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CHARACTERS ☆ DOGSALONBRISTOL.CO.UK ✓ Aroon Raman Ing one step ahead of capture and death Datta is swept up in a world of kings and warrior princesses of uncommon friendships and an implacable evil and a desperate race against time to save his grandmother – and the EmpireAroon Raman national bestselling author of The Shadow Throne now brings us a riveting saga of action and adventure set in Mughal Indi. This one turned out to be one very interesting surprise package uite an unexpected cast of characters who support the protagonist in the story The story has a treasure but much than that the story is about the politics about royalty about a special gift about the companions of the hero kid and his friends and of the Emperor and the King of fierce loyalty and friendship The book blurb doesnt do it justice the book is much than that but then if the blurb had mentioned it it wouldn't have been such a sweet little surprise Must Read I readily recommend

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ù The Treasure of Kafur ß ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Treasure of Kafur Author Aroon Raman – ‘The fate of an Empire trembles in the balance’Hindustan 1580 AD The Mughal Emperor Akbar is at the height of his power seemingly invincible But twenty years of war have earned him many enemies a ‘The fate of an Empire trembles in the balance’Hindustan AD The The Treasure MOBI #8608 Mughal Emperor Akbar is at the height of his power seemingly invincible But twenty years of war have earned him many enemies and rebellion is brewing led by Asaf Baig the tyrannical ruler of Khandesh Baig has stumbled upon the knowledge that the fabulous lost treas. A secret treasure of importBeing hidden so no one can find it The hiding place is ingenious You instantly hope you’re in for a treatFast forward a few century A coupe is brewing The hunt for the treasure is afoot The guardian of the treasure Ambu is being hunted Dattatreya Ambu’s grandson the protagonist is a guardian in the making Not yet aware of his charge His world turns upside down when he becomes hunted for reasons he is not aware of His grandmother kidnapped and his life at stake He finds companions in his animal friends whom he can speak toGreat Mughal emperor Akbar needs to be informed of the coupe for he and he alone can free Datta’s grandmother So begins the chaseSounds interesting rightTo me it sounded like a great plot The writing was great and spot on from the very first page But the whole story took a hit when Datta becomes a sidekick to all his animalsSo who’s the Protaginist you ask A Cow A turtle A parrot and Two Ravens That’s right Two ravens ScoreSoon we realize that it is all about these animals They go on to save the reign of Akbar Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar himself The greatest emperor Well this book was pretty bland The only good thing was the writing which kept me from DNF’ing this It is just the way this book is written it comes across as decent So writer has that going on for himOther than that the whole plot loses sense uarter of the way in The worst part of the book is the whole fabled Treasure of Kafur main stay of the book is never revealed I mean I can understand the author not revealing the treasure’s location but what is the nature of that treasure could’ve been disclosedI don’t know my feelings for this book are confusing I hated it in parts and liked it in parts Lets just leave it at thatNot gonna recommend to anybody though

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The Treasure of KafurUre of Malik Kafur that will guarantee victory to Akbar’s enemies is known to an old woman called AmbuBaig Kidnaps Ambu to wrest the knowledge of the treasure from her but her twenty year old grandson Dattatreya escapes and flees across Hindustan to enlist the help of the one person who has the most reason to stop Baig – the Mughal Emperor himselfStay. I had received a signed copy of the book to review‘The Treasure of Kafur’ is a story set during the golden era of the Mughal period when Akbar is the King of Hindustan The Deccanis want to seize the throne and are searching for the famed treasure of Malik Kafur to finance the war The story involves the Rajput clans elements of fantasy a uest and an unfinished love story There are some historical inaccuracies but this can be ignored in this work of fictionAmbu who is a Guardian of a grove has been kidnapped by Asaf Baig the ruler of Khandesh Baig believes that Ambu can guide him to the treasure of Kafur Her grandson Datta has to reach out to Akbar for saving her and the treasure Ambu and Datta can telepathically communicate with the animals around them The animals are very loyal to the Guardians Baig has sent his men and some killers to capture Datta Datta is able to reach Agra where Akbar is presently residing and tell him about the approaching war and the presence of the treasure The main character of the story is Datta He goes through a lot of hardships to reach the Emperor His friendship with Dilawar son of an army chief is very nicely developed Akbar is shown as a just and fair ruler and makes his presence felt in the later part of the story The book could have ended with the ending of the war The only part of the story which I did not like was the love angel Why was it needed It could have been done without Maybe the author Aroon Raman was looking for a way to write a seuel But in my opinion the heroics of Akbar would have provided enough material for the next bookMy favourite part was the meeting between Akbar and Rana Pratap And I was expecting a second meeting between them after the war was over and was disappointed not to see it Nevertheless the author had written a very good story It’s great to see that the authors are finally incorporating the rich historical past of our country in their stories More books about Akbar would make for a great reading