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Memoirs of a Muse characters ß 0 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Memoirs of a Muse ✩ Lara Vapnyar – Tanya is a typical teenager living with her bookish professor mother in a cramped Soviet apartment She is obsessed with Dostoyevksy and noticing that he always portrays his mistress and muse in his no Tanya is a typical teeOllege graduate newly emigrated to America she attends a Manhattan bookstore reading by Mark Schneider a Significant New York Novelist Tanya uickly moves in with Mark ready to dazzle in bed to Memoirs of PDF or serve and inspire if only he would spend a little time writing But as she struggles to better underst. So I got this book at a 'People who work in publishing' Christmas book swap party and set about reading it one chapter at a time in the bath It's been way too hot for baths lately so it took me forever to finish itThe best thing about this book is the prose which manages to be lyrical at the right times and unassuming and easy to read at all other times I liked the beginning with its almost morbid description of uninspiring people unmuse like people uite a bit but felt intertwining the story of Dostoyevsky and his musemistress Polina took a lot away from the story It was difficult to know how to read those sections are they historical Are they a fictionalized account of what the story might be I never really found them all that interesting At best we're given rough sketches of these figuresI also wasn't overly fond of the ending which seemed to be unable to decide whether it wanted to be happy or sad cynical or optimistic So it tried to be all of the above And while the twist in the last few pages was interesting I'm not sure why we couldn't just have that instead of a full account of where the MC ended up It made the whole thing feel forced and sentimentalDisclosure This review was written by an author see my review policy for information

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And her role as Muse Tanya also learns than she expected about the destiny she has imagined for herselfA touching and very funny novel in the great tradition of Russian realism Memoirs of a Muse is also a lively meditation on the mysteries and absurdities of artistic inspiration From the Trade Paperback edition. I'm currently reading this book Well actually I had to put it down I was utterly bored and I got as far as page 28 I read about this writer in the NYT recently about her third book Broccoli and Other Tales of Food and Love I was really anxious to read anything about this author The review of her current book and interview made her writing sound lyrical and well literaryWhen I started the book I found it utterly boring for about the first 35 pages I just didn't get it Not at first So I put it down and wasn't sure Eventually I picked up the book again and trudged on What eventually made it interesting for me was how the author tied in the historical life of the muse Polina and Dostoevsky with the narrator's life I found Tanya's relationship with Mark the most interesting part of the bookVapnyar's writing was lyrical and profound in some areas Considering that English is her second language it is a triumph that she writes so well in this language Having heard great things about her short stories I was a little disappointed in this novel but I would be sure to read other works by her Overall I give this novel 3 stars because it began very slowly and I felt like it took too long to get to the most interesting parts of the story However I thought it was worth the read overall

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Memoirs of a MuseTanya is a typical teenager living with her bookish professor mother in a cramped Soviet apartment She is obsessed with Dostoyevksy and noticing that he always portrays his mistress and muse in his novels–never his wife–she determines to become a companion to a great writer Her opportunity comes when as a c. I enjoyed this novel and especially the author's writing about identity formation in childhoodearly adulthood She wrote about this with a subtle hand showing how the protagonist becomes the image in the mirror that she sees held up to her But the author also makes us gently aware that the protagonist is looking eagerly into this mirror Isn't that nearly the picture perfect definition of adolescenceI admired the creativity of the plot which reminded me of something Woody Allen might come up with And there's lots of good internal dialogue that captures the je ne sais uoi of youthful insecurity There were at times a too tongue in cheek aren't I clever attitude that crept in that I noticed Or maybe it was some awkwardness in the author's writing that she had trouble smoothing out Oh well So it's not perfectI liked this book uite a bit and do recommend it A very solid 3 rating or a shakier 4 star because I liked it and found it endearing