choice from heels to mini skirts was criticized here 1 Anji repeatedly feels fed up with men such as Fitz and New Jupiter technician Hanstrum being patronizing to her and is not a big fan of Fitz being a sexualizing creep to her either She also mentions some of her sexist experiences in the workplace 1 However Anji's internal dialogue has some very problematic internalized sexism and misogyny from time to time as well which is a shame given that she's the only female character in the story who's not either a baddie or deadin a coma and also the only freaking non white character When her internal monologue plot is not talking about her heels or her boyfriend trauma it's often comments about how expensive her clothes are worrying whether she's wearing a decent bra when she has to take off her top in the presence of three teenage boys and not the kind you would wear when not seeing your boyfriend tonight kinda justifying that it's legitimate they might take a peek because teenage boys will be teenage boys S referring to other women as 'bimbos' and having nelligible to no female bonding or Bechdel throughout the whole story At one point she also comments on how one of the teenage dudes wouldn't deserve a student union talk about how Earth in her time early 21st Century had primitive views on race and women this is incredibly grating seeing as she's a non white woman S and she has an extremely problematic final comment about women being a step down officially as compared to men What's a step up from a man XY chromosome that is none of this 'mankind' stuff women are definitely a step down officially It's pretty shocking and deplorable to see a female author giving this level of internalized misogyny to the sole female companion to be honest S Anji is described in the Doctor Who TARDIS Wiki as not considering herself to be a hardcore feminist whatever that's supposed to mean S This is so randomly backward that I was actually not uite sure if she was saying these things in an actual internalized misogynistic wayor if she perhaps may have been saying this in some kind of sarcastic critical way as she does mention that she criticizes some sexist attitudes from Fitz and other men tooBut it would seem it's unfortunately not critical at all and in the line of the not unheard of behaviour of those too many women who identify as 'antifeminist' and think they're not oppressed at all because that kind of denial is easier to live with S Anji's random internalized misogyny was another thing that soured the book experience for me a lot 1 All the characters are white except for Anji as she herself notes even wondering whether the rest of ethnicities are extinct in the New Jupiter human colony she's in or if she just was in a 'white dominated area' The Westworld influenced Earth themed park full of androids which appears in this book also only includes a very stereotyped Ancient Egypt and Japan for non white places and periods of history This is partly criticized by Anji who also notes that her current time is not good about racial euality either and that little has seemed to change But at the same time one wonders why the author felt the need to have a 99% set of white characters something not at all needed for the plot 1 Anji's dynamic with the Doctor is a pretty wholesome example of a malefemale friendship The Doctor treats Anji as an eual and is a refreshing contrast to Fitz's behaviour He's also very kind and supportive about her trauma due to the death of her boyfriend At one point with no immediate danger xD Anji starts getting panicked because she needs distractions to take her mind off what happened and the Doctor simply rushes to a gift shop and starts juggling with random objects that he found xD He's also a refreshing change from Fitz's leering creepiness and the hormonal teenagers when Anji takes off her soaked clothes in front of him with 0% problems and in the final pretty touching scene where he shows her a room in the TARDIS that might cheer her up and then hugs her when she starts crying Anji's internal dialogue mentions that while she considers him to be very handsome she sees him as nothing than a friend and someone she can feel comfortable with once again as opposed to Fitz's relentless sexualizing comments 1 The only problematic point is that the author also chose to go back to the 'Eighth Doctor kisses people as an impulse when excited' at one point and yeah it's one of the things I don't really like about Eight's characterization in the moviesome of the books SFITZ 1 The post WW2 40s male companion Fitz is insufferably and very overtly sexist patronizing and entitled having an insecure ego bigger than a house viewing all women as objects to have sex with being a creep leering at underage teenagers and calling women every nice name from 'madwoman' to 'bint' 'babe' 'darlingbaby' 'crazy chick' 'girlie' 'btch' and 'cow' He literally leers at and objectifies every single woman he sees that he considers attractive that is if she's older he'll compare her to the 'unattractive teacher' clichΓ© as he does with the Curator At one point Anji realizes Fitz is not well because he hasn't looked at my cleavage once and ends up nearly crashing a bus with