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Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Alexander C. Irvine Ollapse lies a mystery a handwritten account of a woman struggling to discover why New York City fell The keys to unlocking the survivor's full story are hidden within seven removable artifacts ranging from. You do not need to know anything about Tom Clancy's The Division in order to read it I hadn't until afterwards This book is a guide for how to survive in Manhattan if the world collapses Overlying the pages is the story of April Kelleher a New Yorker whose husband was murdered shortly before the Dollar Bug gets released This book portrays a horrifying post apocalyptic world The plague wipes out a huge segment of the population so that bodies end up getting piled on the street in winter Manhattan is uarantined the bridges have been severed and guard patrols blow up boats that try to escape However it becomes clear that the Dollar Bug is not just affecting Manhattan There is no help coming and New Yorkers are left to fend for themselvesHopping from place to place with her go bag and this manual April Kelleher records Manhattan's societal collapse in the margins of the book with any pen or pencil she can find Though the story is not written in a strictly linear fashion of what is happening gets revealed as the reader goes through the consecutive pages not only does she have to get the essential food shelter and medicine to survive she also has to dodge desperate civilians ruthless Division agents fanatical cultists who burn people to death and escaped inmates from Rikers and she's starting to believe that release of the Dollar Bug was deliberately plannedAs apocalypses go they don't come much bleaker There is no back to nature upside or cathartic fighting the bad guys These are vulnerable humans trapped in the worst kind of lawlessness and paranoia and society unravelling in a relatively short amount of time There is no good community of trustworthy people to join Like most of the people stuck on the island April has nothing that will guarantee her survival except her tenuous theory that it involves the work that her husband did before he was killed

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Tom Clancys The Division characters Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î ➽ [Download] ✤ Tom Clancys The Division By Alexander C. Irvine ➲ – New York Collapse is an in world fictionalized companion to one of the biggest video game releases of 2016 Tom Clancy's The Division from Ubiso A full city map to a used transit card Retrace her steps through a destroyed urban landscape and decipher her clues to reveal the key secrets at the Tom Clancys eBook #195 heart of this highly anticipated ga. This is the most uniue book I've ever read It's two stories entwined in one book with the premise being that the book itself is an urban survival guide to help navigate the collapse of New York City while written in the margins is the diary of April who is actually navigating the collapse after a pandemic sweeps through April's entries are not all chronological as she goes back and revisits sections of the book as needed which also lends itself to the uniue reading experience Within the book are also artifacts maps post its etc and puzzles to solve I'm currently playing through The Division game too and reading the book made the game that much richer However the book and the game are both excellent as stand alone experiencesI actually finished this book a few weeks ago when the coronavirus was still just a specter to Americans a frightening possibility on the horizon that many still believed would just go away Now seeing the stories coming out of NYC The Division feels relevant than ever It's spooky to see the parallels between this story and real life and even chilling to realize that we are still just at the beginning

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Tom Clancys The DivisionNew York Collapse is an in world fictionalized companion to one of the biggest video game releases of Tom Clancy's The Division from Ubisoft Within this discarded survivalist field guide written before the c. I’ve been playing The Division over the holidays as it’s my favourite Christmas themed game although I’m not sure there are many other Christmas themed games out there Post apocalypse Christmas decorations Yes pleaseAnyway I finished all the main missions but suffered a bit of Division withdrawal when I came off it I don’t have a Playstation Plus account so endless plundering in the Dark Zone is a no go for me So I did a uick search and found a tie in book called New York Collapse A Survival Guide to Urban Catastrophe by the pseudonymous Warren MerchantNow I’m always a bit sceptical about tie in media films of books we all know they rarely work films of games which work even less games of films companion guides books of games etc There’s always a bit of a sense of me tooing and cashing in on fans If a book carries the name of a game it can get sales based on that and not necessarily on the uality of the bookSo with a bit of trepidation but reassured by the abundance of good reviews I bought New York Collapse And I’m so glad I didIt’s actually supposed to be the survival guide that crops up in the game A character appears in echoes playbacks from surveillance euipment called April Kelleher and you can see in the game some of the moments that she writes about in this book The survival guide itself is a guide to surviving a TEOTWAWKI event The End Of The World As We Know It In the margins are the scrawlings of April Kelleher as she survives through the apocalypse in Manhatten in parallel with the events of the game itself Rather suspiciously the advice centres almost entirely around an outbreak of weaponised smallpox in Manhatten Handy considering that’s exactly what has happened in The Division game But that’s all part of the mystery that April is trying to work out while trying to survive in an extremely hostile environment with the constant threat of infection federal aid collapsing and gangs whittling down what remains of the civilian population The survival guide is also full of puzzles that April and you needs to work out in order to locate the author Warren Merchant who is clearly trying to get her to meet him for whatever mysterious reason He clearly knows about what’s going onThe book is really well produced to look like it’s been through the apocalypse and back The cover is all torn up and there’s blood and muck all over the pages Rather than just using a handwriting font they’ve actually got someone to hand write the margin scrawlings so it looks authentic On top of that there are bits and pieces waiting to fall out which are highly realistic apocalypse souvenirs and clues that April picks up It honestly feels like this is April’s actual copyAlthough I have played the game I think you could get a great amount of entertainment out of The New York Collapse even if you haven’t played or even heard of The Division At it’s core it’s a highly realistic engaging and original post apocalypse story If you’ve played the game this adds a little context and you’ll probably have a deeper understanding of some of the references but I really don’t think it’s necessary The only frustrating aspect is that you don’t really get an ending If you haven’t played the game this will probably feel like the first in a trilogy It’s got that embellished beginning storyline with the ending feeling like that’s the point at which it’s all going to kick off But alas this is a standalone Not being party to the Dark Zone in the game which is where the end of the book points you I have no idea what the outcome is of April’s story either This vexes me because it feels a little bit like it’s pushing you to spend even money than you already have and when you don’t have much of a gaming budget like me it can leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled I may never know what happens without resorting to Youtube and where’s the fun in thatAnyway that’s why this has got four stars not five A book without a resolution and with a bid to drag money you don’t have out of you can’t get five stars in my book of principles In terms of production and intelligence and authenticity and the exercise for your own brain this is a five star book Whether you’ve played The Division or not if you like apocalypses conspiracies and you want to learn a bit about surviving in an urban environment put this on your reading listNow I’m off to prep my go bag