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REVIEW ¿ Bone Deep Á ❰Ebook❯ ➥ Bone Deep Author Debra Webb – Some secrets are best left close to the bone From the author of the bestselling Faces of Evil series comes another chilling story of deception and betrayal Jill Ellington’s twin sister hasn’t spok Some secrets are best left close to the bone From thRe’s something about Jill Ellington that won’t let him walk away Paul’s ability to sense what others cannot once made him a legendbut he’s not that man any Yet somehow Jill makes him yearn to be the miracle she desperately needs As they unravel a web of shocking lies that go back three generations they uncover bone deep secrets that will rock the town of Paradise if they can survive long enough to te. Bone Deep by Debra Webb is a Pink House publication This book was released in 2013 I picked this one up in the Kindle lending libraryJill's twin sister Kate is in the hospital horribly beaten catatonic and accused of killing her husband and hurting her child But Jill an attorney is certain there must be a mistake Calling on an old friend for help she is introduced to Paul Paul is gifted with the extra sensory perception that enables him to get a feeling about what is going on with people But he is tormented by a mistake that cost people their lives He no longer works for the FBI but does his old friend a favor by meeting with JillReturning to her hometown Jill is reminded of why she left in the first place Her mother hasn't left her home since her father died the mayor can't stand her and everyone else always confuses her with Kate The entire town seems on edge as though they know something about Kate and her son they aren't willing to share Even Jill's mother behaves as if Jill should just drop the whole thing and uit making wavesThe only person that seems to think Jill has a point is Paul However the two of them don't really get off to a good start with one anotherBut when Jill's probing gets the town stirred up Jill finds she is in danger One way or another Jill has to be shut up This was a taut suspense novel that reminds us that we should never forget the past History can repeat itself and often does So before you begin to think the plot is so much science fiction go back and do a little research about experiments on twins in the Nazi concentration camps The premise was chilling It is possible that some private organizations could fund such experiments today Catering to those desperate for a child or to those who want the perfect child and are willing to pay for it this novel opens up a plethora of very real possibilities Even the name of the town Paradise seems to suggest some allegoryThe suspense area of the book was fantastic The romance however was just not happening for me The scene when the two finally act on their feelings was just flat out silly These two had been through unbelievable sorrow and fear It just didn't seem right for them to behave in such a manner and was out of character for both of them They deserved a romantic scene The ending was rushed also in my opinion While the author leaves us with a very unsettling thought some things weren't not explained well enough for my satisfaction Otherwise this would have been a five star rating It still gets an A

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Some secrets are best left close to the bone From the author of the bestselling Faces of Evil series comes another chilling story of deception and betrayal Jill Ellington’s twin sister hasn’t spoken a word since she allegedly murdered her husband and her three year old son is missing No one in the small idyllic town of Paradise saw or heard a single thing The chief of police already has Jill's twin convi. In this first book in the 'Bone' series a man is dead and a toddler is missingAttorney Jillian Ellington grew up in the idyllic town of Paradise Tennessee then moved to Mississippi for college and law school This 'desertion' angered Jill's parents and allegedly 'killed' her father so Jill hasn't been back for years Now big trouble in Paradise has drawn Jill backJill has an identical twin sister Kate who is suspected of stabbing her husband to deathand the couple's three year old son is missingMoreover Kate can't explain what happened because she's in the hospitalbeaten bruised and catatonic unable to move or speakStunned by this occurrence and desperate to help her sister and find her nephew Jill has returned to town At the suggestion of her former law professor Richard Lawton Jill has engaged the services of former FBI profiler Dr Paul Phillips Paul who has psychic abilities was once a top FBI analyst but uit after a case went badThe profiler is now a lonely hard drinking depressive who rarely takes a job In fact Paul only agreed to help Jill because he owes Professor Lawton a favorJill and Paul don't hit it off right away but a romantic attraction soon has them working together Once the duo start asking uestions though they run into hostility from EVERYONE in Paradise including Jill's mother; the police chief; the mayor; the senator; and much of the local populace It's pretty clear that the town has a secret no one wants revealedPaul's paranormal talents give him insight into what's going on and he and Jill start to suspect that Paradise's medical research facility which is very important to the town had something to do with the death of Kate's husband and the disappearance of the toddlerIn fact Jill and Paul fear the laboratory is engaging in unethical Nazi like research During their investigation the twosome look up the experiments of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele and there are graphic descriptions of the disgusting monster's horrific 'research'Though Jill and Paul face fierce opposition including threats and worse they carry on to uncover an almost unbelievable conspiracy 😮I enjoyed the suspensemystery part of the story which is interesting and well done Nevertheless the book has some problems IMO First it's hard to believe that Jill's decision to attend college in another state would rip her family apart This rings a false note Second Jill's mother behaves very oddly She actually gets angry because Jill is trying to find Kate's vanished child Who would believe this 🤨 Third the romance between Jill and Paul doesn't ring true It's hard to accept that an attractive successful attorney would instantly fall in love with a gruff loser who's almost an alcoholic In addition Jill and Paul's romantic thoughts about each other are adolescent and goopy And finally the initial 'consummation' of the couple's love is laughable and a picture I don't need in my mind 😝All that said I'd mildly recommend the book to fans of romantic suspense Other mystery fans can probably find books they'd enjoy You can follow my reviews at

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Bone DeepCted and her nephew dead and buried Jill is going to need a miracle to uncover the truth Dr Paul Phillips has a gift or a curse depending upon how sober he is when ask He agrees to review Jill’s case to settle an old debt but five minutes in Paradise and he knows he has made a monumental mistake This is the kind of case that broke him once before and he has no desire to go down that dark path again But the. Mrs Webb totally wowed my with this book Paul and Jill work together to unravel a mystery that is so sinister it is hard to believe it has happened in the small town of Paradise This page turner will have you hooked and waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next This story is the X Files meets Criminal Minds Don't miss it