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E country the humans and the fae Mercy Adam and their pack choose to protect the boy no matter what the cost But who will protect them from a boy who is fire touched Library Journ This is what I looked like when the librarian handed me this book Not even an exaggeration folksSo after all that flailing and screaming was it any goodYESIn fact I only have one complaint and that's that Fire Touched was just waaaaaay too short342 pages Ms Briggs Are you trying to kill me with disappointmentOh well I guess I'll just take what I can getand like it Ok ok I'll shut up about the lengthThis one was classic MercyIf you're a fan of the books then you'll know what I mean If you haven't started this series yet then let me uickly explain why she's a fantastic character these books need to be immediately shoved onto your must read now shelfMercy is strong but she's never the strongest person in the room She's constantly out muscled out powered And yet she always comes out on topIt costs her but she manages to win And she does it without betraying her morals her friends or her husbandShe's loyal smart tough and aa good person When I grow up I wanna be MercyMaybe I'm not explaining it very well but when I close one of these books I feel like this This time around was no different The story starts off with a troll attacking cars on a bridge Yes I said a troll on a bridge Sorry guys Not cute little trolls like you Like most things in Mercy's world this troll is dangerous And HUGE And kinda crazy I don't want to give away any of the plot for those of you who enjoy just letting these stories unfold without any expectations MEBut I will say there was plenty of action great dialogue and the sort of storyline that I've come to expect from Briggs LOVED ITOk and this has nothing to do with the fantastic stuff inside the book butHere's the thing As soon as I got it from the library I snapped a pic posted it to my Facebook page Because I'm a dorkAnyway Here are a couple of the comments that non Mercy fans said Does she have a second career as a stripper And I'd like to be touched by her fire Then there's mereacting to their comments Of course both of those guys were joking but the point is these covers lend themselves to that sort of thing She looks a bitshudderThe Mercy I read about wouldn't be caught dead looking like a truck stop hooker In fact her looks aren't even a thing But she'd certainly go into battle with her stomach coveredDear Publishing CompaniesPleasepleaseplease stop sexualizing these covers It's embarrassing for most of the readersThanksAn Urban Fantasy Fan

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Fire TouchedTensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate Adam are called upon to stop a rampaging troll they find th FINALLY we're back on track I felt like both the last Mercy and Alpha Omega book were fillersetup but FIRE TOUCHED is plot driven and fantasticFull RTC


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Read Fire Touched eBook ñ Hardcover Ä Patricia Briggs ã [Reading] ➿ Fire Touched ➶ Patricia Briggs – Tensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate Adam are called upon to stop a rampaging troll they fiEmselves with something that could be used to make the fae back down and forestall out and out war a human child stolen long ago by the faeDefying the most powerful werewolf in th One of my favorite books in this series Full review first posted on wwwFantasyLiteraturecom Fire Touched is the ninth novel in Patricia Briggs’ MERCY THOMPSON urban fantasy series and the series is still going strong In fact this is one of the stronger entries in the series Spoiler alert for earlier books in the seriesMercy is relaxing in her home with her husband Adam the Alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolf pack Of course there are all the small day to day annoyances Adam’s ex wife a thorn in Mercy’s side is still in town; the fae walking stick is still stubbornly following Mercy around; the other non werewolf member of the pack Joel the tibicena sort of a brimstone demon Pressa Canario is having trouble controlling his demon dog shape and shifting to human form for any appreciable amount of time; the mother of her stepdaughter’s friend corners Mercy to sell her vitamins and essential oils that may be infused with witchcraft as well as lavenderA bigger problem is that the fae are still barricaded inside their reservations magically blocked off from humans but there are signs of trouble Some deadly fae monsters have been released upon the human world and the media is starting to take notice though the government is trying to keep a lid on it and avoid publicity and any resulting panic This latest monster blows the lid off all containment efforts an elephant sized troll takes over Cable Bridge on the Columbia River playing with and tossing around vehicles like they’re Matchbox cars and chomping down on a few humans Mercy Adam and the rest of the werewolf pack take off to try to take care of the problem and a rousing battle ensues But this is only the first symptom of bigger problemsAt the conclusion of the battle Mercy officially agrees to extend the protection of the werewolf pack to a human who is “Fire Touched” gifted by the fae’s sentient Underhill with magical control over fire Aidan looks like a ten year old child ― the age he was when he was kidnapped by the fae centuries ago ― but he has a very old mind and he’s just escaped from both Underhill and the fae who want him back very badly Mercy’s actions though justifiable because of some significant assistance Aiden has provided to friends of the pack may endanger the pack and the humans who live in their territoryIt’s amazing how Briggs continues to keep the MERCY THOMPSON series so fresh and inventive Briggs continues to weave a complex and well integrated overarching story as the ripple effects of past events and decisions continue to affect the characters’ lives Seemingly minor occurrences early in Fire Touched like say the ones I listed above in the second paragraph resurface later to play a substantial role in the plot; old characters learn and grow and new characters are introduced who are well rounded and seem likely to play a role in later installations in this series One is Aidan who is out of touch with modern times and displays a poignant mix of defensive anger and vulnerability Another interesting add is Sherwood Post a troubled werewolf sent by Bran to Adam’s pack amusingly named after two authors Sherwood Anderson and Emily Post that Bran was reading at the time but not so amusingly dealing with suicidal tendencies arising out of his disability and traumatic pastThere was a surprisingly swift resolution of the longstanding issue of how Mercy is having difficulty being accepted by some of the pack The suddenness and completeness of it surprised both Mercy and me but a reasonably satisfactory explanation is offered that is consistent with wolf pack behavior and frankly it’s relieving to have this issue finally resolved at least one hopesMercy Thompson remains one of the most appealing characters in urban fantasy with her unusually well realized traits of loyalty and concern for others courage in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds and selfless determination to do what’s right Combined with an intelligent plot that has a satisfying amount of action as well as character growth and change Fire Touched will be beloved by Briggs’ many fans and is likely to win her some new ones45 starsI received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review Thank you