everyone inside because he was busy looking at a mini skirted android He also basically calls Anji some Asian chick way to be both sexist and racist and then a btch ueen from hell because she's not amenable enough aka head over heels obsessed with him as all female companions of the Doctor should be in his opinion These are just some examples among many other things Nice Fitz definitely soured my experience of this book 100%And a brief mention about how he might be bisexual because he also seems to find the Doctor attractive but hey he doesn't disrespect him in the way he does women doesn't make all his dehumanization of all the women he sees any acceptable btw If the way to have some inclusivity LGBT in this case is with such an overtly misogynistic character then no thanks Interesting but not unknown of S how he does have some sort of actual bonding with the Doctor both in a friendship and potentially romantic way and doesn't plain see him as an object when thinking that he finds him attractive but he sees women as basically meat and objects to fck he actually says things like if it looks female try to shag it so he's not subtle at all about it Once again I find it pretty deplorable that a female author wrote a book with such a misogynistic male character S 1 Also Fitz's sexist entitled creepiness is worryingly normalized and kinda played for laughs throughout the book S Anji does express she's fed up with him than once in her inner dialogue but doesn't really say it out loud and the Doctor never speaks out about it either not even when he's straight up harassing Anji S Fitz's sexism is completely free of conseuences and accountability and I find this incredibly problematic1 He does show some compassion for the triplet antagonists at the end of the story in spite of what they did to him showing a bit of that Whovian integrity and grey characters in what was a pretty 2D stereotypically sexist antagonist arc Fitz also has a good relationship with the Doctor and it set to protect amnesiac Eight from harm asking the TARDIS for her help in this at the end of the story EIGHTH DOCTOR1 Relationship with companions as discussed above 1 Eight's characterization in this book is OK at times but pretty vague than once with general Doctorish traits but not that much in terms of defining Eight as an incarnationThe fact that he's amnesiac for the whole book doesn't help a lot 1 He has a couple of extremely out of character moments The biggest one happens when the Curator dies and he goes 'whatever she was a potential murderer anyway' to the extent Anji who hasn't known him for long feels shocked about his sudden callousness Excuse me The Doctor wouldn't react like that and the Eighth Doctor particularly would never react like that He seems to lack too much empathy sometimes for one of the most open heart in his sleeves sensitive incarnations S 1 The Doctor has an important role in criticizing President Hoover's actions about that below and is the main character who challenges the incredibly problematic stuff going on with Hoover and his familyTRIPLETS 1 The 13 year old triplets Asia Africa and Antarctica make the main antagonists for most of the book and are portrayed as sadistic psychopaths who murder for kicks and extremely problematic in their portrayal S In fact all the women in this book except for Anji and the triplets' mother Elizabethan in some respects are ranging from dodgy characters to straight up psycho villains depicted with all the possible misogynistic clichΓ©s from secretly murderous middle aged professional women like the Curator to the triplets who can be described in the range of sadistic she monsters to evil androids seductive femme fatales extra creepiness given that the triplets are minors and deranged fangirls And they're overtly sexualized in an extremely uncomfortable way the most murderous of them is straight up described with very sexual imagery and it's cringy af S and creeped upon by men older than them 13 14 year old girls vs 20 sth leery Fitz who acts pervy about them a lot We've got dodgy guys as well such as Hanstrum who murdered the triplets' mother and blamed them or Hoover the father of the triplets who keeps them locked up and treated their mother like a Handmaid's Tale incubator to get heirs But the male antagonists and Hanstrum's actually turns out to be the main antagonist of the book are not demonized in the way the female characters are at all and they actually get backstories and plot with nuance and shades of grey Also interesting how the three teenage boys who appear are the good guys we also have a selection from shy Nice Guy to Bad Boy who's actually Nice given the time while the female adolescent triplets are for the majority of the book demonized in a very 2D way 1 As the book progresses however the triplets' backstory gives them a bit nuance and makes their characters a bit greyed The Doctor especially adds these shades of grey into their very 2D characters by criticizing Hoover's actions in a similar way to Eurus' portrayal in Sherlock BBC He comments on how Hoover locked them up and neglected them how they grew up isolated and brainwashed and how the circumstances of their birth being accidentally genetically