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Born Strong review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Born Strong By Paul Lam ✪ – orn in Vietnam Bon Trong—meaning “born to be strong”—was only ten months old when he was left with his grandmother in China in place of his father to fulfill an ancient Chinese tradition that oStarvation and malnutrition in his childhood He began studying tai chi with his father in law hoping to ease his painful arthritis Moved by the art and the movements that began to improve his health and spirit Dr Lam became an avid learner and expert in tai chi Feeling he could help others through tai chi he started workshops to teach those who wanted to learn and also instructed others how to teach the methods he had developed From workshops to lectures to creating DVDs to writing books Dr Paul Lam has dedicated his life to spreading the health benefits of tai chi around the world He has changed the lives of millions of people who seek to connect their mind body and spirit through tai chi fulfilling his destiny to become a true healer Born Strong is a story of survival persistence and love. Paul Lam has lived an incredible life and has come out on top to teach tai chi to millions as well as be a genuinely nice person Even if you are not interested in the tai chi aspects of the book understanding what happened to the people in China when Mao took over is a good history lesson

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Er the Communists in China He escaped to Hong Kong where he was welcomed by an uncle and aunt but was distressed by the shock of the new culture and his heart wrenching separation from his aunt However he was determined to win approval from his parents from his family but most of all from himself As fate would have it a brother living in Australia paved the way for him to find his future there Excited by the Western culture and kindness of the people he finally experienced freedom for the first time in his life Paul as he was now known chose the path of healing early on when he decided to become a doctor He came to realize how much he loved medicine and it became clear his calling was to heal people Dr Lam was far from well however as he suffered many debilitating effects from the years of. ExcellentI've been doing tai chi forheath for manyyears untiii broke my ankle I'm now trying to get back to it and am having difficulties with my back This has motivated me to try again

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Born StrongOrn in Vietnam Bon Trong meaning “born to be strong” was only ten months old when he was left with his grandmother in China in place of his father to fulfill an ancient Chinese tradition that reuired a male heir to see his parent off to the next life Little did anyone know that soon thereafter the Communist Party under Mao Zedong would overtake China and change life as they knew it forever For sixteen years Bon Trong suffered abuse and terror from the Communist rule and narrowly escaped death from starvation during Mao’s disastrous Great Famine In a small storeroom with his beloved aunt and older cousin Bon Trong learned the meaning of love and family in the harshest of circumstances But his destiny was not in China When Bon Trong was sixteen his father managed to get him out from und. The wisdom and art in combining Tai Chi with health problems is its own dance I believe in combining Eastern and Western influences to help strengthen our minds bodies and spirits In this book the author tells us about his childhood under the brutal regime of Mao Zedong in rural China I was deeply humbled by the author’s Aunt Ma Xiang who loved her nephew so much that she sacrificed herself over and over again The truth is that words aren’t even good enough to express what Aunt did for her nephew; it was and is simply loveDiscrimination can either strengthen or tear a person down It was painful to read about the discrimination the author faced from children and adults throughout his life All of this started with the “Black Label” unjustly inflicted upon the author and his family by the Communists They were discriminated against for being landlords and had villagers neighbors and friends turn on them During times like these who truly needs enemies then At any moment the author could have given up but he was motivated by the most important person in his life his beloved AuntTai Chi instills inner and outer strength discipline flexibility and harmony in the mind body and soul The author always had these ualities within him but he needed Tai Chi to bring them out into the open for all to see I have always been curious about Tai Chi and am now inspired to learn I don’t take this lightly at all and need this in my own life What the author’s Aunt taught him about inner strength and pure love goes beyond words I just hope to be even a little bit like Aunt to my own nephew and nieceI received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review