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About Last Night About Last Night #1 summary × eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î ❮PDF❯ ✯ About Last Night About Last Night #1 ⚣ Author Belle Aurora – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A MALE ESCORTBROTHER'S BEST FRIEND ROMANCEMatt uinn has been an escort for most of his adult life He's so good E passes and uinn is smittenThere's only one problemThe client is his best friend's little sisterShe's off limitsHe knows betterStaying away from one another is easier said than done. FULL REVIEW POSTEDRating 3 ‘ESCORTS’ StarsMy Views Overall this one was a nice sweet read which I enjoyed to uite an extent To be honest there were time when this book was too slow for my liking I must say that I loved the side stories Nick Addison and Bill and Terry better than the main story Style of writing Belle Aurora is an amazing writer her writing is fluent funny and she always deliver a page turner but for me she missed her mark with this oneCharacters Matt was Ohh so sexyHe was fun and I loved how he is not scared to state his feelings On the other hand Mia is the shy and funny girl who was really entertaining except for the fact that she acts like a teenager for someone who is 27 Together they were great and made me enjoy this oneFavorite Part NoneWhat did not work 1 The characters do not meet for approximately half of the book even though they text and converse a lot for me the first half was uite slow It’s after the characters met that it started working for me2 I felt like the love confession the pacifying and the ending were rushed Similar books HmmUnfortunately I just finished ‘On Jamaica Lane’ and jumped on this one and I just could help comparing the twoThey had uite some features which were similar Recommended As mentioned above this one was a cute read and funny to some extent and had Tons of HOT Sex; so I’ll definitely recommend it to you people However it must be noted that since the hero is an escort there’ll be sex scenes of him and his clientschokengititikchokengs I didn’t get why the book is named ‘About Last Night’ Nothing happened last night or soClick On The Color Splashes To Join Me ;

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A MALE ESCORTBROTHER'S BEST FRIEND ROMANCEMatt uinn has Night About Epub #222 been an escort for most of his adult life He's so good at his job that he's booked months in advanceAn e. 220 StarsMia is a 27 years old girl who has struggled with self esteem and body issues all her life Now that she feels better about herself she lost some pounds she decides to hire an escort “Men Hundreds of beautiful men smiled back at me looking at me with unadulterated lust their smiles whispering Come hither“ but not just any escort She decides to hire Matt her brother’s best friend “His erection looked different than Marcus’ It looked thicker manlier and angrier And secretly I wished to taste it It looked like this cock was made purely for the purpose of pleasing women” Why Because she wants Matt to be the one to pop her cherryOh yeahhhMia is a 27 years old virgin I’m just kiddingMia is really a virgineverywhereBut her ‘character development’ is done so well There's blood on the sheets I sniffled Now everyone will know what a harlot I am The maids will talk about how much of a ho I am then they'll tell the cooking staff and before you know it the entire city will know Sometimes my expectations are too high and in this case they really were Big mistakeI really wanted to like this one Unfortunately I couldn't When I finished I was ready to rate it with – 3 stars but after I reflected a littlenojust no Firstwe have MiaMia who acted almost the entire time like a teenager Secondly we have Matt who not only he can satisfy every client but he also gets off every time with every single one of themYeahmoving onI didn’t feel any connection with these characters or any chemistry between them None Zero Ahand let’s not forget about how detailed the sex scenes between Matt and his clients are And there are many many of them I know this is about an escort but come onI have a limitIt’s safe to say I didn’t care too much about this one I know I’m in minority here so read it at your own risk Sowhat I liked I guess I liked the emails between them and the writing was okahand the cover That’s itI'm done

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About Last Night About Last Night #1Nuiring email from a potential client finds him intrigued about the shy awkward woman A back and forth is started and before About Last PDFEPUBuinn knows it a friendship is formedTim. Originally Paused 65 % No inkling to return so sadly this is a DNFI have truly enjoyed this author’s other works and I didn’t find fault with the writing enjoyed the dual povs but the storyline had just too many aspects that I couldn’t get pastThe heroine acts like she was 18 23 years old when in actually she is a 27 year old grown ass womanThe hero is an escort who’s every client is a hot lay and we are treated to what the hero and author deemed hot sex scenes with most of his clientsSeriously this is in fact an escort service that I’m supposed to believe that all the clients are fab in the sack and the hero gets off from every single one totally not buying itI did make till the part where the two finally meet in person and the heroine losses her virginity to the guy of her dreams blood responseWTH and then onto the hero finding out that she is his best friend’s sister Still I paused for Kristen Ashley Ride Steady and well just don’t care enough to return for of this naïve heroine every woman is a good lay hero and the typical flamboyant gay neighbors