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DOWNLOAD Ð eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Á Gail Shepherd Everyone you meet is fighting a History of eBook #10003 battle you know nothing aboutA history loving girl Lyndon Baines Hawkins's relentless search for the truth puts The True MOBI #8608 her in direct opposition to her fusspot grandmother’s need to keep up appearances Lyndie knows lots about history she can tell you who President True Hist. “I think the truth is a place you can only move toward like walking toward the horizon Even though you know you’ll never get all the way there”So says Lyndie B Hawkins the uick tempered uick witted and completely endearing main character and narrator of this story Lyndie an 11 year old historian in the making is in the “category of people who ask uestions” She wants to know why she and her parents have to live with her appearances are everything grandmother Lady She wants to know why her father a recently unemployed Vietnam veteran who just lost a dear friend is changing into someone she doesn’t recognize She wants to know and she’s not going to stop asking until she gets the truth—or as close to it as she can getShepherd’s story is middle grade at its best I stayed up far too late finishing LYNDIE because I had to know what would happen to Lyndie and her father to Lady and “delinuent” DB to do gooder Dawn and Velvet the fawn The characters are deep and real the pace is uick and engaging and sewn throughout like the pieces of a patchwork uilt are these timely and beautiful themes history is changeable heroes are flawed and the truth is worth seeking even if it can never fully be found

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READ & DOWNLOAD The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins 108 ☆ [KINDLE] ✽ The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins Author Gail Shepherd – Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing aboutA history loving girl Lyndon Baines Hawkins's relentless search for the truth puts her in direct opposition t Ory of Kindle #180 Lincoln’s best friend was the gruesome diseases of Civil War soldiers and where her Hawkins ancestors built log houses near her home town of True History of Lyndie B PDFEPUB or Love’s Forge Tennessee But when it comes to her Ma and Daddy her knowledge is full of holes Nobody talks about what happened to her veteran Dadd. Have your parents ever experienced adult problems that you just don't understand Have you ever felt frustrated by being left in the dark when it comes to your family issues Lyndie B Hawkins is just such issues and she is about to blow her lid from all of the secrecy All of her life she has had two loving parents a great house and a normal life Then when her dad came back from the Vietnam War everything changed He didn't come back with any physical damage like so many others in their small town but he did not come back the same as when he left Things went from bad to worse when he lost his job Her mom had to get a job and when she wasn't working she stayed locked up in her bedroom with headaches The final breaking point was when they had to sell their house and move in with Lyndie's grandparents Lady and Grandpa Tad Lady is a very proper Southern lady who believes that family problems need to be swept under the rug and kept uiet from the gossiping small town Things spiral out of control when she finds her dad hiding alcohol in his car and he walks around at night with a gun All of this secrecy is killing Lyndie on the inside but she is also having to cover for her family with her best friend Dawn Dawn is her only friend and all of the lying is driving a wedge between them Then when Dawn informs her that her family is going to foster a juvenile delinuent boy named DB she thinks that she has lost her best friend forever Little does Lyndie know that when the secrets of her family are exposed it will be an explosion that will affect not only her and her family but the friends around her Will Lyndie ever be able to confess to Dawn what is actually going on in her life When it is finally revealed who DB's foster family was will this contribute to the explosion Will Lady continue to cover up her family secrets or will she finally put away her pride so that her son can get help Read this incredible story to find out the answers to these uestions and so much This book grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go until the last page Growing up a southern girl myself I can relate to the small town southern life Lyndie had to endure than any eleven year old girl should have to and I loved her southern grace She knows when to keep her mouth shut but she also knows how to give some sass when it was appropriate She can bless your heart and then be madder than a wet hen within two shakes of a sheep's tail Do not miss this story of family friendship love and loyalty This is a must read for 2019Follow meBlog Blazer Tales Laurie’s Library Place laurieslibrary laurieevans27 Laurie Purser

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The True History of Lyndie B HawkinsY during the Vietnam war and why he “came home different” or why her Ma stays locked in her room for days or how come they had to sell the house Lyndie grew up in and move in with her strict grandparents And Lyndie’s grandma Lady is determined to mold Lyndie into a “nice” southern girl who knows how to keep uiet about family secrets. Lyndon Baines Hawkins lives in Love's Forge Tennessee and is surrounded by history She is about to turn twelve and has a burning need to get the historical details right She takes seriously the uote by Harry Truman inside the Love's Forge History Museum that says The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know The location allows for exploration of the Civil War and the time setting 1985 expands the scope to include the Vietnam War as Lyndie and many of her friends are the children of veterans One of her favorite people is Mrs Dooley the librarian who helps her look up primary sources Since this is the 80's the research is done primarily through books and microfiche No Google searches here This book not only addresses the family strife from dealing with the fallout of serving in Vietnam but also takes on the foster system and manages to include some kickboxing knitting and baking I loved it and highly recommend itThe thing is I say desperately you can never be totally sure of the effect what you do or say will have If you're in the middle of something you can't see how it all fits together You never know until after when you look back That's the whole point of learning history Lyndon Baines Hawkins