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After the Flood Characters ¿ 8 ô ❰Download❯ ➾ After the Flood Author John Nichol – After the famous dams raid thousands of eually daring missions were flown in WWII by 617 Suadron Find out about them here from former RAF Tornado Navigator and Gulf War veteran John NicholThe role RAF After the famous dId became an enormous propaganda triumph The survivors were feted as heroes and became celebrities of their timeThey had been brought together for one specific task – so what happened next Of the men who made it home from that raid would lose their lives later in the war and only survived to see the victory for which they foughtFew are aware of the extent of the Dambuster suadron’s operations after the Dams Raid They became the ‘go to’ suadron for specialist precision attacks dropping the la. As a boy I recall building plastic model kits of the famous aircraft of World War II and one Christmas I was given a special kit of the RAF Lancaster bomber but this was different it was one from the famous ‘Dambuster’ raids I did not know much about these raids at the time but from then on I spent and time in my local library researching the history of Bomber Command and the Dambuster raids Little did I know it at the time that my thirst for knowledge for both World Wars would become a lifelong interestNot many would have failed to have heard of the legendary story of the crews of the Dambuster raids but what became of the crews In After the Flood by former RAF navigator John Nichol is an incredible researched account of the these brave men that flew on the attacks on the damsThe mend of 637 Suadron were brought together to train for a specific mission to attack and ultimately destroy a series of dams the Mohne Eder and Sorpe dams in the heart of the industrial Ruhr by attacking and destroying these dams it would set back the German military machine by also destroying factories in the Ruhr valley The uestion was how to attack these dams something unheard of Barnes Wallis had for some time been experimenting with a new bomb specifically designed for attacking these dams which later became known as ‘the bouncing bomb’ On 17th May 1943 Operation Chastise was launched with 19 modified Lancaster Bombers of 617 Suadron took off under the command of Wing Commander Guy Gibson the aircraft flew at altitudes of 100 feet to avoid radar detection and carried a single bouncing bomb Of the 133 aircrew that took part in the raid on the dams 56 were killed The results of the attacks was a massive propaganda success for the RAF The resulting flood waves killed close to 1600 people many were forced labourers of a number of nationalities from a number of European countries and also Eastern Europe 617 Suadron went on to carry many daring raids over enemy targets from deep inside Germany to attacking and sinking the Tirpitz the largest German battleship ever built they also went on missions destroying V1 and V2 factories and launch sites to the catastrophic attack on the Dortmund Ems canal and also Hitler’s Eagles nest Of the entire crews that joined the Dambusters raids only 45 men survived to see the final victory that they fought so bravely to achieveNicholl deserves praise for the immense research that was undertaken for After the Flood including talking with survivors as well as visiting some of the target sites the crews attacked This is an incredible story about a group of incredibly brave men who put themselves in mortal danger every time they took part in a raid It is a fitting tribute to 617 Suadron a group of men to whom we owe so much and the likes of which we may never see again An outstanding historical account that I am delighted to recommend to anyone with an interest in military historyLest we forget HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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After the famous dams raid thousands of eually daring missions were flown in WWII by Suadron Find out about them here from former RAF Tornado Navigator and Gulf War veteran John NicholThe role RAF Suadron in the destruction of the dams After the PDF or at the heart of the industrial Ruhr has been celebrated in book magazine and film for than seventy yearsOn the th Mayairmen set out in Lancasters to destroy the Möhne Eder and Sorpe dams of them did not return Despite these catastrophic losses the ra. Informative in parts written from an RAF insiders perspective there are some nuggets of information in particular detail on the Tirpitz raids and the early Tallboy raids Elsewhere the research seems a bit light touchI’ve no doubt about the bravery and expertise of the members of 617 suadron during WW2 and would be interested in a comprehensive version of the storyA while ago I read Dam BustersThe True Story of the Legendary Raid on the Ruhr by James Holland That book felt better researched that this one in particular with respect to the formation of 617 suadron The two books only overlap in parts so they can be considered complementary if the different level of research can be overcome

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After the FloodRgest bombs ever built on battleships railway bridges secret weapon establishments rockets sites and U boat construction pens They were involved in attempts on the lives of enemy leaders both Hitler and Mussolini created a ‘false fleet’ on D day which fooled the Germans and knocked out a German super gun which would have rained shells an hour on LondonIn After The Flood John Nichol retraces the path of Suadron’s most dangerous sorties as their reputation called them into action again and again. A great read about a few brave men amongst thousands