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Kleifarvatn free read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➸ [Read] ➳ Kleifarvatn By Arnaldur Indriðason ➽ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk O nível das águas do lago Kleifarvatn tem vindo a descer lentamente na seuência de um terramotoUma hidróloga local está a estudar o estranho fenómeno uando descobre uma osO nível das águas do lago Kleifarvatn tem vindo a descer lentamente na seuência de um terramotoUma hidróloga local está a estudar o estranho fenómeno uando descobre uma ossada humana com um buraco no crânio e ao lado u. Arnaldur Indridason is my new favorite mystery author I'm reading about one book in the series each week and anticipating the next book in the series I read other books too but I can't wait to get back to Indridason The Draining Lake reminds me of Silence of the Grave in a number of ways all positive This book features the discovery of a long buried skeleton and the mystery reaches into Iceland's past This time the present connects to the Cold War retelling the story of some Icelandic students who went to Leipzig East Germany to study in the 1950s These were socialists who received funding to attend university and complete their education as young communists These books are so satisfying because they bring together a number of elements outstanding writing a plausible mystery some sympathetic characters and historical context Indridason is extremely skillful in unwinding the narrative Two narrative threads intertwine that of Tomas a central figure and one of the students who studied in Leipzig and that of Inspector Erlendur who continues to stuggle with his loneliness and his relationship with his grown children His romantic involvement with a woman he met in the last book is a bright spot in Erlendur's life and all readers must be rooting for the two of them to find happiness I read many novels that are just too long Indridason has mastered the 300 page novel The pace is leisurely; nothing feels rushed Yet there's no padding; I follow the author where he goes and find myself pausing to reflect from time to time Indridason uses adjectives sparingly but I have no trouble imagining the scenes And although you think you have figured out the mystery I'm always a little surprised at the end when Indridason reveals the final details

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M velho aparelho de rádio com inscrições em cirílico uase ilegíveis A Polícia é enviada ao local e o inspetor Erlendur e a sua euipa ficam a cargo da investigação ue os levará a pesuisar desaparecimentos ocorridos n. The story behind Erlendur's Draining Lake investigation begins not with the discovery of bones in a lake bed but in the 1950s in Leipzig At that time it was part of the GDR and students were being recruited to come to the university there to study Some Icelandic socialist students were part of the recruitment effort but many discovered that there was a catch to their free education once they had been there for a while Flashforward to the present where a hydrologist examining a lake bed finds bones half buried there and calls police As it turns out the body was tied down with an old Soviet listening device starting Erlendur and his team on an investigation that will take them back to the Cold War years With very few clues to go on including the identity of the dead man Erlendur and his team have their work cut out for them In the meantime there's a few hitches in Erlendur's life seriously drug addicted daughter Eva Lind has runaway again and while he's busy worrying about her his long estranged son Sindri shows upIndridason's writing is excellent as always and the fleshed out back story of the students' years in Leipzig is a nice glimpse into the pitfalls of overzealous idealism Erlendur is a character who has since the outset of this series been portrayed as very human with real life problems that don't seem to ever be resolved The author is able to inject a bit of wry humor into his writing which is often dark and depressing there are no warm fuzzies or nice touchy feely happy endings where everyone goes home happy and satisfied in this series If that's what you're looking for then pass on these novelsThe Draining Lake is not my favorite of Indridason's novels but it was still a great read He continues to follow his pattern of the past's connection to the present which is one of my favorite motifs in a mystery novel The book is well written and my only criticism is that at times things seemed to move very slow But I still very highly recommend not only this book but the entire series You'll want to start with the first book in translation Jar City and make your way through all of the books before coming to this one if you want the best reading experience People who enjoy Scandinavian crime novels will want to read this one as will people looking for a good mystery novel in general

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KleifarvatnA Islândia na década de sessenta As pesuisas conduzem nos inevitavelmente às embaixadas do ex bloco soviético e a antigos estudantes islandeses das juventudes socialistas bolsistas na Alemanha de Leste em plena Guerra Fri. I don't why I picked this book Sometimes I walk past the library shelves in Fiction and just pick one up If I like the cover I know so scientific I'll read itSo begins why I had this book It's written by an Icelandic writer Arnaldur Indridason and it was translated into English On my last horrid plane ride with one stop 3 hours that took 10 hours I met a man from Iceland one a stopover in Phoenix he and a friend were on their way to a dinner in Taos he was Wiccan He wore a long black cape and he immediately sat down next to me So I thought I'd give this book a read in his honorIt was interesting to get used to the names I learned a lot about Iceland and its culture in war time when both the United States and Russia were spying in the region It was a good story well written and mysteries abound It kept my interest and I think I will look for other books by the author