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REVIEW Á Las tinieblas de tu memoria negra ï [EPUB] ✻ Las tinieblas de tu memoria negra By Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo – Set during the last years of Spanish rule in Euatorial Guinea Shadows of Your Black Memory presents the voice of a young African man reflecting on his childhood Through the idealistic eyes oMe to know the narrator’s extended family the people of his village merchants sorcerers and Catholic priests we see them critically at times even humorously yet always with compassion and a magical dignity Michael Ugarte’s sensitive translation captures the spirit of the original Spanish prose and makes Ndongo’s powerful gripping tale available to English speaking readers for the first time?. The author was born in Euatorial Guinea and tells the story of his life and education interspersed with various philosophical and religious musings It is a mixture of his memories and his later interpretations with the usual counterpoint of colonial and traditional attitudesI enjoyed parts of the book and the author expresses himself very well but the book was somehow lacking in warmth and did not engage me as much as it could have done

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Set during the last de tu ePUB #185 years of Spanish rule in Euatorial Guinea Shadows of Your Black Memory presents the voice of a young African man reflecting on his childhood Through the idealistic eyes of the nameless protagonist Donato Ndongo portrays the cultural conflicts Las tinieblas eBook #239 between Africa and Spain ancestral worship competing with Catholicism and tradition giving way t. As part of my ongoing uest to read a book from every country I picked up Shadows of your Black Memory as a book from Euatorial Guinea It is a childhoodcoming of age novel that sets up the conflict between traditional and western cultures particularly in this case between traditional religion and CatholicismWhich at this point in the exercise is not a description that fills me with excitement; because nearly all the literature of the post colonial world seems to be about the conflict between tradition and western culture andor modernity Certainly the stuff which makes it into English translation And it’s also pretty common to tell it as the story of a young person growing up caught between two worldsSo I didn’t pick it up with much enthusiasm but actually it’s a really good novel It is simply very well written vivid fresh and engagingHere’s one of the Catholic bitsWhen I was eight I knew Father Claret’s catechism by heart and my favourite book was his Straight and Sure Path to Heaven The horror of eternal condemnation didn’t allow me to be a child I didn’t go to the Wele River with Ba any I couldn’t learn how to make those bamboo toy cars that I loved so much even though cousin Asumu offered to teach me many times I didn’t carve arrows to shoot at birds any I didn’t go swimming in the Nganga River with my friend Otunga or my cousins Anton and Mbo Even today I don’t know how to swim I didn’t have a hunting dog and I didn’t know how to make a cage for trapping fish All this was for other children now for the ones who weren’t fortunate enough to be touched by the grace of God What’s the use of all that fun and idleness if in the end your soul is damned forever Father Claret the saintly one asked me this as I read his book and I had no choice; I had to acknowledge that the most important part of my life was my soul and to be saved I had to avoid useless amusements the silly games of my friends my cousins the brothers in my tribe It was shortly before I was nine when I got into the habit of saying Mass from a little altar I made for myself in my room in front of the crucifix Father Ortiz had given me and under the religious things I had on the wall the Eye of God triangle and some prints that were brought to me by my father’s white friends; the Little Prayer Book served as missal Alone in my room when no one was looking when my little brothers succumbed to the midday sun I got all dressed up in a bed sheet and pretended it was a priest’s chasuble and started to say Mass in nomine Patris et Filii et Spritus Sancti and I made the sign of the cross I a sinner confess to Almighty God and the Blessed Mary Ever Virgin Saint Michael the Archangel John the Baptist and to Apostles Peter and Paul and all the saints and I beat my little breast in contrition mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa and I almost forgot the kyrie eleison kyrie eleison Christe eleison Christe eleison then the intraito oremus and I turned my head ceremoniously; then in silent fervor I genuflected gloria in excelsis Deo and I recited it all without knowing what I said in a Latin I learned from listening to Father Ortiz so muchSo yup I really enjoyed this one Well worth picking up I’d be uite interested in reading the seuel if it was available in English And I often forget to mention translators but credit is certainly due in this case so the translation is by Michael Ugarte


Las tinieblas de tu memoria negraO modernity The backdrop of a nation moving toward a troubled independence parallels the young man’s internal struggle to define his own identityIn this bildungsroman Donato Ndongo masterfully exposes the tinieblas de tu Kindle #207 cultural fissures of his native land “Spanish Guinea” is a heated sensual landscape with exotic animals and trees ancient rituals ghosts saints and sinners We co. This book takes place during the last years of the Spanish Rule in the country It is a fictional story of a man who retells the story of his childhood The author shows us the cultural differences between Africa and Spain through religion and spiritualism The boy's father wants him to become a priest The boy spends his childhood afraid to sin ties himself up in knots over the smallest misdeed because he is afraid to go to Hell The boy's uncle tries to keep the boy tied to his tribe's rituals and beliefs and how the tribes don't interfere with each other to keep the peace In the end the boy does announce that he is going to be a priest and his parents rejoice telling everyone they know about their son's decisionAll the while the country is going through independence from Spain It is a coming of age story and a story about the effects of European colonization on a little known country all tied up in one small bookI thought this book was pretty good It is very short and it is not separated into chapters There isn't much plot and it tends to be a bit confusing at times But I don't think it was bad writing I think it was the style that the author was going for There isn't much about this country out there so I think I will keep this as my book I don't think I learned that much about the country itself but for now it will stay