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Of a eBook #180 A Marine Infantry Officer confesses his lust for killing and fucking everything in sight his desire to beat his boss's face in and frag the battalion staff his willingness to Embarrassing Confessions MOBI #8608 risk Afghan civilians in order to save Marines his burning desire to win a game of gay chicken at all costs his personal mission to nail the combat reporter who joined Confessions of a MOBI #243 his unit his sexual arousal at the sight of ED Enemy Death and his inability to take serious things seriously while planning and executing the last combat operation of his deployment in Afghanistan a nighttime helicopter raid named Operation Branding Iron Part A Continued from National Geographic's Battlefield AfghanistanThis is undoubtedly the most honest and raw account of an Officer's thoughts and actions during combat that has ever been written After publishing this book Donny O'Malley's job options are now reduced to low level sales and day labor construction It is still unclear how he ever made it out of the Marines without court martialSenior officer's will slam him military historians will be shocked and all civilians will be % certain he's psychoticFortuna. This book was written by an admitted deranged disgusting immature narcissist That he's willing to admit as much tells you you'll get a raw uncensored but honest and realistic work It's the funniest piece I've read in some time and the first to make me laugh and remind me of the ludicrous irony of war since Joseph Helller's Catch 22 Many civilians will find this book offensive but I think readers need to understand O'Malley is writing about how things were from the view of a young Marine placed in an impossibly contradictory situation His perspective isn't always reality he admits as much in his postscript regarding the reporter but it is his reality and the reader is given his perspective in all its deranged twisted and horny glory He leaves nothing out even the parts that should have been they were also the funniestAs for O'Malley he should probably be committed or run for Congress

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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine LieutenantTely the book is written for the opposite of those mentioned above It’s written for Enlisted guysOfficers who are brave enough to read will either cry themselves to sleep jerk themselves off to Donny's picture or will ask their buddies to write them up for an award with V for having the moral courage to finish the bookMy moto boner is still raging strong and I read this book three days ago I'm certain that my dick is going to explode and I really don't care because this book was that fucking good Marine I served withHey bro that's my wife's phone number You can fuck her whenever you want just wear a condom and try not to blow anywhere near the face I understand mistakes happen but do your best Thanks for writing the book I really needed that Marine I never served withJust wanted to say that your book is cracking me up I think the people on the subway think I'm nuts because I can't stop uncontrollably laughing I think I crack up because I know your jabroni ass and know that the shit you write about that is going on in your head is true no bullshit You are completely fucked up in the good way If people were to uestion if you were making this up I could say that it's no bullshit. I COULDN'T STOP READING OR LAUGHING As a Combat Marine with multiple tours in different theaters of operation I have experienced both the terror and tedium of warfare Hours of boredom broken up by moments of exhilaration and adrenaline O'Malley writes of the hilarity that ensues when Marines find themselves in a combat zone when garrison suddenly breaks out I found his chapters hilarious and the epilogue at the end of each one honoring a fallen warrior and their chosen method of extract particularly poignant O'Malley is simultaneously irreverent in his prose and reverent in his tributes to those who couldn't outrun their demons His message is clear We can survive if we maintain our devotion to one another and the dark inappropriate humor of his book makes for the perfect catalyst Looking out for a fellow warrior is part of the legacy we inherit by becoming Marines If you don't have the strength for the burdens you bear call a buddy they're always right there

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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant Read & download ê 6 ✓ ❰Read❯ ➳ Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant Author Donny OMalley – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A Marine Infantry Officer confesses his lust for killing and fucking everything in sight his desire to beat his boBecause I spent enough time with you to know that you beat off times a day I slept above you on ship and heard you beating dick all the time Fuck it what man doesn't beat off constantlyIt's raw and honest Like you said as professional as all of us try to be officers especially deep down we are fuckin animals neanderthals who just love pussy and talking about sucking dick in a gay way and when we get the chance killing bad guys Anyone who denies that other than maybe the Col is a fuckin liarPS your description of Major Dyce is spot on fuckin moron Someone should have blew him up Lieutenant I served withA message from the author This book is a reach around to all enlisted and a FUCK YOU to every Officer who has ever written a politically correct full of shit “I’m a great leader” book about combat Every single one of those fucking jerkoffs wrote a book for civilians that not a single enlisted guy ever gave two shits about The truth is that Marines love killing than they love pussy they fantasize about mowing down insurgents with a on post while virgins take turns blowing themThis is who we are and I’m sick and tired of nerdy ass book writers hiding our reality from the publ. AwesomeIf every officer were like Captain O'Malley every Marine would stay in for 50 years Great book with a really inspiring message Full of maturity and charm