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Mélody AUTHOR Sylvie Rancourt review Ï 107 ß ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Mélody Author Sylvie Rancourt – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Charming innocent and empathetic Rancourt passes the reader a gift the ability to experience and see a venal adult life through the forgiving blameless and easily wounded eyes of a child Chris Ware frCharming innocent and empathetic Rancourt passes the reader a gift the ability to experience and see a venal adult life through the forgiving blameless and easily wounded eyes of a child Chris Ware from his introductionIn Sylvie Rancourt and her boyfriend moved to Montreal from rural Northern uebec With limited formal education or training they had a hard time finding employment so Rancourt began dancing in strip clubs These experiences formed the backbone of the first Canadian autobiographical comic book Melody which. The repackaged serialized memoirs of Rancourt telling the somewhat fictionalized She calls herself Melody in it; she is describing a scene where her fellow characters might not want to be outed tale of her years as a stripper Chris Ware and Bernard Joubert write framing essays to help us understand the importance of this project which they identify as the first comics memoir which she began publishing in DIY fashion in 1985 only in French selling it at strip clubs Now summer of 2015 it is out in English 344 pages so it is a substantial piece of work It is since I know you are curious not particularly lewd or titillating Definitely not pornography though there is of course nudity in it Rancourt does tell her story of various experiences she has in the trade but the hardest to take aspects of the story are ones of her small time criminal ex whom everyone hates You will too But Melody never does hate him actually which makes her somehow innocent seeming than the life she depicts in a weird wayMelody comes off as a kind of naif even when she is engaging in some pretty wild things not usually explicitly depicted I said and no spoilers here I read some of it before reading Ware's terrific intro in which he agrees it is not prurient or shocking and helps us see the art which is initially elementary looking as deliberately child like and innocent And I agree finally though I initially DID see it as kinda simple as art and story But as I read on I can see the drawing is actually accomplished and the episodic stories are interesting And over all there is an arc to the memoir as we see how she gets into the trade casually at the suggestion of her dope dealer their boyfriend and gets out of it working at a pretty disreputable bar The really interesting thing about this memoir besides its historical value first Canadian memoir is how Rancourt maintains her nice and friendly persona throughout as if she were actually skirting all the dangers of her life in some way Very interesting project Really

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Rancourt wrote drew and distributed starting in Later she collaborated with the artist Jacues Boivin who translated and drew a new series of Melody comics for the American market the comics were an instant cult classic Until now the Rancourt drawn and written comics have never been published in English These stories are compelling without ever being voyeuristic or self pitying and her drawings are formally innovative while maintaining a refreshingly frank and engaging clarity Whether she's divulging her first experienc. I've read a lot of stripper memoirs I have eclectic reading tastes and this graphic novel memoir didn't really do it for me This memoir takes place in Canada during the 1980's Melody and her dead beat boyfriend are broke and unemployed so he pressures her into being an exotic dancer while he peddles dope Melody starts off as young and naive and uickly grows jaded and tired of her boyfriend's lying cheating and stealingNot enough to leave him though There are multiple chapters and each tells a small story One involves the cops another involves puppets yet another an orgy you get the picture While interesting I had a hard time feeling sympathy for Melody The drawings are a little amateur but fit well with the story

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Mélody AUTHOR Sylvie RancouEs dancing for an audience or sharing moments from her life at home her storytelling is straightforward and never sensationalized With a knowing wink at the reader Rancourt shares a world that in someone else's hands might be scandalous or seedy but in hers is fully realized real and often funny The Drawn uarterly edition of Melody Story of a Nude Dancer featuring an introduction by Chris Ware Building Stories places this masterpiece of early autobiographical comics in its rightful place at the heart of the comics cano. Wow okay that was really depressing but eye opening at the same time