spliced into three different persons could have contributed to their unbalanced psychopathic tendencies But even so there's a lot of unnecessary sexism added into their characterization and this doesn't make for it 1 The triplets like Eurus also fall into the archetype of the sociopathic and unbalanced female geniuses They're very intelligent and technologically savvy working easily with complex technology and creating androids on their own The Curator is also described as having ambitions in her career and the triplets' mother Elizabethan is a brilliant scientist and geneticist But because all these women are either absentdeadin a coma or portrayed mostly as evilamoralirresponsible yeah poor representation SELIZABETHAN 1 Elizabethan the triplets' mother is treated in a very poor way dehumanized as an android incubator with the main roles of wife and mother even though she's also a brilliant scientist But same as her deranged daughters she's 'irresponsible' in her science and accidentally creates her daughters via in vitro fertilization to be unstable and psychopathic This plot is painfully similar to the Handmaid's Tale and many other real life examples of a patriarchal system with Elizabethan being forced into child bearing at all costs and risk to her health because the president needs heirs preferably male of course and it's her 'wifely duty' to provide them or she will be cast aside for another But somehow she still loves him a lot puts herself in danger to get pregnant rears her children alone and basically locked up and still Hoover gets to be super benevolent because woah he didn't set her aside even though his wife incubator didn't give him children Ew And meanwhile technician Hanstrum Elizabethan's secret lover and the only man she was allowed to see acts also very entitled and controlling and ends up basically murdering her because she stood in his way to power and also ended up killing one of her daughters years later 1 While Hoover's actions are criticized uite a lot by the Doctor saying that Hoover is partly to blame for isolating her and her daughters neglecting them and pressuring her wife into having children so much that Elizabethan accidentally created unbalanced children it's not criticized to the extent it should be We're also supposed to feel bad for Hoover who actually gets his happy ending with a returned 20 wife with amnesia with hardly any conseuences for him Elizabethan goes back to being a wife and mother and it is she who has the sole role of looking after her daughters to see if they can become a bit less murderous S Not a very happy ending or portrayal for any of the women here To finish I'd say that parts of this book are potentially uite entertaining and there's also some social criticism going on Earth vs New Jupiter colony theme that I haven't really discussed here But it's all so littered with Fitz's sexism and the problematic portrayal of most female characters that the effect is pretty tarnished S

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Ho want to establish New Jupitan Independence So Hoover has set up an Earth Theme Park – Earthworld It is nearly complete and will enormously boost the planet's income from off worlders – and thus the President's popularity So Hoover has no intention of telling anyone that there are people enter. Special Content only on my blog Strange and Random Happenstance during I β™₯ β™₯ The Doctor October December 2013The Doctor is off on another adventure with Fitz Anji a survivor of their last adventure is looking for a lift home little does she know that adventure is in store They appear to land on a prehistoric planet but everything is off Soon they realize it's a theme park designed to be like ancient earth ie Anji and Fitz's lovely 20th century Though anachronisms abound in absurd and disturbing ways All they really want to do is get back to the TARDIS but with The Doctor's memory problems well will they be able to get out Separated from each other they soon hear of the deaths that have been plaguing the park The security team seems to think that it links back to a teenage terrorist organization oddly named ANJI but once they all meet the president's three teenage daughters everyone is pretty sure they're the homicidal maniacs playing their own game within the park Can a foggy Doctor one loyal companion and one inadvertent companion save the day Or will they become the triplet's newest victimsI've seriously thought this over and come to the conclusion that all Doctor Who books could only be read by fans of the show Anyone who would pick up a random Doctor Who book would be at sea unable to know what was going on Even if you're just a fan of the current rebooted series you know a bit about the history about the past regenerations you have some basis some reason for going into a bookstore and picking up this book I think reading about the eighth Doctor must be like the uninitiated reading just a general Doctor Who book I had to actually do extensive research online just to figure out who these new companions were and what was going on with The Doctor In an interesting inverse in proportions The Doctor with only one appearance in film is the one that everyone writes