characters American Boys 109

characters American Boys

characters American Boys 109 Õ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ American Boys By Louise Esola ❅ – It was 1969 War and protest rattled the nation while the troops marched on The warships set sail For coming of age American boys death seemed one hill away By then nearly 300 of them were coming home It was War and protest rattled the nIt was War and protest rattled the nation while the troops marched on The warships set sail For coming of age American boys death seemed one hill away By then nearly of them were coming home in boxes each week They were young men caught in a war machine one of chance circumstance and misfortune In a tragedy of just the same lost in the turmoil of what would become America’s most unpopular war lies a story buried fathoms deep in the blue waters off Vietnam In the middle of a dark night off the coast of Vietnam on Junethe USS Frank E Evans is rammed by a ship ten times her size sending her forward half to the bottom of the South China Sea and into oblivion Seventy four Americans are killed in this mysterious collision Three brothers from a small town in Nebraska are gone as is the son of a chief who barely survived Only one body is ever found The truth is confined to a footnote of the Vietnam War Buried in obscurity even today as the names of those killed are not on the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC In American Boys journalist Louise Esola has uncovered and assembled a powerful rebuttal putting the ship and her men in the time and place that was Vietnam Groundbreaking and astonishing in scope and intimate details American Boys is a story of heartbreak and perseverance It’s the story of a shattering injustice of love and healing and of a great generation of those who fought and lost yet vowed to never forget though their nation has In praise of American BoysLouise Esola has shed new. Oh this just pisses me off to thinkhere were these young men and boyswho enlisted in the navywho died in a horrific accident at seaand their names are not ON the Memorial Wall What an insult This sits on President Obama's deskor his filesor in the SAMR frickin vault left for Nixon when HE went into officeand no one is doing ANYTHING Honor our troops All our troops All the men and boys and women who walkedflewranswam or in any way went into battle or battle zonesStop being nit picky and man up damnit They gave their lives They deserve this respect The families deserve THAT much respect A very well written book Great researching on the authors part Seeing what she came up against The rules and regs for disclosure stolen pieces of informationARRGH So frustrating God bless those families and may their souls all rest in peace

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Ican Boys is that rare offering and deserves its own commendation as a piece of powerful research into a segment of Vietnam history that many have tried to bury over the decadesone that deserves to not be forgotten” Midwest Book ReviewThis is the story of one of the greatest still unresolved tragedies of the Vietnam War one the US Navy has pretended had nothing to do with it American Boys explores the realities of Vietnam naval operations and in evocative prose and stunning detail it reports the sinking of the American destroyer Frank E Evans along with the decades long struggle of survivors and families to get the Navy to acknowledge the truth of the matter This book should be read and those Evans sailors commemorated John Prados bestselling author of Vietnam The History of an Unwinnable War“Louise Esola’s finely wrought account of a Vietnam era disaster at sea and its unending impact on the drowned sailors’ loved ones will echo in your mind long after you’ve put it down This beautiful heart breaking book should be reuired reading at the Pentagon and the White House” Jack Cheevers author of “Act of War Lyndon Johnson North Korea and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo” “American Boys is an important story beautifully told Long after you finish this book you will remember the men of the USS Frank E Evans and understand why the fight to include the names of its lost crew members continues” Kristen Graham Pulitzer prize winning journalist with the Philadelphia Inuire. On June 3 1969 the USS Frank E Evans was hit by the HMAS Melbourne during nighttime exercises The Evans and other ships in the exercises were heading back to the Vietnam combat zone after having refueled and picked up ammunition 74 men on the Evans died when it was sliced in two The names of those men are not on the Vietnam memorial because although the ship was coming from and returning to combat they were not technically in the combat zone when tragedy occurredThis story intrigued journalist Louise Esola who investigated the Evans and its tragedy American Boys is the result of that investigation This book is not just the story of the accident It is a story of the men many of them just boys on that ship She conveys how they were just as the mother who lost three sons in the collision noted normal American boys boys sent with too little training to a war they and at that point most people did not want to fightI came to this book because of a family connection One of the men who died Alan Armstrong is a relative of mine That connection made reading the book even poignant especially reading of the last family gathering he attended his sister's wedding hosted at my grandfather's old farm But even with out that connection Esola creates a human connection to a war that for most of my generation is nothing than an abstraction glossed over in history class and US culture Like Esola it's hard to read these stories and stay distant The reasoning for not including the names of the 74 lost men on the Vietnam memorial rings shallow they were 200 miles on the wrong side of a line drawn mostly for accounting purposes not only that but the men on the Evans and other ships received Vietnam Service Medal credit for the exercises implying that they were recognized at the time as having been participating in war related activities But the survivors and the families of the victims continue to try to change that I hope they eventually succeed

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American BoysLight on a tragic chapter of the Vietnam War She has dug deeply into an accident at sea that took the lives of young American sailors and has told their stories brilliantly American Boys is worth your attention Joseph L Galloway co author of We Were Soldiers Onceand Young “With Louise Esola’s powerful storytelling American Boys uncovers a lost chapter of history full of grace and determination A compelling read” Gregory A Freeman bestselling author of Sailors to the End The Deadly Fire on the USS Forrestal and the Heroes Who Fought It “Louise Esola has done a remarkable job of research in putting together this forgotten story of young men who lost their lives on the USS Frank E Evans during the Vietnam War Ms Esola writing with conviction and compassion does a long neglected service to the memories of those killed in the line of duty As a Vietnam War veteran myself I salute Louise Esola and all those who have given their time and energy to keep alive the memories of the fallen” Bestselling author and Vietnam veteran Nelson DeMille“With stellar reporting and strong writing Louise Esola has rescued a largely forgotten incident of the Vietnam War the sinking of the destroyer Frank E Evans in “American Boys” traces the sailors from hometowns across America to their service aboard the ill fated ship giving the sailors the respect that their country has denied them “American Boys” could easily become a classic story of men and war” Tony Perry Los Angeles Times“Amer. I belong to a Facebook group and the leader is Luanne Reilly Oda Shortly after I joined the group Luanne's father passed away and it was a devastating time for her and for all of us in the new phase of friendship She recommended the book American Boys for us to know the story of her father and her family Her father was one of the captains on the ill fated USS Frank E Evans a warship that was on duty outside of Vietnam in 1969 On maneuvers it was hit by an Australian destroyer and 74 navy men were lost never to be recovered Luanne's brother Larry was one of the 74 The book was written by a Philadelphia born journalist Louise Esola It is well written and tremendously well researched It is about the men and their families and the despair and disappointment by the Navy Luanne was proud of it which meant that it captured the essence of that time and event It is heartbreakingand heroic