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Fourteen year old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother's loneliness Believing she might discover it in an old book her mother is lovingly translating she sets o. I need to cut the crap with my preconceptions Although I almost unfailingly launch into a new novel with great enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning anxious to discover what hidden treasure awaits for some reason I held out little hope for Mrs Foer’s book about a book about love Maybe it’s because books about books about love aren’t usually my thing Maybe it’s because I read her husband’s bestseller last year and was less than impressed Maybe it’s because I had heard somewhere that they wrote their books together oh how a dorable bouncing ideas off one another and giving each other high fives so naturally I assumed that if Mr Foer’s book was gimmicky which it is then The History of Love would surely be a major eye roller as well rightWrongWhatever the reason I was clearly out of line and for that I owe Nicole a huge apology In this book she weaves three intersecting storylines all under a cloud of intriguing ambiguity so even though it is understood that the stories are related it isn’t exactly clear how until about two thirds of the way through And as the stories of Leopold Gursky Alma Singer and Zvi Litvinoff are told to us they leave an imprint on us even before we learn for sure who they are The History of Love is a gorgeous novel with gorgeous characters who do what characters do best they love and they lose they struggle and they fail and if lucky they learn how to pick up the pieces and survive For them survival is not a destination but a journey There’s no magic cure and there’s no end all But taken one day at a time it is possible to live a life worth living Krauss reminds us that all we really want is to remain visible—to be known to be loved and to be remembered by those who knew and loved usI won a copy of this book through World Book Night a program begun in the UK last year to spread the love of reading That program has now arrived in the US and even though I technically shouldn’t have ualified for receiving a copy of this—WBN books are supposed to have been given only to “light” readers in the hopes that they become “moderate” readers—I will make sure that it will have been worth their while by spreading my love for this book about a book about love

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The History of LoveLove who sixty years ago in Poland inspired him to write a book And although he doesn't know it yet that book also survived crossing oceans and generations and changing lives. I tend to be an emotional reader and my ratings reflect that I finish books filled with excitement or sadness or intense dislike and write eually passionate reviewsrants often including snazzy gifs to make my point This is why some classics get 1 star and JK Rowling gets 5 stars and even Twilight gets 2 stars I feel it's almost impossible to objectively judge uality of writing and literary value so I usually rate based on the emotional effect the book had on me That being said I occasionally think there are some books that are just built on a clever concept and become better the you sit and think about what you've just readIn my opinion The History of Love is one of those booksFor one thing this novel is something of a work of art The graphic design even of the dedications page feels important to the novel without seeming overly gimmicky I've actually always loved the concept of a book within a book when a book which forms part of the plot also ties in with the physical book in your hands or ebook perhaps In this case the story features a book entitled you guessed it The History of Love which carries an obituary at the end identical to the one at the end of this book The real message behind the story is that by writing about things and stories people who are dead and experiences that are long past are given the opportunity to live on through words The fictional The History of Love in the story stays alive across time and continents because people read it and keep the memories alive The implication with the ending of this book is that Krauss is doing the same and encouraging readers to keep Leo and his story aliveAnother thing I love is having very different stories that run parallel to one another and intersect in ways you wouldn't imagine I like the exploration of how small subtle things can shape people's lives and how one unsuccessful author can have such a huge effect on the life of someone they never met I guess in some ways it did make me feel uite emotional but it took some thinking about firstI found Leo Gursky to be exactly the kind of character who evokes sympathy from me but especially within this kind of context We are introduced to him as an aging and extremely lonely man who is preoccupied with his own mortality and impending death Once upon a time Leo lived in Poland fell in love with a woman called Alma and wrote her a book he called The History of Love which he believes was lost in a flood But with fascism on the rise in Germany however Alma's father sends her to the United States where she builds a new life that Leo isn't a part ofWhen Leo finally makes it to the USA he has no place in Alma's life and must forge a new lonely existence in a strange country Meanwhile another story is taking place somewhere completely different A teenage girl called Alma was named after the character in The History of Love her parents' favourite book that was in fact published and she is currently trying to deal with the death of her father In yet another parallel story Zvi Litvinoff is the man who stole and published Leo's manuscript and now feels a terrible guilt for doing so All these lives move alongside one another rarely actually touching but making waves for the others all the sameFor me the real message here is about the power of words and stories How they can shape lives and have long term effects that most of us don't recognise as they're affecting us It's about the power that lies in being able to tell your story and having it be heard It took me a while to compile my thoughts but I highly recommend this book for those looking for a thought provoking little readBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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Read & Download ê The History of Love ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í ❰Reading❯ ➷ The History of Love Author Nicole Krauss – Fourteen year old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother's loneliness Believing she might discover it in an old book her mUt The History PDFEPUB or in search of its author Across New York an old man called Leo Gursky is trying to survive a little bit longer He spends his days dreaming of the lost. Nicole Krauss is married to Jonathan Safran Foer They both live in Park Slope Brooklyn and they both write clever critically acclaimed novels featuring preciously innocent narrators magical realism and some safe postmodern experiments blank pages pictures excessive repetition etc that you'd notice just by flipping through I loved Foer's Everything is Illuminated liked his Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close okay and liked Krauss's History of Love a little less I'm wondering now if my appreciation for Everything is Illuminated and my waning appreciation for the other two books is due to the fact that I read it first I hope notHere there are three narrators Leo Gursky a Holocaust survivor and sometimes writer living alone in New York waiting to die; 14 year old Alma Singer a precocious girl who has to deal not only with her father's death but with her mother's subseuent depression as well; and a third person omniscent narrator who relates the story of a little known book called wait for it The History of Love It goes without saying that these characters are connected in ways they don't understand hint by the mysterious book and that somehow this connection once made will help everyone involved That's all fine Things however don't come together as well as they should at the end despite some beautiful writing and the book that lies at the core of this story the book that has lived on for generations changing lives along the way is really just an annoyingly simple allegory about the genesis of love and other feelings Krauss has obvious talent but it isn't enough to corral this messy pastiche of a novel I try to make a point of being seen Sometimes when I'm out I'll buy a juice even though I'm not thirsty If a store is crowded I'll even go so far as dropping my change all over the floor the nickels and dimes skidding in every direction