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READ & DOWNLOAD People in Trouble 109 × ❮KINDLE❯ ❆ People in Trouble Author Sarah Schulman – A New York City love triangle forms the center of a literary universe peopled by a Guardian Angels like vigilante group a Chinatown cowgirl and ex leather ueen a real estate mogul and at the center Ka A New York A New York City love triangle forms the center of a literary universe peopled by a Guardian Angels like vig. Sarah Schulman once told me that a novel is a commitment to the idea that other people are real and People in Trouble exemplifies that Everyone in the book is real—Peter is eminently hateable as the self involved pathetic straight man; Kate is recognizable as the male partnered ueer woman who just can't wrap her head around her girlfriend's separatist ideology; and Molly is the embittered but still hopeful classic New York homosexualOh and it has to be said—the musical RENT stole most of its best plot points and contextual details from this book including the AZT break moment But RENT is about straight people and AIDS is completely decontextualized from any political movement or social conditions Additionally the enemy in RENT is nefarious development threatening the characters' bohemian tourist lifestyle while the antagonist looming over People in Trouble is a Donald Trump stand in which sadly makes this book relevant than ever RENT is one of the first big instances of ueer people's art being stolen repackaged and sold back to us and straight people For on that see Schulman's Stagestruck And read this book

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Ilante group a Chinatown cowgirl and ex leather ueen a real estate mogul and at the center Kate Peter and Mo. I read this mainly to form my own opinion on whether Jonathan Larsen plagiarized it to write Rent and I’ve come to the conclusion that unless writing a musical that takes place during the same time period and also features ueer people homelessness and art counts as plagiarizing I don’t think that argument holds much water None of the plot lines up at all and while there are extremely vague parallels one could draw between Kate and Maureen Rent is just a totally different thingThis book isn’t really my style prose wise but I thought it had some thoughtful things to say about ueerness and the AIDS crisis It was interesting to see what was incredibly dated and what still feels relevant and poignant today

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People in TroubleLly as they confront love in the time of AIDS The film Rent stole most of its best plot points from this nov. I first read People in Trouble when it was published in the early '90s in the thick of the AIDS crisis AT the time Schulman was revered as an artist in the LGBT community who believed that art was not enough; activism was also necessarySchulman's novels documented the New York lesbian scene set in the context of the AIDS crisis; gay men were the majority of people getting sick but lesbians stepped up to the plate as women do and brought their considerable organizing skills developed during decades of feminist activism to the gay male community who were new to itI just re read People in Trouble for the first time in those 20 odd years hard to believe that much time has gone by While I still have a huge respect for Schulman especially after reading her most recent nonfiction THE GENTRIFICATION OF THE MIND where I learned that 20 years on instead of scrambling in the mean streets of the Village she now teaches literature on Staten Island in a public university and presumably can now make ends meet but she still has her heart firmly in activism and community serviceAll that aside looking at this somewhat dated novel which by that very measure serves as a time capsule of the times I did find that her straight male and female characters are cardboard straw men; she is indicting the art community whose values border on the smug and superficial as they are surrounded by the pain and tragedy of New York society disintegrating around them Each chapter of this novel is titled with the character whose voice it contains Kate bisexual married woman cheating on her husband with a lesbian but she herself does not call herself a lesbian; ever met one of those Peter straight self absorbed male artist and Molly Lesbian having an affair with Kate and paying for it immersed in the scene This time around after the first 30 pages I found myself skipping the Kate and Peter chapters and just reading the Molly chapters And I NEVER do thatWhat can I say; time goes bynot every novel holds up Still as a testament to the times People in Trouble is part of a continuum of lesbian novels Schulman has produced just in case anyone forgets what people went though during the first ten years of the AIDS crisisOne last note It is worth pointing out that the AIDS activism group JUSTICE referred to in the book is actually based on the real group ACT UP whose trademark uniform was black t shirts with the slogan ACT UP over a pink triangle To see hundreds of these members at a die in in Washington DC where they would march down the street together and then all lie down in the road was enough to send shivers down my spine I also have a memory of a protest in Rockville MD at the Health and Human Services building they were protesting the lack of government research being done into AIDS where dozens of police officers wearing rubber gloves I think they were yellow but I can't remember but it was a garish sight sent the most chilling message to the public that PWAs People with AIDS were just germs There was uite an outcry over that So even though the scenes in the book were short they brought back a lot of memoriesless