about Of course this does make sense He doesn't really have a fixed mythology or character like those set in celluloid Therefore it feels like a bit of a free for all for authors Here's someone they can leave their stamp on They could mold this Doctor into their Doctor This lack of restraint has led to some very odd things Lots of amnesiatic problems latching onto a fact from the tv movie weird companions that are simulacra of the real companions that are long gone hundreds of years where The Doctor was doing nothing something Gallifrey is gone I was just so out of my depth at references and asides that I couldn't really enjoy anything A good author will help you to understand what exactly is going on especially if that author was in charge of the eighth Doctor's range of books but from this outing I have to say Jacueline Rayner isn't a good author I felt no connection to anyone in the book How can I like The Doctor if I don't know who he is I mean HE doesn't even know who he is As for the companions Fitz well him and The Doctor have tons of past history you'd think he'd be good to help us understand what was going on But no he'll just reference tons of adventures that you have no idea about and will therefore make you want to join the triplets in killing him As for Anji well let's put a pin in that rant for a second why don't we Yet I will say Anji should have been our entry into this adventure being the new kid of the block but well it failed miserably Getting to the actual story well I have to uote Patrick Stewart on Extras I've seen it all There was so much unoriginality in this story it was mind boggling I don't mean to always go hey in this episode of Red Dwarf you're ripping off but well she did rip off Red Dwarf a lot and it was funny and fresh in Red Dwarf A book should not make me want to go and watch Red Dwarf instead of reading it right The way Fitz comes to terms with being not the original because he can play wicked guitar because in the original Fitz's mind he could well that's the end of the Red Dwarf episode Psirens As for Earthworld itself yeah not that original and I know Red Dwarf didn't create the idea with the episode Meltdown but all the Elvis stuff Red Dwarf again The medieval stuff I kind of liked and in fact that's what brought it up a full star because in those instances there was a uniue story with just The Doctor helping this kingdom It was contained it was simple it didn't rely on me having these vast pools of knowledge from other sources If this little section had been the book sigh what a good book it would have been But instead I will just be left uoting Patrick StewartThough all this pales to Anji and what she represents Anji the new companion having just gotten into the TARDIS to get a lift home after her boyfriend was killed in the previous adventure an adventure that might have made a better selection for this fiftieth anniversary perhaps I don't know But also you don't ever ask for a lift from The Doctor you won't be home for awhile but then Anji has issues Anji's internal monologue is just so misogynistic and sets women's lib back years I was SHOCKED that this book was written by a woman All Anji does is think about herself in a couple with the dear dead Dave think about her shoes of course she's wearing high heels think about how she was wanted by all the other men at her office yet she was faithful to Dave and then in her final email to Dave she actually says What's a step up from a man XY chromosome that is none of this 'mankind' stuff women are definitely a step down officially EXCUSE ME If the previous hundred some pages hadn't been a slap in the face for any smart independent woman you have to state it as clear as possible We are less Well obviously you are You have some issues Also the fact that Fitz is having inappropriate thoughts about teenagers really young teenagers I think someone needs some therapy Perhaps it's me for actually finishing this book

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EarthworldIng Earthworld who are mysteriously never seen againMeanwhile the president has triplet daughters to succeed him in his hereditary role Unbeknownst to him they have been tampering with Earthworld's androids – but why And can the Doctor find out before the problems of New Jupiter get out of control. This is the first Doctor Who book that I really struggled to finish The idea of the plot was uite good a theme park on an alien planet badly recreating scenes from Earth history the ways in which they get it wrong are uite amusing and begs the uestion of the extent to which we int he 21st century get our own ancient history laughably wrong Unfortunately the writing just wasn't very good and the none of the characters were likable I simply cannot take to either Anji or Fitz as companions not the fault of the author but of the series overseers who dreamed them and their endless neuroses up Subplots connected to the series arc just served as annoying distractions and I found the sexualisation of the adolescent villains really uite dodgy It would have been awkward in any book but especially dubious to have an adult protagonist leering at 13 year olds in a serialisation with a large child readership