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As the holidays descend three single women take a thoroughly modern approach to good That Mistletoe PDF old fashioned romance and wonder if the best and most complicated gift of all is just a click tap or swipe away  MADE UP Like a Christmas miracle the Build a Boyfriend App lets you simply input t. As with just about all anthologies some stories are better than others and that was the case with this one too The 1st story A Boyfriend by Christmas was the best and if I rated this story by itself this would be 4 Noelle and George have been dating almost 5 years They grew up together but didn't start dating until they were in college Their parents are friends and next door neighbors After having finally realized he really wasn't just that into herright for her Noelle breaks up with him On Thanksgiving Her sister sets her up with a fake boyfriend app Noelle accidentally texts the wrong person Nathan and a relationship begins I thought Noelle was a little batty but relate able and I liked her I also liked Nathan The romance helps fast but I didn't really have a problem with thatAll I Want for Christmas 2Didn't like Daniel Her Favorite Present 2Gabe is one of the founders of the fake boyfriend app I couldn't warm up to him He had a less than favorable opinion of the people mainly women who used his appFor romance opoly using this for the last mystery suare and only one to go

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That Mistletoe MomentD themselves in a tangle of crossed signals flying wrapping paper disastrous Christmas partiesand surprising kisses  MATCHED UP Yet despite the confusion of their mistletoe misadventures when the New Year dawns these very satisfied women just may find themselves waking up with true love beside them. I am a sucker for Christmas stories and this little trilogy is sure to get you into the holiday spirit We are treated to three stories by three different authors featuring a new build a boyfriend appA Boyfriend for Christmas by Cat Johnson Noelle has been dating George for five years and is expecting a proposal soon Her dreams are suashed when George reveals he's never entertained the thought of marrying her With Christmas right around the corner she decides to buy the build a boyfriend app on her sister's advice When she names her fake boyfriend Nathan after a guy she met at the grocery store and sent a recipe in a text to she mistakenly starts texting the real Nathan 4 stars 3 flamesAll I Want for Christmas by Kate Angell Daniel CEO of a financial corporation is in need of a personal shopper He interviews three women Their task Buy him a present that they believe will call to him The one that wins gets the job When the one that wins ends up cooped up in the building in a snowstorm overnightwith no power things get cozy Surrounded by Christmas cheer a personal connection is made 45 stars 3 flamesHer Favorite Present by Allyson Charles Gabe one of the inventors of the build a boyfriend app and is a Christmas bah humbug He is tasked with getting to know one of the app's clients on a personal level at the behest of his co workers He has a certain mind set about their clients and the others do not share his views When he meets Rachel she is nothing that he expected He certainly didn't expect to fall so hard so uick 4 stars35 flamesThis was a very cute and uick read The stories are independent of each other and can be enjoyed when you want a little holiday cheer I loved the modern take on a holiday story by using an app which is prevalent in today's world of technology and dating Each woman had a very different reason for using the app and I loved the creativity each author implored Out of all the stories Gabe was the most cynical His views of his app's clients was awful I loved that he got a rude awakening and the big bad boss unexpectedly fell in love Such sweetness4 stars3 flamesThis book was gifted to me by the Jeep Diva for the express purpose of an honest review The rating and review are solely my opinion and in no way was I compensated

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review That Mistletoe Moment 103 ò ❴BOOKS❵ ✭ That Mistletoe Moment Author Cat Johnson – As the holidays descend three single women take a thoroughly modern approach to good old fashioned romance and wonder if the best—and most complicated—gift of all is just a click tap or swipe away As the holidays descHe stats of your dream man and witty texts passionate emails and hot Instagram pics start flooding in No awkward uestions or pitying looks as you face the holidays alone  MIXED UP But even the best technology has its glitches When real life emotions come into play this trio of twenty somethings fin. utterly charming Washington Post In Johnson’s charismatic 'A Boyfriend by Christmas' a chance meeting on Thanksgiving and a text sent to the wrong contact lead to alluring romantic possibilities 'A Boyfriend by Christmas' is invitingly sweet Publishers Weekly“This trio of contemporary love stories is just the thing to put you in a holiday mood A fun fast read with some very sexy scenes” RT Book Reviews     B N  APPLE BOOKS  GOOGLE  KOBO