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Articular day which seems to mimic the coffee mug slogan 'Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life' the narrator scrutinises the arcana of his environment like an urban anthropologist looking for aesthetic or spiritual purpose and finding only print outs and suspension files spider plants and yuccas and polystyrene cupsIn this short brilliant novel we are taken on a terrifyingly fam. What would be the right way to convey the non story of a continuous draining boring office routing where everyone is totally dedicated to their work fails and the dread of eating tuna sandwiches every day five days a week for so many years etc etc kicks in Certainly not Perfect Tense Although Michael Bracewell tries to write about boredom comparisons with The Book of Disuiet should end here Perfect Tense turns out to be a boring work of wordiness and participation and thus fake This is a bored person who wants to bore others not a bored person who does not care any about anything The protagonist of this non narrative keeps on describing Tolstoy used to do the same but to good effect ; presumably to make things anodyne the protagonist keeps using cliches and pompous formulation To make things worse there's a lot of past tense in Perfect Tense would the bored person really care Overall the only thing that saves the book is for me the boredom it inspires while reading Dozing off on your cat's purr however is much rewarding

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Perfect TenseIliar tour of office life which is at once hilarious and profound the comedy of recognition matched by deepening urban anxiety as if TS Eliot had been blessed with Groucho Marx's comic timing One man's unravelling philosophical crisis amid the leaving parties and sandwiches becomes in the hands of Michael Bracewell a metaphysical search for order and purpose deep in the back of a desk draw. Despite lavish praise on the cover from Jonathan Coe David Lode and Morrissey i put this book down at page 58 and fell promptly asleep

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Download ò Perfect Tense 102 Õ ➡ [Epub] ➛ Perfect Tense By Michael Bracewell ➫ – The anonymous middle aged narrator of Perfect Tense is a man broken on the wheel of office life the great beige wheel of grinding routine the uniform grey carpets the endless buff envelopes Driven by The anonymous middle ageThe anonymous middle aged narrator of Perfect Tense is a man broken on the wheel of office life the great beige wheel of grinding routine the uniform grey carpets the endless buff envelopes Driven by the entropy of the office out of step with the zeitgeist he has begun to uestion his whole generation and his own empty under achieved life in particular Recounting his day at the office one p. This novel has been sitting on my desk for a few months now Although I finished it a couple of weeks ago I'm still unable to create a mental picture of the main character A bored office clerk with no name an 'anti hero' grey and bland as can be The author did a good job on character development then one could argue but I tend to disagree The novel depicts office life in the most cruel way in all its small and irrelevant details blown up to gigantic proportions by the employees who work there It is nearly impossible to describe this novel as a 'bad novel'; the small details in setting and atmosphere are absolutely 'right' even to an uncomfortable levelThe protagonist has the irritating habit of analysing his thoughts and emotions so profoundly that they are covered with a greyish layer of dust stressing the anonymous and meaningless aspects of office life At times you get the feeling that you're watching a pathologist at work carefully dissecting a bodyI felt a shift in my perception like a jolt to my nervous system which was accompanied by the sensation that I had lost my short term memory At the same time I suddenly felt distanced from my surroundings as though I was seeing everything through a thick sheet of glass Combined these effects became a mixture of feelings panic and emptiness I began to realize that I could reduce the threathening immensity of my anxiety to one specific apprehension it felt as though my life had reached critical mass and that there was simply no room in my being myself as the embodiment of my consciousness for any lived experienceSure this distant way of talking about oneself enhances the feeling of alienation in the novel but at times it seemed like a perfect cover up for a writer who has failed to to choose the right words for his protagonist Nevertheless well worth reading it Somewhere in between three and four stars