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Free download The Notorious Mrs Clem 107 ½ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Notorious Mrs Clem By Wendy Gamber – In September 1868 the remains of Jacob and Nancy Jane Young were found lying near the banks of Indiana's White River It was a gruesome scene Part of Jacob's face had been blown off apparently by the s In September theS the life and times of this charming and persuasive Gilded Age confidence woman who became famous not only as an accused murderess but also as an itinerant peddler of patent medicine and the supposed originator of the Ponzi scheme Clem's story is a shocking tale of friendship and betrayal crime and punishment courtroom drama and partisan politicking get rich uick schemes and shady business deals It also raises fascinating uestions about women's place in an evolving urban economy As they argued over Clem's guilt or innocence lawyers jurors and ordinary citizens pondered competing ideas about gender money and marriage Was Cl. I'll be generous and give this book 3 stars just for the depth of the authors research although I can't recommend it I was hoping for another Devil in the White City or even a Poisoners Handbook but this was too much of a turgid slog Most of the book is just taken up with massively detailed accounts of her trials or it feels that way and so attempts to link the case to the social and political changes occurring at the time are lost in the mire A good editor would have been an idea

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Em on trial because she allegedly murdered her business partner Or was she on trial because she engaged in businessAlong the way Gamber introduces a host of eually compelling characters from prosecuting attorney and future US president Benjamin Harrison to folksy defense lawyer John Hanna daring detective Peter Wilkins pioneering lady news writer Laura Ream and female remedy manufacturer Michael Slavin Based on extensive sources including newspapers trial documents and local histories this gripping account of a seemingly typical woman who achieved extraordinary notoriety will appeal to true crime lovers and historians alike. Mrs Clem is on trial for murdering a couple involved in her money lending schemesWhat we got was a history lesson of the post US Civil War era into which the story falls and also to the history of the criminal justice systemTrue crime bogged down by the details I just wanted to know the facts and concisely at that

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The Notorious Mrs ClemIn Septemberthe remains of Jacob and Nancy Jane Young were found lying near the banks of Indiana's White River It was a gruesome scene Part of Jacob's face had been blown off apparently by the shotgun that lay a few feet away Spiders and black beetles crawled over his wound Smoke rose from his wife's smoldering body which was so badly The Notorious PDF or burned that her intestines were exposed the flesh on her thighs gone and the bones partially reduced to powderSuspicion for both deaths turned to Nancy Clem a housewife who was also one of Mr Young's former business partners In The Notorious Mrs Clem Wendy Gamber chronicle. review copyI enjoyed this book The author Wendy Gamber knows her stuff It's obvious that she is familiar not only with the details of the crimes but also with the politics and history of the time in which they took placeI think it's important to make this latter point because in my judgement the person who is going to really get the most out of this book is the one who is interested in the history of the post war years taking Civil War here versus one who is looking for a crime thriller I actually became bored with the actual trial and freely admit that one of my problems was that I didn't make a serious enough attempt to memorize all the 'characters' as they were introduced in the beginning And this is just one of those books with lots and lots of people coming and going; many of them related in one way or another So my bad I just didn't realize that I needed to do so as it didn't occur to me that the case would spread so far afieldTHAT said I did not get at all bored with the details of the time I learned a lot about what happened after the Civil War that I did not know previously and this information was integrated into the story of the murders as well as the growth of Indianapolis and it's citiesThat Ms Gamber understands those times is clear from the intricate details of city life and community life that she sharesSUMMARYThere are many ways you can approach this book You can glean it for the interesting insight that's provided into the post war years; or you can follow the story of Mrs Clem and trial There are political social gender and financial aspects to explore You should know though that as a trial book it is very detailed and the writing is what I would expect from a promising PhD There is no attempt to glamorize either victims nor perps She just tells it like it was