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Reckless Karma Sinners Saints #2 Read & Download ã 106 ä ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Reckless Karma Sinners Saints #2 By Chelsea Ballinger ➤ – HugoDon’t misinterpret me when I say I’ve gotten weak I wouldn’t change a thing It’s worth it She’s worth it But now karma is coming to colleHugoDon’t misinterpret me Sinners Saints PDFEPUB #192 when I say I’ve gotten weak I wouldn’t change a thing It’s worth it She’s worth it But now karma is coming to collect my debt of sins and even though that karma is in the form of a woman who practically birthed my sinful nature I can’t help but think that I deserve all this Just because I’m in love with a remarkable woman doesn’t mean I’m a g. ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you ☆35 starsThere's a lot going on in this novel It's a collection of what wealth beauty money power and utter corruption will do to you and seeing how far you survive it Do you come out on top or crumble away into dustI had to readjust myself again as I had forgotten that this book series alters on a rotation of character POVs But nonetheless this book was a thrill to get intoCan't wait for bk3

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Ch her entire world collapse like she Karma Sinners Saints PDFEPUB #188 did with mine Hugo is the only one who can help me do it He’s the key to bringing her down ScarlettThey think they can destroy me They think I will fall easily as I have risen easily because I’ve done horrible things Boo hoo Take your remorse and pity and jump off a balcony with it I have news for all of you Karma may be a bitch but so am. 45 STARS

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Reckless Karma Sinners Saints #2Ood man The devil can fall in love too ya Reckless Karma ePUB #8608 know JulietWhat is it about me and bad situations I just tend to get myself into them But have you seen the man I’m in love with He’s worth it He has to be I want him to be but how can I fight for his heart and soul without losing my own KarlieI’m here for one thing I am going to destroy her I am going to sip on fine wine and smile as I wat. Holy fuck balls That was a Rollercoaster of a book and I absolutely loved it Gabriel broke my heart and I wept for Karlie August and HugoFull review to come tomorrow because it is almost 130 in the morning3252016I received this book in exchange for an honest review OK so reckless karma What can I say but holy shit This book leads you through webs of lies and a lot of bullshit and it brings you out on the other side feeling changed Changed in the way that for me at least I looked at this group of misfits these spoiled rich people as than that Book 2 really goes in deep and reveals all the hidden secrets that make people who and how they are And it's uglyBut damn did Chelsea Ballinger write to where everything flowed so easily it was written perfectlyIt starts up right where book 1 ended and Hugo and Karlie are still mastering there plan to ruin Scarlett because she is a manipulative psycho bitchI loved that I got the POV's of all the characters I never had to guess what someone was doing because they were all speaking in this book Let's start with Poppy and Jazz side characters that I liked Poppy finds her happiness and it's greatJordana finally gets her love and it's beautifulCody and Anika are adorable and I like that Cody gets to be happyBut this isn't about them not really this is about The MandrakesYes and it was hard to read at one point because of how well detailed and emotional Chelseas writing is You can't help but really feel every word that is written and with Gabriel it was heartbreakingBook 1 he was a dead brother of Hugo no big detail going into it book 1 was basically Hugo's story and how he was made into what Scarlet wanted But this one Reckless Karma this to me felt like Gabriel's book well half of it This was his story how he felt how he was never able to really be happy His emotions poured into me in a weird way because I fell for this man that was dead I really hurt for him and was absolutely heartbroken with his outcomeKarlie as well to feel pain everyday and not know how to handle it so much heartbreak but I'm so happy to see that she finally got her answers no matter how hurtful it was to hear She deserved to be happy and hopefully she will get her HEAScarlet is still an annoying manipulative piece of shit bitch but she only partially got hers I want to destroy her Secrets of the details of Gabriel's death come to light and so do someone elsesAs for Juliet she was always there to try and help Hugo through this Rollercoaster of crap But her past comes back and leaves her feeling a little broken luckily she has an amazing man like Hugo to help herAnd my handsome Hugo and August the twins MandrakesAugust is a beautiful soul and I loved reading about him his mazes and all he was the special one that saw it and lived it allHugo he really changed for the better He learned to really love to think about than just himself We finally saw his soul This book was emotional in all ways I felt my chest compress painfully for Gabriel and I had so much hate for Scarlett I absolutely loved Hugo and Juliet together and I was happy for Jordana Poppy Cody and AnikaNow don't be mistaken this book has characters that will be shown and brought to light but I won't go into details Just read itIt's a ride that I am so glad I got on because no matter how many bumps and twist and turns or drops I loved every minute of itAnd O holy balls that snippet for book 3 has me waiting so impatiently for it can't wait