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Read Murder at Ebbets Field ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ❮Read❯ ➪ Murder at Ebbets Field Author Troy Soos – Sluggeramateur sleuth Mickey Rawlings is back for a second whodunit August 1914 the Giants are in first place the Dodgers last and Mickey might well realize hiSluggeramateur sleuth Mickey Rawlings is back for a second whodunit August the Giants are in first place the Dodgers las. My team lost the Super Bowl and there are still seven weeks left until opening day There I said it This time of year in between football and baseball season is the toughest for me as it coincides with winter dragging on Even if there is no snow on the ground the cold and gray days get to me as I long for spring to hurry up and push winter away I try things in February like taking a reading vacation but this only intensifies the fact that I miss the sun A wise goodreads friend suggested that I read a baseball themed book to help me out of the dumps and even though I had just read a mystery I decided upon Murder at Ebbets Field by Troy Soos to help me improve my mood as I look excitedly toward opening day Mickey Rawlings is a utility player with the New York Giants during the early days of the major leagues This installment of Soos' series takes place during the 1914 season when the Giants are battling for the national league pennant At the time players like Rawlings had to earn every bit of playing time that they got as baseball still had not reached its height of popularity and the top salaries were a mere few thousand dollars The nascent federal league battled the majors for control over players like Rawlings yet any major leaguer who signed to play with the Feds was Black listed from ever suiting up in the majors again It is amidst this backdrop that the league leading Giants take on their rival cellar dwelling Dodgers for a key three game series that matters for bragging rights than a place in the standings and in the end has little to do with baseball Florence Hampton is an actress at Vitagraph movie studios and a part owner of the Dodgers She would like for one Giant and Dodger player to take on a small acting role in the company's upcoming movie and Giants manager John McGraw suggests Rawlings Rawlings takes to acting and meets this book's love interest Margie Turner while on set Invited to a company party at Coney Island Rawlings begins to fall for Turner yet at the same party Florence Hampton is discovered washed up on the beach As with his stint with the Boston Braves trouble and murders seem to find Rawlings and he is determined to uncover whodunit Along with help from Turner a few rival players on the Dodgers and his some time friend reporter Karl Landfors Rawlings slowly begins to unravel the case While doing so he comes under the unwavering eye of his manager while in a pennant race and needs to prioritize whether life as a ball player or extra curricular activities are important to him creating the elements of a fun historical piece Murder at Ebbets Field is the fourth of Soos Rawlings mysteries that I have read and each is impeccably researched and includes historical tidbits that make the series a fun read for any baseball fan In this installment Soos describes the dimensions of the Polo Grounds and gives 1910s star players like Christy Mathewson and Casey Stengel supporting roles in the plot Combined with the tensions of World War One and the fight with movie studios and baseball to gain the public's attention and the yearly pennant race featured in the prose these historical mysteries have become a fun series to turn to while the games aren't being played on the fieldWhile these books can not change the fact that there are still seven weeks between now and opening day each baseball book that I read whets my appetite for baseball and spring that much Rather than agonizing over a football game that might have been I have baseball to look forward to and my team is supposed to do well this year or so I hope Suffice it to say I may be turning to Troy Soos again before opening day to help me get into the baseball mood 35 stars

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T and Mickey might well realize his most cherished dream of playing in the World Series But as the pennant race heats up. As usual fun for the texture of the details rather than the solution to the mystery The author puts the reader in a different time where athletes and actors were suspect rather than center stage and where men could be charged with a crime for going shirtless in public The narrating guide he uses for this journey is an unassuming but astute young ballplayer who is constantly engaging Never a WOW moment but worth including the next book in the series in a balanced rotation of other reading especially with all the attention World War I has received as a watershed of culture's transformation into what we now know as the modern worldSECOND READING I think I would give it another half star if I have the option The narrator is definitely engaging as is the time he describes The 21st century reader's experience of America before World War I is eual parts bemusement at the uaint formality of the time and recognition as those same characters living through the early 20th century are longing for the good old days

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Murder at Ebbets FieldMickey finds himself matching wits with a killer who has an irritating habit Murder at PDF or of vanishing into thin ai. This is the second in a series following Murder at Fenway Park which I enjoyed than this one Mickey Rawlings is a utility infielder for the 1914 New York Giants baseball team under the leadership of Manager John McGraw A female movie star dies after a party attended by Rawlings who decides to investigate the untimely death This book is full of baseball lore including some well known figures from that era In that respect this book was very enjoyable However some of the key figures were not clearly depicted and the outcome left something to be desired