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The Gypsy Ribbon Free download ☆ 6 Ý ☀ The Gypsy Ribbon PDF / Epub ✍ Author Shannon MacLeod – Rock hard play hard love harder Celtic Cup #2 Suit of Wands Internationally known wild child James Kelly is a filthy rich rock star devilishly handsome with silicone beauties aplenty to grace both his Rock hard The interest of a “bad boy” something she can take seriously Sometimes falling in love takes a leap of faith Occasionally it needs a push off the cliff James is than happy to give Lisbeth that needed shove but will his love save heror get her killed CONTENT WARNING Irish mischief smokin’ sex creative uses for ice cream and bad gypsy accents A Lyrical Press Fantasy Romance. I'm going to try to make this review short as it's the third book in the series First you don't have to have read the other books in the series to understand what's going on But of course I'm one of those that likes starting at the beginning It's worth the effortThe thing about this plot is that you have two characters that describe two people who meet and go through the motions of falling in love It's sweet Personally I also like the fact that Beth and Lily from The Celtic Knot made vows to abstain from sex until they at least fell in love Some might think it unrealistic There are those who won't even like it But for me I'm always glad to read about characters like thiswell just because With it being such a sexualized world now it's just nice to see some ladies holding out for the heroLastly I also enjoyed that the occupations of the characters were different from the usual cops lawyers small shop owners etc So overall a great story with good characters and good writing And as I said a book that stands alone but I would recommend starting from the beginning This book isn't the end though and personally I look forward to the next book in the series

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Rock hard play hard love harder Celtic Cup Suit of Wands Internationally known wild child James Kelly is a filthy rich rock star devilishly handsome The Gypsy PDFEPUBwith silicone beauties aplenty to grace both his arm and his bed He has it all Or does he What he wants most is a real woman to tell him no once in a whileand thanks to his inherited precognition he knows her when. The Gypsy Ribbon Shannon MacLeod Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews I'd enjoyed the first in this series Celtic Knot so was pleased to get this one I enjoyed it even than book one whether its just the storyline appealed or that I was familiar with the characters and the paranormal uirks they all had I’m not sure Anyway this time its about another brother from the Kelly family James He's an international top rock star and with his good looks fame and money he has no shortage of woman wanting to be with him But what he wants is someone to love him not the rock star not the fame and the money someone who will say no to him when its needed He's getting jaded with the rock scene loves his band mates and the music but their manager has been pushing them hard and they are all feeling it I can see how that happens in real life and love the way authors show us the downsides to a situation instead of just the outward glossy appearance This felt so real I was wishing for something good for Jamesand then he meets Beth at a family wedding She's the best friend of his brothers wife and when he sees her he feels an immediate connection Beth's got his poster on her bedroom wall and had a long time crush on him and can't see he'd be interested in her she's not like the type of lady he's always pictured with So when he tries to get closer to her she says no He's stunned but persistent though and slowly they begin a romance with advice always from the Tarot cards I love this mystical side Shannon adds to her writing it fits well with the characters and with the overall story arc and gives a little extra dimension to the plots Of course James being famous means danger for Beth and the manager isn't happy at his money maker having a girlfriend – that’s not going to go down well with the female followers So they don't have a smooth ride for their love story but one fraught with dangers and double dealing mayhem and mysteries and it all comes to a life threatening climax Its a great read one I really enjoyed and would re read It has a good balance of love and emotion happiness and sadness it's much than just a bland sweet HEA story Its a good length too at 98000 words that to me makes a far better book than a short one as a uick reader I want one to occupy me for hours and only long ones do that Stars five good fun romance with a mystical themeNB ARC supplied via Lyrical Press

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The Gypsy RibbonHe meets her But the vision of his future is shrouded in darkness and shadows Tarot reader Lisbeth Vargo works at the local renaissance faire She’s still stinging from her last bad relationship when her best friend marries James Kelley’s brother After being paired up in the wedding party sparks fly between Lisbeth and James Even her tarot cards tell her he’s the one but is. Starting with a Tarot reading that steals James’ breath away we are introduced to the devil may care rock star early on A few fast forward jumps to a wedding of a bandmate with Irish accents and patois flowing freely James finally meets Lisbeth and sparks fly He’s a rock star though with all that entails and very used to keeping the women at arm’s length or around for the moment Lisbeth is a card reader but feels she can’t stand up to her friend in looks or figure While her looks intrigue and her standoffish manner keeps him intrigued even so because being told NO is exactly what he wants from a woman He’s drawn to the ordinary life she leads and often prone to commenting about the fact he never felt she’d agree to go out with him That is the point where his charm and underlying loneliness shows through and the man behind the persona shines For her part Lisbeth appears comfortable and happy in the friend zone it’s when she thinks of that she stiffens up And soon his charm wears her down laser focused he teaches her to see herself through his eyes Throughout the story there are freuent appearances from many characters all somehow related to the band couple hood is in the air throughout James’ band even as the distance and schedule makes it challenging When he takes a break for them to spend some ordinary time together rumours fly and Lisbeth becomes the band’s Yoko When James goes to rescue her he and his brother Ian have a moment of precognition and fear the worst Throughout the story Lisbeth and James both have such a fun banter and solid feel to their relationship that it’s hard not to root for their own happy ever after A fun read that had enough laughs and characters moving throughout the story to show a relationship developing in a logical and solid way Conversations are cleverly worded and including Irish mysticism mixing with the bits of renaissance fair feel are uniue and brighten the background with a touch of wonder I received an eBook copy from the publisher for purpose of honest review for the Jeep Diva I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility