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READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ Legacy Code Legacy Code #1 Û [Epub] ➝ Legacy Code Legacy Code #1 Author Autumn Kalquist – Space is a brutal homeThree hundred years ago the Earth died and the last humans fled Beaten Broken in ways than one Their descendants carry the Legacy Code—mangled genes that force them toN a chance to have Legacy Code Epuba child they feel lucky Until the day Era's supposed to find out if her baby has the Defect and the ship suffers a hull breachAn investigation uncovers new threats Dangerous secrets Lies TreasonEra begins to uestion everything she’s been taught about the fleet their search for a new Eart. ARC provided by the author for an honest review445 DEFECT STARS A Better World AwaitsBut will we ever get there Life in space is filled with unexpected dangers and discovering the truth may be the worst danger of them all17 year old Era is happily paired with Dritan and she is on her way with baby #1 Except her baby or cluster of cells needs to be checked for defects and if present Era will have to abort After all defective babies end up dying and waste resources especially in space It's better to follow the many rules enforced than receive punishment many ending with traitors or the insane getting airlockedAs the uninhabitable planet Soren calls for victims life gets and unstable in the multiple ships; relationships are split and hearts are broken With traitors plotting for revenge around every corner everyone is restless no one can be trusted However when Era the model citizen does the unthinkable she starts to uestion the morals of the president and the board All the nonsense Zephyr her best friend sprouted throughout the years no longer seem like rubbishSecrets are uncovered and a pregnant woman willing to protect her child is not someone you mess with EverHEA view spoilerCliffhanger ending that continues in Paragon Legacy Code 2 hide spoiler


Space is a brutal Legacy Code ePUB #180 homeThree hundred years ago the Earth died and the last humans fled Beaten Broken in ways than one Their descendants carry the Legacy Code mangled genes that force them to abort half their unborn childrenWhen Era and Dritan Corinth get placements on the safest ship in the fleet and wi. oh I did not like this book one bit Legacy Code seems to me to be anti abortion proselytising masuerading as sci fi There was no examination of the fraught moral judgements involved in applying a limited amount of health care under the do the most good paradigm necessitated by space colonisation There was only precious snowflake Era fulfilling her greatest dreams by carrying the genetic offspring of her and her perfect het partner Dritan Sadly said genetic offspring has genetic modification 2672 a mutation spinning out of control through the population appearing in half of all embryos and causing serious heart and lung defects Era's amnio shows her embryo carries the defect and it is scheduled for termination But Era rejects the description of her embryo as a collection of cells It is her baby and she will do anything to protect it Era discovers the colony leaders' greatest secret view spoilerthree out of five babies survive corrective resource intensive surgery The Defect wasn't a lie But they'd all been lied to Her baby had a chance could live How many women had aborted children who could've survived if only they'd been given the chance Her baby was not just a collection of cells How could she abort now that she knew her baby had a chance loc 1266 hide spoiler

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Legacy Code Legacy Code #1H and the Defect But the answers she seeks Code Legacy Code PDFEPUB #235 were never meant to be foundLegacy Code is a suspenseful dark post apocalyptic read that has earned five star reviews from fans of books like Hunger Games Divergent and Red Rising and has been compared favorably to Wool and the new Battlestar Galactica. I'm still in shock over Legacy Code This book freaking wrecked me I finished last night at 3am because I couldn't put it down and I honestly don't think I've been this anxious for a seuel in a WHILE Autumn's writing is beautiful simple and poignant Her world building is spectacularI loved all the technical and societal details she shared and how they worked together to drive her plot forward I have MAD respect for how she took her story to its realistic brutal conclusion working within the confines of the world she created I didn't expect that which gave it that much of a punch I'm so glad I discovered this book and author I will absolutely be reading the next in the seriesand anything else Autumn writes I highly recommend you check it out