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Don't Suck Don't Die Giving Up Vic ChesnuttRee ranging conversations and his tragic death More memoir than biography Hersh’s book plumbs the sources of Chesnutt’s pain and creativity deeply than any conventional account of his life and recordings ever could Chesnutt was difficult to understand and freuently difficult to be with but as Hersh reveals him he was also wickedly funny and painfully perceptive Suck Don't Die Giving Up MOBI #8608 This intimate memoir is essential reading for anyone interested in the music or the artis. As with Rat Girl I didn't want to like Hersh's writing style kind of whiny kind of hippyish but like that book I eased into it and enjoyed this one too Truthfully this is at least 50% reflection on her own life during the time she came to know Chesnutt Not surprisingly if you've ever listened to Throwing Muses or her solo work she comes across as extremely fragile and self aware This can be good and bad The artsy ethereal narrative can be a bit much at times yet it strangely suits her I think that's just who she is and who she is is authentic This memoir is written in the second person It's a letter to Vic and a journal for Kristin The Vic that she presents does not sound at all like a nice guy even when she tries to portray him as one Vic seems like an asshole maybe an endearing one to those that knew him but still an asshole The fact that he overcame a horrific accident and could still make pretty excellent music saw him a couple of times long ago and he had power much excellent that most music out there is a testament to his perseverance and fuck off attitude about life which is admirable He had his charm and obviously that's what Hersh loved about him He must have been difficult to love based on this open letter she wrote to him In the end this tribute to Chesnutt isn't really a tribute it's of an explanation an explanation of what he was and how that's the only way he could have been I think that I'll enjoy his records after reading this

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Ith Bob Dylan Tom Waits Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen Chesnutt’s songs have also been covered by many prominent artists including Madonna the Smashing Pumpkins REM Sparklehorse Fugazi and Neutral Milk HotelKristin Hersh toured with Chesnutt for nearly a decade and they became close friends bonding over a love of songwriting and mutual struggles with mental health In Don’t Suck Don’t Suck Don't Die PDFEPUB #188 Die she describes many seemingly small moments they shared their f. Don't suck Don't die Giving up Vic Chesnutt is a memoir by musician Kristin Hersh This book details the relationship between Kristen and her friend fellow musician James Victor Chesnutt and the lead up to his death on Christmas Day in 2009 I found this story to be a bit too unusual and depressing for me I won this book through Goodreads Giveaways

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characters Don't Suck Don't Die Giving Up Vic Chesnutt ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë ❰Read❯ ➭ Don't Suck Don't Die Giving Up Vic Chesnutt Author Kristin Hersh – “Friend asshole angel mutant” singer songwriter Vic Chesnutt “came along and made us grossDon't Die PDF #200 “Friend asshole angel mutant” singer songwriter Vic Chesnutt “came along and made us gross and broken people seem I dunno cooler I guess” A uadriplegic who could play only simple chords on his guitar Chesnutt recorded seventeen critically acclaimed albums before his death in including About Suck Don't Die Giving Up MOBI #8608 to Choke North Star Deserter and At the Cut In NPR placed him in the top five of Don't Suck PDF or the ten best living songwriters along w. Here's the blurb I sent to the publisherAs a reader I want to be surprised This memoir of Kristin Hersh's friendship with the immensely talented Vic Chestnutt surprised me Chestnutt a man who started with a broken heart and blamed everyone he met for breaking it is given to us in these pages as a complex and ultimately tragic figure who seemed in retrospect fated for an early death I admire Hersh for writing the book both because the rawness in these pages is very apparent and because she's a helluva writer This is no self indulgent music memoir; it's a searing portrait of a complicated beautiful and ornery friendship