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Read Ì African Nights ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À [Download] ➵ African Nights ➾ Kuki Gallmann – Lyrical beautifully written tales of life in Africa Africa evokes a deep sense of mystery It is a place that retains what most of the world has lost space roots traditions aIs a treasury of memories in which fascinating people and places are brought to life The healing powers Africa can have on those who embrace the land as a place of mystery superstition danger and beau. This was of a 35 or so for me I bought it specifically because I was going to Kenya and needed a paperback to read on one of the many long flights I wish that there had been a map in the book so that I could have seen where the various stories took place I really enjoyed the Swahili dictionary at the back of the bookThis was an enjoyable read and I left it at one of the camps for others to enjoy

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Ess rare animals and extraordinary people In this wonderful and haunting collection of stories Kuki Gallmann writes of her life in Africa where every day brings challenge and adventure African Nights. I've been reading this book for years; first as a reluctant partner in my night time sleep ritual later as a periodic reminder of many of the true wonders and joys of living in Kenya and to a lesser extent perhaps in other areas of Africa and finally as a friend and companion one of the little pleasures one of the measures of peace I find in coming back home at the end of the week Kuki Gallmann's stories will not take you to a Kenya that is ripe with corruption brutality and shocking urban poverty Kuki Gallmann doesn't live there; probably doesn't have to inhabit that part of life so real to millions of Kenyan's Or to be fair to her she doesn't write about these pervasive aspects of surviving in today's Kenya In African Nights the closest brush she has with present day Kenya is the singular brutal life changing death of her husband in the jaws of the mechanical killer mutatu Poof Then it's gone Back to elephants sunsets majestic camels mysticism and the serenely beautiful Kenyan coastal islands In an ironic twist her ranch at Lailiputa serves as an education center to introduce young Kenyans to the Kenya she inhabits and writes aboutIf you have lived or worked in Africa you have to reach a pact or an understanding with Ms Gallmann You have to accept that she knows that the Africa the Kenya she lives in is complex and troubled but that she chooses to write about the Africa that is still also true that of majesty and wonder of many simple touching moments that connect us with this beautiful planet and the natural world of which we are such a small part She writes about people who perhaps primitively but no less truly are still intimately connected to the rhythms of this natural world and the metaphysical world they envision around itOnce you've done this; once you open the book and lay aside the nagging troubling uestion of why someone with these means didn't engage herself in improving the lot of Kenya and the Kenyans and less in appreciating the life and luxuries of a 20th century colonial then you can enjoy her observations her sensitivity her writing For there really is a Kenya and Kenyans that Ms Gallmann describes and she does a wonderful job of slowing you down breaking down your defenses and appreciating the world that she inhabits and the things that she sees If you've been there particularly if you've lived there you will be transported back and your heart will be full your eyes occasionally moist because you've known her sense of wonder you've drawn hope for the world from a desert sunrise and a long string of camels silhouetted against the distant horizonAs one commentator noted Kuki Gallmann may not win the parenting award of the year she is really pretty whacky if you take the time to think about the situations she puts her and her family in but she is clearly grateful for emigration to Kenya and full with a zest for exploration that made this reader at least happy to be along for the ride

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African NightsLyrical beautifully written tales of life in Africa Africa evokes a deep sense of mystery It is a place that retains what most of the world has lost space roots traditions awesome beauty true wildern. oh my this book is boring so far Kuki uses so many excessive adverbs that the emotional story she tries to tell falls flat for me I'll try to finish this though because I am borrowing this book from someoneNope I give up This is not the book for me I read about a third and after that I started dreading reading the book That is despite the fact that all the books about Kenya are pretty much a hit with me because that's where I am living now I am not going to give this book a rating because I fear it would be very low However that doesn't feel honest because there are probably lots of people who adore her writing style Dunno this is a tricky book to rate