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Toward the Setting Sun Columbus Cabot Vespucci and the Race for America Read & Download Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Toward the Setting Sun Columbus Cabot Vespucci and the Race for America By David Boyle – The untold story Interested in Western trade possibilities They collaborated knew of each other's ambitions and followed each other's progress As each attempted to curry favor with various the Setting Sun Columbus Cabot PDF monarchs across Europe they used news of the others' successes and failures to further their claims and to garner support from investors The intrigue espionage and treachery that abounded in the courts of Europe provide a compelling backdrop for the intersection of dreams and business ventures that led the way to our modern worl. On the one hand I enjoyed David Boyle's writing style The pace never slacked he engaged me in the story and there were lots of trivia and footnotes which I'm a sucker forHaving said that though the main reason Boyle wrote this book was to convince me the reader that the legendary Christopher Columbus John Cabot and Amerigo Vespucci not only knew each other they were working together under a super secret pact of discovery and exploitation The book is liberally peppered with Maybe Might Have and Perhaps but I was given no concrete evidence of the author's theory So in this case Boyle has failed I ain't buying it

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Es new markets and of course the possibility of glory and vast fortunes Offering an original vision of the race to discover America David Boyle reveals that the race was in fact as much about commerce and trade as it was about discovery and conuest Contrary to popular belief Cabot Columbus and the Setting Sun eBook #10003 Vespucci not only knew of each other they were well acuainted Columbus and Vespucci at various times worked closely together Cabot and Columbus were born in Genoa about the same time and had common friends who were. Who discovered America Christppher Columbus Everyone says so Anyway I've seen the statue in Barcelona where he stands gazing out across the oceanTime for a rethinkDavid Boyle's wonderful book first establishes that this is a tangled subject and then proceeds to unravel the strands with thrilling dexterity The time is towards the end of the 15th Century The motivation is the urge to bypass the long and winding trail of many hands that brings coveted spices from Asia The world is only very partially mapped To travel down the coast of Africa round and beyond for unknown miles is unappealing and dangerous Perhaps one might reach the east by sailing west This is the story of three men who did without actually arriving where they wanted to beThe author makes the point that the three Columbus John Cabot and Amerigo Vespucci were known to each other; and at various times they were partners and at others rivals Columbus and Cabot indeed were both born in Genoa Vespucci was a Florentine None was exactly a saint Columbus probably the worst In fewer than four hundred eminently readable pages Boyle steers the reader through the overlapping careers At the same time he puts them in context social political nautical and cosmological The origins of later significant events are signposted the conuest of Peru and Mexico the American Civil War among themAbove all real human beings leap from the page Through the three navigators we get to know Ferdinand and Isabella of Castile and Aragon Henry VII and VIII the Medicis Savonarola sundry popes Michaelangelo Leonardo da Vinci Francisco Pizarro and Hernan Cortes make fleeting cameo appearances The action moves from Genoa and Venice to Cadiz to Lisbon to Bristol to Hispaniola today Haiti and the Dominican Republic How in the end did America come to be called AmericaFinally let me confess that in many books I find footnotes an irritating distraction In Toward the Setting Sun they are not to be missed; many are small gems

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Toward the Setting Sun Columbus Cabot Vespucci and the Race for AmericaSetting Sun PDFEPUB #196 The Setting Sun Columbus Cabot PDFEPUBuntold story of the rivalries and alliances between Christopher Columbus Amerigo Vespucci and John Cabot during the Age of ExplorationWhen Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire in the long established trade routes to the East became treacherous and expensive forcing merchants of all sorts to find new ways of obtaining and trading their goods Enterprising young men took Toward the eBook #200 to the the Setting Sun Columbus Cabot PDF sea in search of new lands new rout. There need to be narrative histories of the 15th century In my opinion Europe had not seen so much change and upheaval since the fall of Rome as it did in this turbulent timeThis was a period defined by immense change and progress a time of cataclysmic warfare of the Renaissance and of world changing discoveries Few eras have such a resonating echo down to modern times and few events such an impact as the European discovery of AmericaIn David Boyle’s “Towards the Setting Sun” you get a good narrative history that intertwines the lives and achievements of the great European explorers Columbus Cabot and Vespucci with the backdrop of the rich tapestry of 15th century EuropeBoyle tells the story well no easy task given the state of Europe in this time refining it down to the spheres that his three main subjects lived in The early chapters deal with their rise and struggle for funds and patrons to finance their costly and honestly insane voyages While reading about Columbus I was reminded of some inventor or young entrepreneur building a business plan and attempting to convince multi millionaires to back them Not uite the Apprentice or Dragons Den but that’s essentially what he was doingHis vignettes of people and places are evocative and entertaining and uite witty in some places though I would never describe Ferdinand II of Aragon as a “striking figure tall and good looking” to me he looks like my image of Sancho Pança but in general I liked his style Of the three Vespucci comes out the best Columbus is glamorous and controversial and Cabot the most mysteriousThe book is separated into long chapters each subdivided handily into 3 smaller parts in turn separated into smaller sections It’s unlikely to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the age of discovery or these three remarkable men but it does put the age of discovery suarely in the context of the time and these men’s stories in the context of each other and it’s packed with informationIn that sense this is a book is also about the “Scramble for America” or what some people thought was the Indies with Portugal Spain and England all racing west to find a shorter route to Asia and then accurately identify the unknown west Readers will find much than tales of discovery adventure and seamanship it seems to sway backwards and forwards from the tales of the three discoverers to the courts of Europe and I must say I actually found myself preferring the parts about the scheming plotting princes something I didn’t expect Doubtless others with knowledge would challenge some of his assertions but I very much All in all this is a good lively account of how Europe looked west to find the east and unexpectedly found out there was to the world than had been hitherto thought