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FREE DOWNLOAD » Daylight Again Hell or High Water #3 Õ [BOOKS] ⚣ Daylight Again Hell or High Water #3 Author S.E. Jakes – Before Prophet Drews can have a future he must first put his past to restProphet Drews is a man on the edge and he’s pulling Tom Boudreaux his partner on the job and in reaRaises all of Prophet’s old ghosts CIA assassins the terrorist Again Hell or High Water eBook #222 Sadi and most importantly John traitor former teammate and Prophet’s first loveTo help bury those ghosts for good Prophet and Tom gather the members of Prophet’s former SEAL team and a spook named Cillian who’s been tailing Prophet for years In the process Pro. Written November 22 201443 Stars The very best kind of tough agent MMJeez gripping emotional kinky hot steaming tough tricky missions and full of adrenaline fueled hard muscle guys So much fun and cozy heart thumping reading These books never makes me disappointed Fantastic delivery in each new book and Prophet Tommy's intense hot and sexy love drama just gets better and better Action packed man loving romantic suspense and I love it Daylight Again feels like a well developed third part in this Hell or High Water series about Prophet Elijah Drews and Tom Tommy Boudreaux Both former agentscopsmarines My reviews view spoiler• #1 Catch a Ghost 4 stars• #2 Long Time Gone 45 stars hide spoiler

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Before Prophet Drews can have Hell or PDF #9734 a future he must first put his past to restProphet Drews is a man on the edge and Daylight Again ePUB #8608 he’s pulling Tom Boudreaux his partner on the job and in real life right over with him When his old CO calls in a Again Hell or Epub #218 favor Prophet asks Tom to join the off the grid rescue But the mission. 25 starsI'm just going to come out and say it It was very hard for me to finish this bookNow remember friends I'm basing my rating mostly on personal enjoyment and this fell somewhere between okay and like for me I can see why this book has lots of 5 star ratings and loyal fans however me for me it wasn't a win Why Heather why I know you all are wailing Well most of my rating boils down to one simple truth This book confused the crap out of me Still perplexed I'll explain A bajillion characters There are at least 10 guys mentioned through the course of the book guys that have important roles in the story and I couldn't for the life of me keep everyone straight The tangled web or who works for whom and who has slept with whom practically gave me a migraine They all started fusing together into one giant blinddeafmutegaymuscularmarinenavyspy character I call him Doc Malblucilliaproph The time and space jumps Sounds mildly sci fi no Anyway one minutes the guys are in a remote country and the next they are back in their apartment lickety split Time seems to have no meaning in this book It could take place over the course of one day or ten weeks and I wouldn't be able to tell The way all the accessory characters keep popping in Mildly related to my first point it was strange how one moment the Tom and Prophet would be alone and the next they are with 5 different people This happened over and over again People keep randomly appearing in the story and it felt so sudden each time All the secret spy organizations FBI CIA EE Marines Secret Ops I give up I can't remember who is from where and why Prophet's disease Okay I'm a scientist of sorts and it drove me up the wall that I didn't get a name for Prophet's eye condition I don't need a full explanation but what was given was really vague and I would think that Prophet would want to know details I did some research on my own given the information from the story degenerative x linked due to the fact that all the males had it variable phenotype and I diagnosed Prophet with Choroideremia Now I feel better All of them being practically invincible It started to feel a bit far fetched I mean super human strength cunning precision reaction times I think Prophet is made of steel sometimes Now that I've aired all my grievances what was good about the book Lots of things really I love when Tom and Prophet get it on holy hot sexy times and when the plot has its straightforward moments I liked the start of the book and the emotional strides that Prophet and Tom took in this story It had some very bright spots but my enjoyment was greatly lessoned by all of the things I've listed above I know this series has tons of fan girls and I get it I really do but I'm starting to realize that this series is just not going my way Things are feeling and convoluted and I'm a straightforward kind of girl Everyone else keep enjoying the yumminess that is Prophet and Tom because I think I'm closing the door on this series Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Daylight Again Hell or High Water #3Phet is forced to face his team’s shifting loyalties ghosts who refuse to stay dead and scariest of all his own limitationsWith everyone’s lives in danger Prophet and Tom must unravel a tangled knot of secrets including their own Prophet must decide how much to reveal to Tom while Tom must decide how far he’s willing to go to help Prophet lay his ghosts to re. Tommy and Prophet are awesome as alwaysBut I didn't understand a thing I don't really care but it's one of those movies I begin watching and I know from minute 2 that I will have to disconnect Because I'm aware that every effort is futile So I just try to follow the dialogues and wonder at the amazing shots The story just doesn't make sense Prophet thinks and he thinks about saying out loud that he is thinking about which he actually hasn't said in his very own mind because there are only ellipsis and unfinished sentences In the end it doesn't matter as Tommy understands anyway and he gets it But I don't I feel stupid reading dialogues that are not real dialogues I feel l'm in the middle of a tennis match wondering how Nadal won the play I didn't see that ball comingAnd the time traveling I'm tired of it Suddenly we are in the States now we are in Amsterdam Not I feel like visiting the doctor What the fuck happened there There is such a lack of cohesion between all the events I'm not even going to try to link them all Impossible The endless sex IMO ending and starting again non stop several times sounds like sci fi for me And they are not young Once I read the States spent 80 millions in Viagra Pfizer for the Army I'm beginning to believe it Because seriouslyProphet's potential blindness is not explained What kind of disease is that one If it's genetic it surely has a name or maybe it's a syndrome Why isn't it mentioned for the whole book I classify that data in my shelf of Important information I should know about the MC Am I weirdAbout Mal and Cillian relationship as with the rest it comes out of the blue And I did read Dirty Deeds so I have all the information I should have In theory As far as I know Mal and Cillian have met twice or three times Apparently that's enough for Mal to admit to Tommy that view spoilerhe's falling for Cillian hide spoiler