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Emil und die Detektive characters » 107 Î [EPUB] ✻ Emil und die Detektive By Erich Kästner – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Originally published in 1929 Erich Kästner’s engaging tale has delighted readers young and old for generations It’s Emil’s first train ride alone and he’s excited—and a little nervous On th originally pOriginally published in Erich Kästner’s engaging tale has delighted readers young and old for generations It’s Emil’s first train ride alone and he’s excited and a little nervous On the train his fellow passengers are impressed with how polite and grown up Emil is and the man i. Oh phew I was really worried there for uite a few pagesSo many aspects of the book are highly realistic Emil's personality and relationship with his mother and their money worries that I was afraid that in the end view spoilerthere would be a realistic ending in which it turned out Emil had been mistaken as to the identity of the thief or as would probably happen in real life the adults would dismiss the boys and the villain would escape unpunished Thank goodness the children triumphed hide spoiler

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N the bowler hat offers him some chocolate but Emil keeps checking his coat pocket where he’s pinned the money that he is taking to his grandmother Soon though Emil finds himself getting sleepy and the next thing he knows the man in the bowler hat is gone and Emil und MOBI #8608 so is. First published in 1929 Erich Kästner's Emil und die Detektive Emil and the Detectives especially and brilliantly sparkles and glows with its sense of time and place with its urban realism its palpably authentic and genuine representation and description of Berlin the capital city of the Germany of the Weimar Republic a lively and throbbing modern metropolis and not some vague environs set in either a magical present or a distant historical past Also and for me personally reading about Emil's adventures and exploits in Berlin than forty years later in 1975 when I was nine years old approximately a year before we immigrated from what was then West Germany to Canada with the Berlin Wall at that time still firmly in place and East Berlin like all of East Germany for all intents and purposes cut off from West Germany Emil und die Detektive was basically the only way for me to even remotely be able to experience the at that time still former capital of Germany as from 1949 until reunification while East Berlin remained the capital of East Germany the capital of West Germany was Bonn since unless one had family members in the East it was often very difficult for many if not most West Germans to even obtain permission from East Germany to cross over to visit and neither did we have relatives in East Germany nor did my parents desire to freuent East Germany as that according to them would have been catering to Erich Honecker and the Soviet Union and therefore even the idea of perhaps visiting West Berlin was never remotely entertained or consideredNow aside from the above mentioned and appreciated immediacy the both harsh and at times also entertaining delightful reality of urban existence Emil und die Detektive is primarily a novel of not only adventure and friendship but essentially a glorification of children and their abilities their hidden and not so hidden strengths and talents Emil and his new friends tracking and then apprehending the scoundrel who had robbed Emil of his money clearly and succinctly demonstrates to ALL including parents including adults that the young are NOT and should never be mere bastions of inactivity and uietude to be seen but not heard to be sitting silently and attentively at school at church or at home but that children can do that if they join forces and work together they can at least within the confines of this story even take the job of the police of adult detectives and that there is safety and comfort in numbers that as a team collectively much can be accomplished But that being said and even though I do realise that from all of Erich Kästner's children's novels Emil und die Detektive is definitely still his most famous and well known especially in North America and Great Britain especially in translation there are some rather major and unfortunate issues with datedness and stratified gender roles present as Emil's female cousin Pony Hütchen while clearly represented in many ways as both the most imaginative and even the most courageous of the children unfortunately also seems to be primarily a maternal representative a motherly type whose role is first and foremost that of a caregiver and it is thus Emil and the boys of the group who later earn all or at least most of the accolades who are feted as having apprehended the thief I do very well realise that Emil und die Detektive was penned was published in the 1920s and that for its time for 1929 both the story itself and the featured characters are actually uite if not very avant garde even with regard to Pony Hütchen who while she might indeed languish somewhat as a typical maternal caregiver like entity is at least permitted is at least allowed freedom and vitality is not simply confined to the house or to a finishing school sewing or learning how to be a lady It is just that for me I find it somewhat frustrating that even though many of Erich Kästner's later novels for children often portray considerably less gender stratification and even actual criticism of the latter they are often not nearly as familiar to especially English language readers For while the English language translations of Emil und die Detektive Emil and the Detectives are considered and should always be considered a classic and are easily available and often in current print many of his later children's novels are not nearly as well known in English translation which is truly unfortunate as I have for example personally always enjoyed Kästner's Das fliegende Klassenzimmer The Flying Classroom and Das doppelte Lottchen Lottie and Lisa much than Emil und die Detektive precisely due to the fact that there is not only less obvious gender stratification shown but that both it and negative attitudes towards women face considerable authorial condemnation Still Emil und die Detektive remains highly recommended and is perhaps a good enough place to start especially if one desires to read Erich Kästner's children's writing academically sociologically andor historically

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Emil und die DetektiveThe money With the help of some new friends Emil becomes a detective and tracks the thief through the city Filled with enduring themes of leadership courage and teamwork and the delightful illustrations of Walter Trier Emil and the Detectives is a rollicking heartwarming tale come alive. I’ve been wanting to read this book since Disney aired its 1964 film version on television when I was a child myself late 1960s or early 1970s But I put it off for literally decades until the excellent Manny Rayner reminded me of the book’s existence How sorry I am that I didn’t read this delightful little book soonerConsidering the book was first released in 1929 this tale of a poor boy who loses a large sum but is aided in its recovery has aged magnificently Young Emil Tabletoe takes a train to Berlin to spend a week during the summer with his grandmother Aunt Martha and her family While on the train he’s robbed of the 140 marks he’s carrying by a man in a bowler hat and his adventure in the big city begins Emil’s newfound friend Gustav with the bicycle horn and his pals organize a manhunt that would make the FBI proud Emil’s cousin also joins in Author Erich Kästner creates amazingly believable characters — particularly boys thoroughly enjoying being boys like Emil Gustav Crumbagel the Professor Petzold grumpy Truegut and little Tuesday — but also the long suffering Mrs Tabletoe and Emil’s smart alecky grandmother and his bicycle crazed feisty cousin “Pony the Hat” Heimbold I loved every minute of this uick read which I finished in one sitting I couldn’t stop readingTwo special treats in this book view spoilerErich Käster includes himself as one of the journalists who interview the victorioius Emil in Chapter 15 hide spoiler