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The Witches of Eastwick review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB â ❰Reading❯ ➶ The Witches of Eastwick Author John Updike – Toward the end of the Vietnam era in a snug little Rhode Island seacoast town wonderful powers have descended upon Alexandra Jane and Sukie bewitching divorcées witArryl Van Horne refurbishes the long derelict Lenox mansion and invites them in to play Thenceforth scandal flits through the darkening crooked streets of Eastwick and through the even darker fantasies of the town’s collective psyc. High Hopes will almost always set a reader up for a fall The excitement of chosing a book THIS book to begin my month Witches and spells to celebrate the Halloween spirit of OctobersighHaving never seen the film or read any Updike novels before I really did not know what to expect I only knew that I expected great things And sadly this novel did not deliver many great things at allsighA little over two weeks spent trying to get into a novel that is only 306 pages long That's an average of about 150 pages week That's an average of 21 pages a day That's an awful average Wanna know what's even worse than that average The fact that whole days went by without me even WANTING to pick this book up again when I first started it The characters were not really likable I could not find anyone that I felt connected to or at least even slightly cared about Updike has this uncanny way of making them all ugly even if they are supposedly attractive Pointing out every flaw though he went much easier on the woman The poor men characters in this book never stood a chance All are balding bad breathed hairy knuckled sweating things GrossHis idea of what women want what women talk about and how women act around each other was completely off base And coarse And he likened things about a womans body and attitude to things that didn't even make sense To things that made me cringe and grimace It was uite painful at times Imagine taking one of those eye clops toys they sell for the kids now that are like a microscope and can project images onto the television screen Updike uses the same format placing all the knicks and warts and liver spots and hallitosis out there for the whole world to read At about the 23rds mark I found myself finally engaged in the novel and reading through the pages much uicker trying to find out just where Updike was going to leave these three witches and their wacky zany neighbor 100 pages devoured yesterday Amazing Will I be reading any other novels by Updike after this slightly disappointing introduction to his work Sadly I may just pass Am I happy to have read it Eh Jury is out on that one at this time Would I recommend it to someone Well I did give it 3 stars after all So I suppose if someone told me they were looking for a book that involved horribly flawed witches and wasn't so much focused on the witchyness of those witches then ok I could recommend this to them But I would have to be certain that they weren't looking for anything great Because then I would setting them up for a fall

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Toward the end of the Vietnam era in a snug little Rhode Island seacoast town The Witches PDFEPUBwonderful powers have descended upon Alexandra Jane and Sukie bewitching divorcées with sudden access to all that is female fecund and. man this dude Updike sure can drive a truck less endowed guys often like to drive around in the biggest trucks they can find making up for that lack yet unaware of the implications of their too large vehicles; this guy Updike drives his truck called The Witches of Eastwick kitted out with the biggest paragraphs and the longest sentences musing on whatever the fuck he feels like musing on his rippling brain proudly on display with no trimming or manscaping his unshorn philosophical sack hanging full and heavy his thoughts motile and vigorous salty manifold and he drives like there are no rules let alone a speed limit so what does all that say about him is this guy overcompensating like all those other guys with their too large too kitted out vehicles nah his cocky nakedness shows me he's not; he's proud to strip down and show his all putting what is usually hidden out there to be admired the perhaps less well endowed turn away annoyed and repulsed his big paragraphs and long sentences and jutting prose an affront his man musk is strong and not for everyonebut isn't this book supposed to be about womenthe writing does astound and that includes his characters female and male alike the central protagonist Alexandra is impressively layered a ruthless earth mother who casually fucks around and just as casually kills chipmunks and puppies and all of the crazy digressions are a marvel so easy to get lost riding these dreamy trains of thought so hard to disembark Witches of Eastwick is unuestionably a high uality product it has a scary intelligence to match its killer prose this slim book is intimidatingly dense thick with ideas this guy Updike can write but can he write about women yes and no yes he can write about women of course he can write about women he can write about so many things including women he is an amazing writer and his thoughts on gender are never less than interesting just as the women in Witches of Eastwick are never less than primal forces never less than powerful except they are not truly powerful being prey to their pettiest emotions except that as primal forces they are purely reductive archetypes these women crave men they succor men enchant them fuck them become their muses; these witches are the way men prove their manhood and the reason for them to get up in the morning and steal away from their wives these witches only find happiness when they find the right man these witches are a man's best form of support like a dog is man's best friend these witches only harm and kill animals and other womenit's a joke that this book was ever considered to be even remotely feminist it's laughable that cockproud Updike thought he was writing about female power a power that patriarchal societies have denied it's hilarious that critics considered this an intelligent engagement with feminism when it defines its women almost solely by their relationships with men I guess 1984 was a tough year for female empowerment if this book was considered pro feminism testosterone writes about estrogen and the result is women seen through a very male eye4 stars for the fully engorged writing 2 stars for the limp ideasand so 3 stars overallThank you Davytron for recommending this book My issues aside this was a rich and thoroughly enjoyable experience At least while reading it My problems came up after the book was put down The act itself was exciting and memorable; it wasn't until later that the malaise and the feeling of hollowness set in Typical for me I suppose I'm a guy after all

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The Witches of EastwickMysterious Alexandra a sculptor summons thunderstorms Jane a cellist floats on the air and Sukie the local gossip columnist turns milk into cream Their happy little coven takes on new malignant life when a dark and moneyed stranger D. U is for Updike 1 I would like to go back and never purchase this StarIt’s not you it’s me You know what It IS you it is 100% YOU Updike This book is AWFUL There are so many attempts to make this book edgy that it came off entirely underwhelming I mean it took me over 2 months just to finish it for fuck’s sake A 300 page novel two months That is actually unheard of for me I found every reason under the sun of which there has been lots these last two months to not read this book Things I did instead of reading The Witches of EastwickIn no particular order Joined a pool league Joined ANOTHER volunteer committee Slept in the middle of the day for no actual reason Re watched several cheesy chick flicks and dance movies Started and finished watching 3 seasons of ‘Dance Academy’ and then started RE watching them Okay this ONE probably has something to do with Jordan Rodrigues as well Watched several episodes of ‘Archer’ with the Beast Read at least 10 other books only three of which were time sensitive Buddy reads Went for walks a LOT of walks Went to Costco and the grocery store ON PURPOSE when we didn’t need much of anything Went bathing suit shopping at the mall OoOkay I am going to assume you get my point I found every excuse NOT to read this book because Updike’s writing is distancing and his characters are extremely difficult nay IMPOSSIBLE to give a shit about I am lost as to what even is the point of this bookThere are three witchy women doing magic of varying degrees and having copious affairs with married men; there is death and destruction; there is selfishness cruelty and the skeevy underbelly of humanity’s tendency to judgment and heartlessness BUT it all amounts to nothing It doesn’t mean anything And Updike’s writing is so bland that the characters just sort of zombie walk around while all this is going on without any depth or comprehension Sukie Alexandra and Jane never come to life and it’s extremely disappointing I sincerely hope that my horrible book slump will be over now that I am done THISFUCKINGBOOK Category A book with magic