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Download Sacred Wilderness 109 à [Download] ➵ Sacred Wilderness Author Susan Power – A Clan Mother story for the twenty first century Sacred Wilderness explores the lives of four women of different eras and backgrounds who come together to restore foundation to a mixed up mixed blood A Clan Mother story for the twenty first N who would come to be known as the Virgin Mary The Clan Mothers reveal secrets the insights of prophecy and stories that are by turns comic so painful they can break your heart and perhaps even powerful enough to save the world In lyrical lushly imagined prose Sacred Wilderness is a novel of unprecedented necessi. I was captivated by the four strong women in this novel whose stories are interwoven to create a tale of love loss regret and redemption Sacred Wilderness spans time and location allowing the story to unfold to the reader in a slow organic way The book moved me as a reader and as a writer

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E wisdom keepers but they are anything but stern and aloof they are women of joy and grief risking their hearts and sometimes their lives for those they love The novel swirls through time from present day Minnesota to the Mohawk territory of the s to the ancient biblical world brought to life by an indigenous woma. This book was divided into several different story sections one that took place in present day and followed an older Native American woman who was employed by a wealthy couple as a cookhousecleaner and others that delved into the stories of the main characters' ancestorsI loved the way this book blended Native American and Catholic spirituality which is what drew me to the book particularly the Virgin Mary's intuitive understanding that all beings who forged a path of peace were sacred and would have been friends of her son Mary's manifestation appeared in both the historical and the modern timelines and I liked her portrayal in the historical one better; she felt just a touch too woo wooin her modern incarnation and I kind of felt as if the privileged unemployed middle aged woman she was sent to awaken was not really deserving of the honor On the other hand her appearance to comfort a grieving mother and clan leader in the historical storyline seemed a much worthy visitationThe historical writing was incredibly beautiful and evocative The modern writing I found to be a little stilted in places but I liked that it lent some greater insight into the politics of being American Indian and living in the current culture This is something I still strive to find a deeper understanding of especially since moving to a state with a significant Native population that still remains mostly a mystery to me

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Sacred WildernessA Clan Mother story for the twenty first century Sacred Wilderness explores the lives of four women of different eras and backgrounds who come together to restore foundation to a mixed up mixed blood woman a woman who had been living the American dream and found it a great maw of emptiness These Clan Mothers may b. Grass Dancer bedazzled me few years back so when I found out Susan Power had written a new novel I was very excited Sacred Wilderness does not disappoint While both novels travel through time with a variety of characters Grass Dancer and Sacred Wilderness are very different Where as the mythology in Grass Dancer is entirely Native American in Sacred Wilderness the spirituality is an interesting blend of Native American and Catholic This blend works beautifully For example Catholic influences are every chapter is named after a mystery in the Rosary and there is an appearance of the Virgin Mary known here as Maryamin modern day a Saint Paul Minnesota Different sections of the book are devoted to different clan mothers some modern day some historical some in mythic times One of my favourite parts was a Mohawk legend of the Peacemaker that is very similar to stories of Jesus Within this story the Virgin of Guadalupe legend is worked in Susan Powers is not imposing a Christian story on First Nation figures rather conveying the idea that the First Nations already had their own spiritual beliefs and prophets that were similar to those in Christianly before the Europeans arrived This is the kind of book that you keep thinking about days after you read it It is a very powerful and deeply moving novel and I highly recommend it Susan Powers is a very gifted author who is becoming one of my favouritesEdited to add April 14 20020 I just read this book again and loved it just as much in fact even