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Looking for The Stranger Read ☆ 109 Ú [Epub] ❤ Looking for The Stranger By Alice Kaplan – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The Stranger is a rite of passage for readers around the world Since its publication in France in 1942 Camus’s novel has been translated into sixty languages and sold than six million copies It’s The Stranger is a rThe Stranger is a rite of passage for readers around the world Since its publication in France in Camus’s novel has been translated into sixty languages and sold than six million copies It’s the rare novel that’s as at likely to be found in a teen’s backpack as in a graduate philosophy seminar If the twentieth century produced a novel that could be called ubiuitous The Stranger is it   How did a Looking for Epubyoung man in his twenties who had never written a novel turn out a masterpiece that still grips readers than seventy years later With Looking for “The Stranger” Alice Kaplan tells that story In the process she reveals Camus’s achievement to have been even impressive and unlikely than even his most devoted readers knew   Born in poverty in colonial Algeria Camus started out as a journalist covering t. I loved this book so much I found myself reading it increasingly slowly because I didn't want it to end I love the way the author wove together the history of the book The Stranger with Camus' life as it relates to the book I read the Gilbert translation about fifty years ago while in college and the Ward translation three years ago Although I loved the book years ago the Ward translation is much better This book explains why It's all about word choice the uality which makes Camus such a great writer I wish I could read French Nuances are difficult to translate I hadn't realized how sick Camus was I know nothing of treatments but eating red meat is hard for me to imagine as having any validity in the treatment of tuberculosis I still have trouble understanding how Mersault is an honest man I believe honesty is than not lying and than not following conventions that you don't value Being honest I believe involves empathy since we are social animals For me Mersault shows no empathy I don't see how he can be viewed as heroic as some seem to think A silly thing I got a kick out of when Camus autographed the book he often wrote something like To avoid being executed be sure to cry at your mother's funeral

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?t until after liberation that The Stranger began its meteoric rise As France and the rest of the world began to move out of the shadow of war Kaplan shows Camus’s book with the help of an aggressive marketing campaign by Knopf for their publication of the first English translation became a critical and commercial success and Camus found himself one of the most famous writers in the world Suddenly his seemingly modest tale of alienation was being seen for what it really was a powerful parable of the absurd an existentialist masterpiece   Few books inspire devotion and excitement the way The Stranger does And it couldn’t have a better biographer than Alice Kaplan whose books about twentieth century French culture and history have won her legions of fans No reader of Camus will want to miss this brilliant exploration. A scholarly and extensively researched book on the second best selling international classic Albert Camus' novel is itself strange in that its portrayal of a killer Meursault seems shallow leaving the reader wanting to know about him yet makes the deep impression that each human individual is a uestion mark Why why why a reader wants to know why Meursault killed the Arab Was it just because of the sunlight and scorching sand having their effect on him on the beach that day What is the political background of European and African Arab living together in Algeria in the twentieth century This book will answer such uestions and provide insight into the writer Camus as he was writing amidst WWII and all the social tensions of the time Camus the novelist was also a newspaper reporter a journalist recording his observations and reflections 'The Stranger' crystallizes his view of man with a shrug of the shoulders yes I killed an Arab male so what The French occupants and native Algerians don't like each other so what That judge is corrupt so what Is there any escape from the absurd Camus said and says no there is no escape from the absurd as Sartre said there is 'no way out' of this world 🌎 that satisfies Alice Kaplan relates the facts of the matter helpful to understanding She uncovers many details of Camus' relationships and associations

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Looking for The StrangerHe criminal courts The murder trials he attended Kaplan shows would be a major influence on the development and themes of The Stranger She follows Camus to France and making deft use of his diaries and letters re creates his lonely struggle with the novel in Montmartre where he finally hit upon the unforgettable first person voice that enabled him to break through and complete The Stranger   Even then the book’s publication was far from certain France was straining under German occupation Camus’s closest mentor was unsure of the book’s merit and Camus himself was suffering from near fatal tuberculosis Yet the book did appear thanks in part to a resourceful publisher Gaston Gallimard who was undeterred by paper shortages and Nazi censorship     The initial critical reception of The Stranger was mixed and it wasn?. In the spirit of ‘The Lost City of Z’ but for a work of literature instead of the mythical city of El Dorado Every bit as propulsive and fascinating right down to the big reveal ending of the author in present day